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Love, Life & Chubba

Love, Life & Chubba

by Mika Chow


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Discover how Chubba has illuminated truths about love and life.

In Love, Life & Chubba, Mika Chow explores biblical truths in twelve short allegories, as she shares her love for and life with her dog named Chubba.

Each chapter reveals a story in the life of Mika Chow that interconnects with Chubba—be it a burglary, an act of Houdini or a near death experience. In this conversational style writing, Mika engages you as if you’re listening to the stories over a comforting plate of beef bourguignon with creamy mashed potatoes whilst feeling the warmth from the fireplace. This is a twelve-course degustation of the personality of Chubba (and her innate power to make you fall in love with her) and Mika (obsessive compulsive, reflective and content). As you savour each course, the allegory reveals the faithful love of God.

You will discover what was meant for harm was used for good, how far your transgressions are removed, the guiding lamp, an awakening of your senses to creation, the insatiable void, the eyes through which God sees you, your freedom from fear and anxiety, the all-encompassing love, the exchange of ashes for beauty, the promise of no more tears, the joys of a bond with God and The Good News.

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ISBN-13: 9780648760702
Publisher: Initiate Media Pty Ltd
Publication date: 05/01/2020
Pages: 118
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.32(d)

Table of Contents

vi Foreword

By Chubba’s friend, Mister Waffles

vii Acknowledgements

You are closest to my heart.

1 Introduction

Where did these allegories come from?

2 A Blessing in Disguise

Used for good.

10 Stop! Stay! Come!

Challenging and vital.

20 Ride of Your Life

Wind in your hair.

30 The Beauty

Awaken your senses.

40 The Void


50 Everything about Chubba

That’s what I love.

58 Fearless

Fortress and refuge.

68 All-encompassing

Full of grace and truth.

74 Beauty for Ashes

An exchange.

82 The Promise

Nose to nose.

90 Benefits

Joys of the bond.

98 Made for Love

The Good News.

108 Afterword

The past, the prayer and the promise.

109 Endnote

Back to the source.

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