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Love Lives Forever

Love Lives Forever

by Ayla Jimenez


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Embark on a journey of true love, enough love to last forever. On her 16th birthday Kathern Tipo learns a deep dark family secret. However much to Kathern's surprise there are many more secrets to be reviled. Join her on her journey to discover what and who she is. Finding a live that is forbidden, Kathern finds a love that will last not only a lifetime, but an eternity, a love that will change the ways for their family forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781468535884
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/14/2012
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

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Love Lives Forever

Everybody wants to find true love, but every family has their own secrets. The Tipo Family has a few extra
By Ayla Jimenez


Copyright © 2012 Ayla Jimenez
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-3588-4

Chapter One

"No one in the world knows how werewolves came to be, the World doesn't even know they exist, but I do. It was the night before my 16th birthday and as I was dreaming I was running through this forest, the trees arched over each other which blocked the sun, fog falling on the ground. Then out of nowhere this man appeared, just standing there, with a long finger pointed towards me he said "It is your time now." He said with a deep creepy voice.

I woke up to the blazing, not to mention annoying sound to my alarm clock. 7 am, time to get ready for school. After my shower I was blowing drying my long blond hair, but the thought of the dream never left my mind."

The vibrating noise from Kathern's phone startled her. "Happy birthday girl, see ya @ skool xo Jai." Jai Manks has been Kathern's best friend since preschool.

Running down the stairs to grab a pop tart and get on the bus, but to Kathern's surprise her parents was sitting at the table, together, quiet. Weird to Kathern because her father works over nights at a factory and her mother was lawyer, to Kathern something wasn't right. There was a weird silence, something that never happened. Trying to avoid the awkwardness Kathern grabbed her food and her clutch and started heading out the door.

"Happy birthday Kate." The voice came from Kathern's mother, sounding serious.

"Thanks." Was all Kate could manage out. The dream still lingering in her mind.

"You had it, didn't you? You had the dream." Kate's father, Marcus, sat straight up, hands cupping together on the table.

"It was just a dream dad, besides I'm late for school. Bye." "That can wait, this however, cannot. There is something we need to explain to you. Now that you are 16, it's your time now." That last sentence sent shivers down Kate's spine. The same as her dream. "What are you talking about?" Kate looked at both of them, neither one blinking or moving. It almost seemed like they wasn't even breathing. What was going on? They all three stayed that way for what felt like an eternity to Kate.

"Sit down honey." The voice from her mother startled her, but she did as she was told. Then Marcus pulled out a huge book that to Kate looked to be at least a hundred years old. The 'words' on the cover was from a completely different language, but somehow looked familiar. "This is the 'Book of the Blood Moon' and now that you are of age, and had the dream, it's time to explain. Marcus slid the book across the table to Kate, she barely touched it, but these, these visions appeared about wolves. Scared to death Kate quickly pulled back her hand. Kate managed to look at her parents to say "Explain what?" both of her parents looked at each other, then her mother cleared her thought as a gesture for Marcus to speak.

"Your name is Kathern Tipo, from the Tipo clan. Usually the dream appears when you turn 13, but since you are half ..."

"Half what? And what the hell is this talk about clans?" her mother looked at her with a looked that meant watch your mouth and listen at the same time. Kate sank in her chair, hands crossing each other in her lap, her eyes never leaving the book.

"My name is Marcus Tipo, I am the leader of the clan Tipo, and you my dear are a princess, a lycan princess."

A headache stirred in Kate's head, she wasn't much of a morning person anyways and this wasn't making any matters better. But this was too much for her to handle right now "A what?!"

"A lycan, Kate, you, like me are lycans, shape shifters, werewolves to be more precise."

"Since you are only half lycan your dream came last night, at midnight, the moment you turned 16. Your mother is not a lycan, no, but she is something else."

"Like WHAT?! What could be worse than this?" Kate's breathing was starting to get heavier and heavier with ever word.

"I am a guardian, with the powers of water. I met your father 17 years ago. I was sent from another tribe to guard him, to protect him, but to our surprise and everybody else's we fell in love, and left. You are half lycan; however you are also half guardian to water." Kate was shocked, could hardly breathe, what was she hearing? She has always had this fascination with wolves and when she was in water she somehow felt calm, relaxed. All of this was too much for Kate to handle, she almost couldn't believe it. She looked back down at the book, discussed she didn't even want to touch it; however something inside her told her to open it. When she did there were those 'words' all over the pages, as she flipped through the book a picture caught her eye. It was the forest, the one she was running down in her dream, except in the middle there wasn't a man, no it was a wolf.

"I had a dream last night, with this image, except for the wolf, it wasn't a wolf, it was a man." Kate pointed to the picture and then looked at her father. "What's going to happen now?" Kate asked, even though she did not want to hear the answer.

"Since you are only half lycan, and a female lycan at that, you can shape shift whenever you like, not just under the full moon like male lycans. However in order to receive your powers you must change under the blood moon, which happens to be tonight, as for you water powers you can control and use them whenever you like." Marcus explained. Kate never saw her father look so serious, and she was starting to get scared. 'What the hell am I?" she asked herself.

"This book will help you learn everything you need to know about lycans and guardians. The words will come to you and start to make sense once you transform the first time. You will then learn the language of the lycans. After you change tonight we must go to the clan, for your acceptance."

"And if I choose not to change? What then?" Marcus's eyes turned pitch black unlike anything Kate has ever seen.

"Then the clan will die off. You are a princess Kate, and soon you will be queen of the clan Tipo. Your mother's powers will come, when you least expect it, they are controlled by your emotions. So choose, Princess." Kate looked up at him again, this time with fear rushing through her body. "And what about school?"

"You may finish your high school year if you wish, but then we must return to the clan regardless otherwise. You may also miss school today if you wish ... but that would be a shame." A slight smile fell upon Marcus's face. In confusion Kate looked at him. "Why dad?" "Well, seeing how it is your 16th birthday, I wouldn't want this to go to waste." He threw her a set of keys. Great finding out I am a lycan princess and he gives he a car? She kept her thoughts to herself, but did say thank you and walked out the door. "Kate, you might want to take this, look it over, things might come to you." Allision handed her the book. "Thanks, bye." Kate walked out the door and there was a black conversable car.

"Marcus, this might not be a good idea, if we would have waited ..."

Marcus cut her off, "Listen Allision, one way or another she was going to find out. Let's leave it at that."

Chapter Two

As Kate was driving to school, all she could think about was what was just told to her, everything has been a lie. Kate passed the school and drove to the city park. She found a tree to sit under, with a lot of shade. She looked around to make sure nobody was around and pulled out the book. Looking over the cover the 'words' slowly seemed to make sense just not completely too where Kate could understand. She sat there scamming over the book, looking at the pictures, trying to make out the sentences, but still nothing. Some of the drawings however seemed familiar, from her dreams. She looked at her cell phone and realized three hours has gone by. Kate had a choice to make, by tonight, a choice that would change her life forever. Thinking, thinking hard she has made her decision. Kate gathered her belongings and jumped in her car. Driving home she hoped this was the right decision.

Once again, she was surprised to see her parents sitting in the same spot almost unmoved. "Is it going to hurt?" Kate asked her father, with fear in her eyes. "Am I going to have to eat ... animals ... people?" her father laughed at her questions

"No, once when you transform you can be a lycan for as long as you like. But sometimes, in the woods, a fox or a deer would be your only means of survival. Other than that you may act as if nothing has changed, live a partly normal life. However the first changes hurt but that will fade away as your body gets uses to the changes. Even in your lycan form you may still use your water powers."

Looking shocked, looking at her mother, Kate was scared. The words barley made it out of her mouth ... "When do we do it?" Her father turned to look at her mother, and then turned back to Kate, "Tonight, at 11, you will meet us outside." Kate started for her room. "Marcus, we both know this is not what she wants, she wants a normal life." "Allision, this is the only way."

Kate sat down on her bed, looking over the book once more and still nothing made sense to her. She sat the book down by her bed, set her alarm for 15 till 11 and laid down, despite all that was going on in her mind, Kate managed to fall asleep.

The blaring sound of the alarm clock woke Kate up almost instantly.

She quickly put on her shoes and tied her hair in a bun. She met her parents outside in their back yard, which to Kate almost seemed perfect Their back yard was closed in with a long tall wooden fence, surrounded by big tall trees. Butterflies flew in Kate's stomach when her gaze met that of her fathers, King Marcus Tipo she thought. Kate walked up to him and met him face to face, "What now, dad?"

Marcus waited for a moment fixed on her bright blue eyes. He gazed at her and then looked up at the moon, turning a deep crimson hue color, the blood moon she thought. Marcus's gazed returned to hers. "Relax my child, let the feeling of the moon take you in, feel it, let it become you." Her mother stood in the corner away from Kate and Marcus, watching. Kate closed her eyes, thought about the moon, the blood color of it, then out of nowhere she felt a deep tingle in her stomach, not butterflies, no, but more relaxing. When Kate opened her eyes and looked around. To Kate it seemed like somebody turned on a light, everything seemed brighter and alive more than ever, the trees glowed. Looking down she saw paws, 'Did this really just happen? Can this happen?' 'Yes my child, it can and it did' Nobody spoke but she recognized the voice almost instantly, it was her father's voice. Kate looked to the left of her and saw a big dark black wolf, with dark eyes, the same way her father's eyes looked earlier this morning. 'Can I talk?' 'No you cannot. However lycans share a telepathy connection with each other, that is how we are talking now.' She looked down at her paws again, HER paws. She turned back to the black wolf, her father, 'What now dad?' 'We wait a few more minutes, let your new form get used to the way you are, in a away trying to get a hang of it. I will be right behind you. I promise, nothing bad will happen.'

She looked around the yard then her gaze returned to her mothers, their eyes meeting. Kate strolled over to her. Her mother bent down, crying, Kate rubbed against her, hoping to let her know she's ok. 'She knows,' Marcus said behind Kate, 'Look at yourself Kathern.' Kate turned around and looked inside the glass sliding doors. There was a huge black wolf, her father. However next to him was a much smaller wolf, white with sky blue eyes, that was her. Every spot on her body was white, except for a pitch black spot on her tail. Like father like daughter she thought. Kate continued to walk around the yard, the flowers all seemed brighter, grass glowing a green unlike anything Kate has ever seen before. She returned to her father, eyes meeting once again, 'So how do we change back?' Marcus turned and looked at Allision, and then she went inside. She came back out a few moments later carrying two blankets. Marcus turned to look at his daughter, how beautiful she looked, he knew he couldn't show it but he was smiling with delight, the Tipo clan will continue one more generation, with a pure white as its leader. He looked at Kate, eyes meeting, 'Just as you thought of the moon, think about yourself as you were before.'

Kate looked at him, looked up at the moon one more time, and then looked down. Kate closed her eyes thinking about her body as it was before, furless, tailless. Then she had the same tingling feeling in her stomach again, like a pleasure, then without even knowing it, she was down on her hand and knees, screaming out in pain, crying. Her whole body burned all the way down to her bones, aching. Her mother ran up to her and wrapped the blanket around her, holding her in her arms. Marcus stood next to Kate, wrapped in the other blanket. He knelled beside them, "In all of the Tipo clan there has never been a Pure White lycan. I am proud of you, Princess Kathern."

Her mother grabbed her and helped her up to her room. Kate got dress and laid down in her bed. "Honey, I am so sorry we didn't tell before, but now you embraced the powers, it will get easier. As for your water powers they will develop soon, once they do I will be here to help you. Even in your lycan form, you can control water. All it takes is practice." Allision looked at her daughter proud.

"Mom," Kate looked up, pain still pushing through her body, but worst, her mother could see it in her eyes. "Why hasn't there ever been a Pure White wolf before?"

Allision sat down nest to Kate, rubbing her hair out of her eyes, "Because honey the legends are said only a true lycan with special powers can be pure white. Read the book, now everything will make sense." Allision kissed Kate on her forehead, and left the room. Still in pain, Kate picked up the book and started reading.

Chapter Three

For the rest of the week Kate took a family leave from school, inside she felt like a freak. But in the meantime Kate tried to work on her water powers with her mother, her father always outside watching her practice, he made her feel like she had to get it right, she had to do better no matter how hard she was trying. There was three buckets of water in the far end of the yard, while Kate, Allision, and Marcus was back by the sliding doors.

"Ok Kate, focus on one bucket at a time, picture, visualized the water inside the bucket, try to bring it out of the bucket." Kate did as she was told, visualizing the water, thinking, but nothing happened. Getting frustrated she tried again, and to her disappointment, nothing again. Furious she turned around and started yelling "Cant we stop now?! I have changed every night and all day I am out here with these stupid buckets of water and not even a single drop has moved! Can we quit now please?" Her eyes glowing a deep blue, but her parents did not move their gazed from the buckets. "What? What now? What did ...?" As Kate turned around, the water from all three buckets rose, forming on ball of water. All three of the stood there in shock.

Kate leaped with joy "I did it, mom, dad, I did it!" Then to their surprise, the water ball dropped as did the smile on Kate's face. "I'll be in my room if anybody needs me." Kate ran inside and went to her room.

What's wrong with me? Why can't I do this? Kate had million thoughts going through her head. She picked up the book and started reading. She didn't understand, before these 'words' was just marking, but now they made out works she could read. She read about guardians, how they are not guardians how we thinks but friends to lycans, protectors. Guardians help lycans learned their ways, help them discover their powers. She read about the clans of the lycans, the Tipo clan was the leading clan. She looked through the guardians clans but something stuck out to her, a name, the Manks clan. Jai Manks, could it be a conscience, or ... was Jai a guardian? Full of more questions, she kept on reading, according to the book even guardians have the power to use telepathy. Wanting more answers, she laid the book down on her dresser, thinking, and then an idea popped in her head. Turning off her desk light, she laid down and went to sleep.

Kate's alarm went off the next morning, and she did as usual, took her shower, braided her hair, grabbed her clutch, and ran out the door. She drove herself to school, waiting for Jai. As she was thinking, Jai was only a couple of months older than her; could she really be ... a guardian? Kate had the biggest smile on her face once when she saw Jai. They ran up to each other.


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