Love Me, Cowboy: The Copper Mountain Rodeo Anthology

Love Me, Cowboy: The Copper Mountain Rodeo Anthology

by Jane Porter (Editor)


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Love Me, Cowboy -- four unforgettable novellas you'll adore, from four best-selling romance authors. Once you've been to Copper Mountain, you'll never want to leave!

Tempt Me, Cowboy, by Megan Crane
City billionaire Jasper Flint sees the lovely old Marietta depot as a great project. But smart-mouthed Chelsea Collier's an unexpected burr under his saddle. Jasper always gets what he wants... doesn't he?

Marry Me, Cowboy, by Lilian Darcy
Rodeo rider Jamie MacCreadie and Australian firebrand Tegan Ash despise each other. When his buddy, Chet, leaves Tegan at the altar, Jamie decides to solve this problem himself...

Promise Me, Cowboy, by CJ Carmichael
Dawson O'Dell returns to Marietta on the eve of the rodeo, and Sage Carrigan's quiet life shatters. He broke her heart five years ago, and whatever this smokin' hot cowboy is promising, he won't lasso her heart again!

Take Me, Cowboy, by Jane Porter
Colton Thorpe grew up poor, so it feels pretty damn sweet to return as Rodeo Chairman. Childhood friend Jenny Wright has grown into a beautiful woman, but they'll have to just stay friends... if he can resist her.

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ISBN-13: 9781940296050
Publisher: Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 11/19/2013
Pages: 486
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.08(d)

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Love Me, Cowboy: The Copper Mountain Rodeo Anthology 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
girlfromwvaKY More than 1 year ago
Tempt Me, Cowboy" by Megan Crane is the first release in the Copper Mountain Rodeo series. It is a novella. It is the story of big city, Jasper and small town, Chelsea. Chelsea has lived in Montana and Jasper moves into town from Texas. Their attraction is almost instant. Jasper is glad that Chelsea has no idea at first who he is. She doesn't like it when she finds out that he has bought the old railroad depot to open a micro-brewery. She has had plans to turn it into a museum. Jasper pays cash for it, something Chelsea with the best of fund-raising could never do. Chelsea finds herself becoming very attached to Jasper, and it attracts the town gossips. She is finally letting her hair down and finding out what that she really is more than what she thought. I really enjoy Chelsea being feisty, and I enjoyed Jasper having a sexy bad boy cowboy attitude. "Marry Me, Cowboy" is the novella written by Lilian Darcy for the Copper Mountain Rodeo series. It is the second in the series. It is the story of Tegan and Jamie, both rodeo riders. Tegan is in American on a visa that is about to expire. A fellow rodeo rider, Chet, is supposed to marry Tegan to keep her from having to go back to her native Australia. Chet has a secret he doesn't want to share with her yet, and at the last minute, decides he cannot marry Tegan. So Jamie, who Tegan doesn't really care for and really doesn't get along with, offers to marry her in Chet's place. Tegan isn't sure he is really serious about the offer and she doesn't understand where a sudden physical attraction to Jamie is coming from. I like how the character's relationship develops. I like Tegan's sassy ways, and Jamie's quiet, awkward but strong influences. "Promise Me, Cowboy" is the 3rd in the Copper Mountain Rodeo series. It is written by C.J. Carmichael. This is the story of Sage & Dawson. Sage returns to Marietta, Montana to open a chocolate shop when she stops competing as a barrel-racer and leaves the rodeo. She has a serious leg injury right after her heart is broken by Dawson. He neglected to tell her of his marriage. His "wife" shows up right after they are intimate with each other. No one in Marietta knows that she had fallen in love with Dawson, or that he was married when it happened. He comes to Marietta with his 5 year old daughter, Savannah, and becomes the new deputy. He wants to put down roots in Marietta and make things up to Sage. I like Sage's courage and willingness to try. I like Dawson's hard-working style of showing Sage how much he really does care about her. "Take Me, Cowboy" is the fourth book in The Copper Mountain Rodeo Series. I loved this story by Jane Porter. It is the story of Jenny & Colton. Jenny was jilted at her wedding by her fiance just moments before the ceremony was supposed to begin. Colton was driving his pick-up truck down the streets of Marietta, Montana and saw a princess bride standing on the street corner. He offers to help her, but she says no, and goes on her way. Later, he comes to her aid when her ex-fiance, Charles, shows up drunk. It doesn't take long for the feelings Jenny had for Colton when they were younger to appear again. He doesn't want to hurt her, but there is a chemistry between them he can't deny.
Beachlover2 More than 1 year ago
When I got Love Me, Cowboy, the first thing I did was turn to Jane Porter's story. I've always enjoyed her novels, and hoped this would be as good. I was not disappointed. She grabs you from the beginning with an unusual situation, and holds you attention until the very end. I enjoyed seeing the characters connect & develop. If you enjoy Jane Porter, or the Marietta series, you should truly enjoy this novella. I can't wait to read the rest of the stories.
CatmomJD More than 1 year ago
Four wonderful stories to whisk you away to the beautiful state of Montana with hot cowboys and lots of action. Tempt Me, Cowboy by Megan Crane Chelsea Crawford Collier has lived in Marietta Montana all her life. She lives a simple life with her mother and teaching high school history. Her big dream is making the old railway depot into a museum named after her family, one of the longest remaining families in Marietta. Jasper Flint, a self made millionaire from Texas, comes to town with his own dreams of making the depot into a microbrewery. They become more then friends pretty quick, but can they put their differences aside to create a trusting, long term relationship? They both come from totally different worlds and don't see eye to eye on the future of the depot. Lots of gossip in the town causes Chelsea to think hard about the fling they are having. What will she do? What will become of the depot? This was a sweet fast paced story which I really enjoyed. Marry Me, Cowboy by Lilian Darcy Grab your hat and pull on your boots. We're going for a ride. And, what a ride it was. Tegan, an Australian barrel racer plans to marry her friend, Chet so she can stay here in the country to live her dream of competing on the rodeo circuit. When plans fall through, she decides to return home after the Copper Mountain Rodeo in Marietta, Montana. When Chet leaves town to see his family, Tegan becomes better friends with Jamie, Chet's teammate who is from Marietta. She becomes very close with him and they each open up about the secrets of their past. How far will this go? Does it become just another fling among two lonely people traveling together? Or, will it become something much more? I loved how this book was written and all the details. You could picture yourself there among the mountains and the rodeo crowds. Promise Me, Cowboy by C.J. Carmichael Five years ago, a cowboy had stolen Sage Carrigan's heart. It all ended when she found out Dawson O'Dell was married. Now, he was in town for the Copper Mountain Rodeo. Little did Sage know, Dawson had planned to move to Marietta Montana to be closer to her and raise his daughter, Savannah, in a more stable lifestyle. Sage is content with her life now and running her chocolate shop and doesn't want anything to do with Dawson. Dawson is quitting the rodeo circuit and ready to settle down. A couple things stand in their way of moving on. How will they resolve them? And, will they finally find love after all these years? This was a sweet quick story filled with lots of emotion. Take Me, Cowboy by Jane Porter This is a classic Jane Porter style romance. The kind I love and always look forward to reading. This story ranks right up there with my other favorites. Dumped right before the wedding, Jenny Wright finds out her fiance thinks she is a gold digger. After running from the church in her beautiful Vera Wang gown, Jenny is crying on the street corner when a familiar face from the past pulls up in his truck to see if she is ok. He doesn't remember her, but she will never forget the bad boy Colton Thorpe. The crush she had for years still ignites a fire inside her. He is freshly out of a bad marriage and doesn't trust women and thinks all they want is his money. He'll settle for a night or two and then move on. He doesn't ever want to get married again. Life on the road, riding bulls in rodeos, is what he wants, and it's not a place for a woman. After spending time with Jenny, Colton might change his mind. But, can they both move past their bad relationships (especially Jenny's being very recent)?