Love of a Cowboy, Volume Two

Love of a Cowboy, Volume Two

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Love of a Cowboy, Volume Two by Melinda Barron, Miranda George, Starla Kaye, Kira Barcelo

Five Great Contemporary Western Romances!

Lily's Lessons by Melinda Barron

Eleven years ago, Lily was in an accident that killed her mother and seriously injured her. Her father blamed on her and said he never wanted to see her again. Now, Joe Park has become injured in a fall from his horse. He needs Lily's help around the family's ranch. At the urging of her sisters, Lily reluctantly comes home to Texas.

>She and her father clash, and she soon regrets her decision. She especially regrets it after Chase Hamilton, her father's foreman, lets her know that her nasty attitude won't be tolerated. And he has just the right way to correct her behavior.

No Laughing Matter by Miranda George

Jaide Templeton was always a prankster, but while home from college on summer break, the jokes intensify. Her parents and the ranch hands are none too happy about her new shenanigans, but she just keeps right on doing them.

Wesley Ford has worked at Templeton's Alley for years. He's watched Jaide grow from a teenager to a beautiful young woman. When he unwittingly becomes the butt of one of her jokes, he knows how to punish her for her behavior. By spanking her.

But, when the jokes continue, Wes tries and find out exactly what is wrong with Jaide, and how it can be rectified.

So Not a Cowgirl by Starla Kaye

Tanya Montrose was sexually harassed by her former boss and falsely accused of ruining his marriage. Men are seriously on her bad list. Her best friend invites her to Kansas so she can work for her older brother on his ranch. If Tanya didn't need the job so badly, she'd refuse. The man gives all new meaning to the word "hot." She doesn't need that kind of temptation after what she's gone through. And he doesn't want her there, even if he does need a good accountant. Plus he tells her that he has a lot of rules and time schedules, and that she will be expected to follow them or face consequences.

Drew Weatherford is worn out from the stress of running a ranch, an animal rescue foundation, and trying to keep up with the books.  Then his sister shows up with her friend and informs him Tanya is the answer to his bookkeeping problems. Maybe so, but she's more temptation than he wants. She's the exact opposite of his two ex-wives and so not his type of woman. Really. Not his type. A month. He'll give her a month.

Larkin's Cowboy by Kira Barcelo

When Larkin Gregory arrives at her sister's house in the (very) small town of Santo Pueblo Texas, her intention is to take a Thanksgiving vacation break from her life in New York and then return to the city to patch things up with her boyfriend Eric. In spite of the fact that Larkin's sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew are her only remaining close family, she KNOWS she could never live outside the hustle and bustle of New York. She doesn't think much of small town life.

Then she meets real-life cowboy Adam McLeod, and her perspective changes.

Count This Cowboy In by Misty Malone

Trevor is suddenly running a large ranch on his own after the sudden death of his parents in a plane crash. The ranching is not a problem, but he has no clue how to keep the books or run the office and is frustrated when Sam shows up at his door looking for a job as a bookkeeper. She is familiar with his bookkeeping program and when she quickly gets his past due bills paid for him, he hires her on the spot.

She soon comes across a mystery in his books, though, and sets out to investigate. After finally getting her to talk about her past, he hears something that doesn't sound right to him and hires his old friend, who is now a private detective, and they do some investigating of their own.

The feisty little redhead sure knows how to get under his skin, but she also works her way into his heart. Her temper doesn't scare him off like it did other men because he has his own special way of dealing with her tantrums. It may be effective, but she's not sure she can live with his unique way of showing her how much he cares.

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Love of a Cowboy, Volume Two 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
5 MODERN DAY DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE WESTERN STORIES Lily's Lessons by Melinda Barron COMING HOME AGAIN This is an emotional story that moved me to tears.  Lily has moved from Texas to London after the death of her mother. Lily was driving, the tire blew out, her mother died instantly and Lily almost died. But when her father blames her, she runs and has stayed away for the last eleven years. Called home after her father broke an ankle and wrist brings these two into multiple blow ups. Chase, foreman of the ranch, refuses to allow Lily to get away with her explosive temper and potty mouth.  The story is emotionally charged, with heartwarming characters, angst, accusations and forgiveness. Love is in bloom even if it starts with a spanking. (5 stars) NOTE: I purchased the Love of a Cowboy, Book Two Box Set that this story is featured in. No Laughing Matter by Miranda George GETTING HER COMEUPPANCE Jaide Templeton is a prankster, but they are getting out of hand, and she isn't a child, she is 22-years-old. Wesley Ford has worked at Templeton's Alley since Jaide was 14, and he has watched her grow into a beautiful but extremely bratty woman.  Being on the end of one of her latest pranks, he has had it and warns her father she needs spanked and he was just the man to do the job.  Her father ask Wes to find out what is going on in her life causing her to be such a brat lately.  This story has a great storyline, with some mystery, good character interaction and entertaining dialogue.  I like that it does have a very nice HEA ending. It could use some minor editing.  (4½ stars) So Not a Cowgirl by Starla Kaye COUNTRY BOY AND CITY GIRL SHOWDOWN After Tanya Montrose was sexually harassed by her boss at the accounting firm she worked for, she was placed on suspension and then let go. Her dear friend, Mandy Weatherford knew her brother Drew was seriously needing help with the bookkeeping for the ranch and his animal rescue foundation, as well as an IRS audit.  Mandy decides Drew needs Tanya and throws these two together and leaves.  They are like oil and vinegar and come to multiple blows.  He proves he is a real hands-on type of guy, not only with Mandy but with Tanya too. Two incredibility stubborn people who have just the right chemistry to make for an interesting story, witty dialogue that keeps the pages turning. Never say never because that is exactly what will end up happening.  This story does have a fun HEA ending. (5 stars) NOTE: I purchased the Love of a Cowboy, Book Two Box Set that this story is featured in. Larkin's Cowboy by Kira Barcelo SOMETHING TO REALLY BE THANKFUL FOR I loved this story, seeing the love Larkin Gregory has for her sister and  her  family.  Coming to Santo Pueblo Texas, to spend Thanksgiving, brings unexpected surprises.  Meeting cowboy, Adam McLeod, is a real eye opener.  Being from New York City, Larkin assumes that cowboy doesn't equal intelligent, but he debunks that myth quickly. Trespassing is another bottom warming experience. An accident with her sister and niece is a wake-up call of what is really important in life, family, love and true happiness.  I love the chemistry between Larkin and Adam, with witty dialogue and a heartwarming story.  (5 stars) NOTE: I purchased the Love of a Cowboy, Book Two Box Set that this story is featured in. Count This Cowboy In by Misty Malone Modern Day Western Domestic Discipline First off, this story was longer than the first four, but that is a positive.  I liked the interaction between Samantha "Sam" Simmerly and Trevor Nottingham.  Sam is high strung and impulsive and Trevor is a protective sort of man.  Sam goes to work as a bookkeeper for Trevor because she wants to work on a ranch, but Sam is in for more than working as a bookkeeper, she is in for lots of spankings for her behavior and disobedience.  Trevor believes in DD, even for a female employee and expects obedience, or else he spanks.  Sam keeps a red bottom too!  I guess what shocked me, but not in a bad way, is there is NO SEX at all in this book.  (5 stars)