Love Over Lattes

Love Over Lattes

by Diana A. Hicks

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Single mom Valentina wants to provide a good life for her son, starting with the perfect home. When the deal on her dream house falls through, rather than move back in with her parents and disappoint them and her son once again, she accepts the help of the intimidating-as-hell stranger she's admired from her coffee shop seat for the last six months. She's afraid to fall for the wrong guy again, so she makes Cole promise to keep their relationship strictly professional.

Following his failed marriage, Cole can't find a reason to care about anything or anyone. Saving his company from his ex-wife is the only thing that has kept him afloat for the past six months. As loneliness sets in and he begins to lose the fight over his company, Valentina becomes his lifeline. Cole wants to be more than her landlord, and he has a plan to get her to release him from his promise.

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BN ID: 2940158723162
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication date: 02/07/2018
Series: Desert Monsoon Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 322
Sales rank: 35,712
File size: 556 KB

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Love Over Lattes 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
WLRagan 3 months ago
Valentina is almost ready to graduate from college and making a home for her son and herself. For the past several months she has come to the same coffee shop to watch the hot "Quad Americano" who comes in after his workout. Colt has secretly been watching Valentina when he comes to the coffee shop but has sworn not to bring her into his life until he finds her crying over her lost apartment. Without thinking he offers her his cottage to rent. Will they find love or will their pasts destroy their chance? This was my first Diana A Hicks read and I have to say I am hooked. Valentina is a strong, determined woman who wants to make her own way. Colt is mired in his own misery but is trying to find his way back to happiness. Loved all the characters and think Annie and Dom were great too. The author did a great job of letting us into Valentina and Colt's minds. Looking forward to reading more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SuZ2Reader More than 1 year ago
Valentina, a single mom after a teen pregnancy, wants to give her son, Max, a good life. When her credit is ruined by bills from an expensive surgery Max required, she has trouble finding a place from them to live. Enter computer magnate/playboy Cole who offers to rent her the art studio behind his house. Once she’s on his property, sparks fly. A blend of the class warfare and playboy romance tropes, Lover over Lattes is a cute, sexy contemporary romance.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite Love Over Lattes (Desert Monsoon Series, Book 1) by Diana Hicks is a contemporary romance novel. Love Over Lattes is one of those quintessential romance novels with plenty of chemistry, mutual attraction, and push and pull between the characters. In this book, we meet Valentina who is a single parent, finishing up college and trying to find a house to rent for her small family. Due to financial troubles, she is unable to find a place, and this is where Derek Cole, a highly attractive man, steps in and offers her a place to live. Derek and Valentina had been eyeing each other in the coffee shop for six months before they finally talked. Derek is also fighting through his own problems with his ex-wife and his company. Although Valentina strictly enforces a no-sex rule, the mutual attraction is undeniable and their romance is what forms the plot of this novel. Love Over Lattes is a good read for anyone who enjoys love stories. Set in Arizona, the story has all the makings of a good romance novel. I liked the portrayal of both of these protagonists and I also liked the fact that Valentina is shown to be a single mother, willing to do anything for her child, as it provides a realistic and hopeful glimpse into modern life where, in the end, true love is what matters. Cole is, of course, dashing and handsome, and the fact that this novel is written in these characters’ voices provides a glimpse into his male mind, emotions, and motivations. This is certainly a fun and entertaining read for romance fans.
Kindle_Loving_Mom More than 1 year ago
While I enjoyed this book overall, there were some characters and situations that rubbed me the wrong way. 3.5 stars. Valentina is a single mom to a 6 year old son, and she's finally almost finished with her college degree. She needs a home for her son, and she can't wait to live with him full time again. He's been staying with her parents during the week while she finishes school, and she's been living in the dorm. But, first she has to find a house she can stand to live in, that's within her budget, and she has to find it fast. She's been spending her free mornings before class at a coffee shop for a while now, and she's been coming at the same time each day on purpose, ever since she first saw him: Mr. Quad Americano. She enjoys watching him each day, though they've never spoken, until the day they do. Derek Cole, or Cole to his friends, is a hot mess right now. He's in the middle of a terrible divorce, and he's on the brink of losing his company, that he built from the ground up, to his greedy ex-wife. He's already been pushed out of the daily operations, so he spends his time loafing around feeling sorry for himself, or exercising. He was on a run when he stopped in the coffee shop the first time, and saw her. Though he's never spoken to her, somehow he feels better, lighter, in her presence. Everything in his life is going wrong, except his mornings at the coffee shop, sitting a table away from her. He knows he's a mess, and no good for her, but she needs a place to live, and he so happens to have a place to rent... Cole and Valentina's chemistry was hot from the start, though they were both constantly fighting against it. Cole has become quite the manwhore since his split from his wife. In fact, there's been so many women in and out of his house that his housekeeper has taken to calling them by the days of the week, since she doesn't know any of their names. That just grossed me out to be honest. I get that he was going through something, but that just seemed like overkill, and it made me not like him nearly as much. Valentina has kept to herself since her ex left her alone after finding out she was pregnant. She hasn't been with anyone since. She knows who Cole is, and what he's been up to with all the women, but she decides she wants to be with him anyway, even if it's only once. Valentina's best friend was a great side character, as was Cole's lawyer, Dom. I enjoyed the scenes with them, and their banter with their respective friends. But, the second book in the series will feature one of the antagonists from this book, and to be honest, I have no interest in her story. I was basically ticked off every time I saw her name on the page. She rubbed me the wrong way constantly, and she was a big issue between the main characters in this story. I'm just not invested in her getting an HEA, as she wasn't redeemed enough in my eyes for me to care what happens to her. I also felt like Cole's ex got off WAY too easy, after everything she'd done. I get that our hero and heroine are supposed to be good people, but no one can be expected to be so magnanimous as they were. Overall, I just didn't feel like this story was for me. The writing was quite good, especially for a debut novel, and if you don't have the same preferences as I do, this book should be quite enjoyable for you. I would be willing to read this author again, though maybe not in this series.
MarzipanPrincess More than 1 year ago
Love Over Lattés sweeps the reader away with its sizzling chemistry between recent college graduate and single mom, Valentina, and the mouth-wateringly sexy billionaire who offers her a home, Cole. In chapters alternating between each of their perspectives, a love story rife with sexual tension unfolds. As their troubles mount against them, they learn and grow and find a way to arrive at a pulse-accelerating, satisfying ending.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Love is a many splendored thing, except when it leaves you battered and bruised. Love over Lattes is a look at a crazy little thing called love. Valentina and Cole have been sucker punched by love, yet still yearn for it. Diana Hicks let's readers into the psyche of a broken heart and the wonder of a second chance, through the eyes of friendship. Hope is the beginning of faith and maybe a pathway to healing and moving on. With Love over Lattes, Ms. Hicks is on her way to cementing her mark in romantic fiction. Loved It!