Love Repaired

Love Repaired

by Deana Birch

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Attorney Amee sets aside her own needs to juggle the broken pieces of her life and family until mechanic Ben repairs her heart.

Divorce attorney Amee Benton—who has an ex of her own—is pretty sure she's a #MomFail. Showing up late on a Friday night to retrieve her car from the shop and finding the pink frosted cupcakes she forgot to leave at her daughter's ballet camp confirms it.

When mechanic Ben Mathis confesses to stealing one of the confections and asks who is taking care of Amee, she knows he's a unicorn—a magical, beautiful beast who surely only exists in fantasies, so she tells him just that, with an F-bomb for good measure.

Amee has three things Ben finds irresistible in a woman—brains, a family and a serious potty mouth. During a chance run-in at Ben's own personal hell, AKA the mall, he summons the courage to ask her out. Though Amee is leery of dating a younger man and Ben is more than aware of their social gap, the two take a chance.

But Amee's life isn't like his. And when her ex returns and the doubting divorcée blunders, all Ben's insecurities are piqued anew. Now, Amee must prove to Ben that his worth is much more than stand-in dad and rebound boyfriend or she'll watch her magical unicorn gallop off into the forest forever.

Reader advisory: This book contains references to alcoholism, emotional abuse, and drunk driving resulting in a death.

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ISBN-13: 9781786518095
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 07/30/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 305
Sales rank: 732,724
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Deana Birch was named after her father’s first love, who just so happened not to be her mother. Born and raised in the Midwest, she made stops in Los Angeles and New York before settling in Europe, where she lives with her own blue-eyed Happily Ever After. Her days are spent teaching yoga, playing tennis, ruining her children’s French homework, cleaning up dog vomit, writing her next book or reading someone else’s.

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Copyright © Deana Birch 2019. All Rights Reserved, Totally Entwined Group Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

I parked the loaner SUV in line next to the other shiny overpriced automobiles, did a final check for personal belongings in the seat next to me—no need to learn the same lesson twice, my cell phone had spent the day in my car— and headed into the office. With the sun set, the cool evening air hit my cheeks and I perked up as I walked. My Cayenne sat in front of the large metal garage doors, a sparkle reflecting its recent wash. At least luxury came with attention to detail.

When I reached the glass door, I tugged it toward me only to find it locked. Jesus. I’d even failed at picking up my car. I stood on my tiptoes and rapped my knuckles against the glass. On the other side, the room was dark and the half-circular reception desk was abandoned, a black office chair pushed into its place. But from the hall behind it, a light peeked out—my ray of hope.

I knocked again and pressed my lips together while readjusting my shoulder bag. I shifted my body weight from side to side and banged louder.

Florescent beams flooded the showroom and I blinked. My skin flushed, and my mouth went dry. A legal aide at the firm had once said something about man candy, but I thought that was like a unicorn—not real, a legend in a forest I would never visit. But Man Candy had a warm smile, combed-back dirty blond hair and a build that screamed heaven through a tight, black, untucked work shirt. The last few buttons were open and matching pants hung low on his waist. He was also headed right toward me, tapping a wrench in his hand.

With dimples in his smile, he slipped the tool into his back pocket and unlocked the door. His sea-blue eyes must have been designed for skinny dipping.

“Mrs. Benton, I presume.” The low, scratchy voice matched the light stubble on his cheeks. His dimples deepened, and the warm showroom air hit my already-heated body.

“Ms.” I couldn’t resist the urge to brush against him, and as I did, the perfect blend of motor oil and earthy spice came with me.

Testosterone, how I’ve missed thee.

I walked over to reception and placed the key fob on the desk.

He followed and squinted down at the neat paper piles next to the flat computer screen and keyboard. He picked up my keys from the tail of the stuffed squirrel that held them and dangled it like a time piece.

“Nice keychain.” After a quick arch of his eyebrow, the damn dimples reappeared with his tight-lipped smile.

“Thanks”—I glanced at his chest—“Ben.” I took the stuffed animal from his grease-stained hands and slid the other key toward him.

”Did you fill it up?” he asked.

“Uh…no.” Add one more failure to my day.

Ben shook his head and grabbed the fob before popping it into a drawer. “No one ever fills it up. You know it costs double, right?” He peered up with one eye closed.

“Well, it was either fill it up or make you wait longer.”

“Either way, it’s my time. I’ll have to do it Monday.” He rubbed his face with both hands and a tattoo poked out from the tight sleeve around his bicep. His very full bicep.

I cringed and lifted a shoulder. “Sorry. Anyway, I only drove it to my office and back.”

Ben walked out from behind the desk and over to the door. Holding it open for me again, he motioned for me to leave.

I’m too young to suffer hot flashes, right? And I was not dreaming of ways to sabotage my brakes or engine. That would be silly—and a further inconvenience that my schedule would not allow.

“You had a failed fuel pump. It’s a pretty common problem. That was what was causing the stalling.”

Note to self— Get another failed fuel pump.

When we stood in front of my car, he pulled up on the handle, swung the door open, and I froze. A big white pastry box sat on the passenger seat.

“Fuck me.”

“Pardon?” he asked with an airy chuckle.

I brought my hands to my face and pulled them down slowly, probably ruining the effects of the anti-aging cream I’d put on that morning. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

~Are you okay?” Ben leaned in closer.

“I forgot the fucking cupcakes. Fuck me. Fuck.” I let my bag fall off my shoulder and dragged my feet over to the steel garage. My back met the cool wall and I slid down to the rough concrete. I stomped my sensible beige heel before slumping into a ball and whimpering into my hands. My entire day, week, month… They had all been colossal fails.

The motor oil and musk were back, now touching my wrist and seated on the ground next to me.

“Shitty day?” He draped his defined forearms over his knees with his fingers interlaced.

“I wish I could say it was the shittiest, but it just seems to be par for the course. Fuck.” I stomped again.

“You have quite the potty mouth for a lady.”

“Did you just call me a lady? Oh my God, now I’m really going to cry.” Forgetting Shae’s cupcakes was the cherry on top of my botched-Mom sundae. But being one step away from a ‘ma’am’ was the rainbow sprinkles. Asshole-expensive face cream… It obviously wasn’t working. And I wasn’t even forty.

“You wanna talk about it? I’m a pretty good listener.”

If that were true, then Man Candy truly was a unicorn and I was in an enchanted forest. But the words flew out before I could stop them.

“My client lied to me and made me look like a fool in a deposition. I forgot my phone in the car this morning, which means my older daughter has probably called it three hundred times. And because I was behind closed doors with said lying client, I couldn’t call her.

“It was my little one’s last day at dance camp and I was supposed to bring the cupcakes. Which, as you can see, I did not do. Oh, and their father is in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Sorry you asked?”

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Love Repaired 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
HomebodyMJ 5 months ago
In most May/December books the male is always the older of the two. He’s also the one settled in his career and making good money. Basically he is the one that has his life together when the younger, sexy lady comes along and falls in love. Folks, Deana Birch took that and flipped it on its ear! AND I LOVED IT. Amee is a single mother and successful lawyer. She has the house, the fancy car and disposable income. Ben is a mechanic at her high end dealership. He lives in the basement his uncle’s house and is trying to make things better for himself, but it’s a struggle. In the age where “alpha male” seems to be king, Ben is a refreshing change. And that’s not to say Amee isn’t without her own set of struggles. There is an ex whose name I won’t mention but wished for all the bad things to happen to him. LOL Plus being a single mom is freaking hard! Been there, done that. Dating as a single parent presents different challenges because there are the kids to consider. Amee stumbles during this process. She makes mistakes, there are communication issues as she stumbles her way into new love. Ben and Amee complement each other in this regard. He’s a sweet guy that wants to do right, but he’s not without his faults. They have their ups and downs. And if you’ve read enough of my reviews you’ll know the biggest pet peeve I have is that age old miscommunication thing which tends to happen in romance. It adds tension, but boy oh boy does it make me what to shake the characters and scream at them to just spit it out already. LOL Aside from that, I adore the well rounded-ness of the cast of characters. It’s not just Amee and Ben, but we get to see Amee’s girls. Her funny sister who I adored! Oh and yeah the ex. Ben shows his soft side when you see him with his nephew and even in how he covers for his sister who is having her own struggles with getting her life together after a devastating loss. The romance is sweet and the sex scenes are hot. Don’t let the cover fool ya, there is some heat between these pages. Another thing Deana does well, showing sex positive and sexually confident women. If these things sound good to you, I recommend you picking up your copy today.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute book, well written, I liked Ben. Amee was a little much, and when they say she has a potty mouth believe it. Too much so at times. There was a lot going on in this book, I think it could have been better with a little less. I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
Evie Drae More than 1 year ago
Guuuyyysss. Deana Birch has been one of those authors I’ve kept an eye on ever since her debut. I’ve read every book she’s written, and am constantly left with a smile on my face when I do. However, Love Repaired really, really hit it home for me. Out of all her novels, this is by far the cream of the crop. I adore how it shows her growing as an author, and it makes me love her even more! This story was packed with heart. Amee, a divorced single mom with one helluva crappy ex-husband, is spunky and finally ready to give herself what she deserves. Someone to love who wants to reciprocate in the taking-care-of department—something she’s been sorely lacking. But when she stumbles upon a magical unicorn who has absolutely no right to exist in the real world, she finds everything she’s been looking for… and much, much more. Ben was one of those male leads who grabs a gal by the ovaries from the get-go. He’s big, burly, and sexy, but also kind-hearted, loves children, and is looking for the total package—a family—not just insta-gratification and a fling. He isn’t afraid of commitment, but he is scared of being an albatross around too-good-for-the-likes-of-him Amee’s neck. (Which, we all know there ain’t no way a mythical beast like Ben could ever possibly be not-good-enough for anyone, but his modesty and focus on doing only what’s best for those around him is admirable and only makes you want to squeeze him all the harder.) This was a delightful contemporary romance with all the right feels in all the right places. It kept me engaged and wanting more with every chapter I turned, and the adorable supporting cast (most of whom fall under the age of 9) will have you grinning. Especially when you see how epic and perfect Ben is with them all—even the surly ones. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good, heartfelt romance—especially one where there’s already a family in the picture. If your cuppa is seeing love interests fall not only for the parent, but the child(ren) too? Then this is absolutely for you.