Love Shopping List: Unlock The Secret To Your Soulmate

Love Shopping List: Unlock The Secret To Your Soulmate

by Andrew G. Yellen Ph.D.
Love Shopping List: Unlock The Secret To Your Soulmate

Love Shopping List: Unlock The Secret To Your Soulmate

by Andrew G. Yellen Ph.D.



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Once upon a time 40 years ago, a teenage girl asked this very question in class. A young health education teacher decided to not only answer that question but also provide a method for everyone to compare and score their relationships in their quest for that ideal match.

Fast-forward 40 years. That young teacher went on to become Dr. Andrew Yellen noted psychologist and relationship counselor. After using his comparison methods in relationship therapy for decades, it was a natural for that method to be transformed into the LOVE SHOPPING LIST® app and now the book which empowers you with the tools to “Unlock The Secret To Your Soulmate™”.

In addition to Dr. Andrew’s easy-to-read narrative, the Love Shopping List book provides insight into relationships from both a female and male perspective in question and answer format. A huge array of actual questions and answers are provided from therapy and from Dr. Andrew’s Thursday night Tweet Chats in which any questions asked on love, relationships, dating and sex are answered live such as:

We think we are in love and want to get married but we are not sure. How can we be sure? We don't want to end up as another statistic.

Is there such a thing as true love???

Why do so many relationships fail?

What are the things you want to avoid in a relationship?

My boyfriend likes pda's. I'm not comfortable. What do I do?

Is there really a difference between male and female language? I think I need an interpreter.

How do I tell my bf I’m more interested in women? He’s been so sweet & I don’t want to hurt him.

Do dating sites really work?

What should I do about these guys who are contacting me on Facebook. I don't know them and I'm only 15. Its kinda scary.

How long does it take to really 'know' someone?

Can you love someone but not be in love?

How can I make sure I found the perfect relationship?

The Love Shopping List book also explains how Dr Andrew’s clinical methods built into the app empower individuals to make better decisions in choosing their relationships. The app is a free download (links provided in the book), has a worthwhile premium upgrade and goes hand in hand with the Love Shopping List book. Taken together, they are the ultimate reference guide and tool for anyone who is in a relationship or is seeking that special someone.

“Unlock The Secret To Your Soulmate™” with Love Shopping List!

“Dr. Andrew Yellen's approach to relationships is beautifully encapsulated in his new book and its accompanying app. His knowledge and understanding based on 44 years of professional and personal experience has the power to deepen bonds and extend courage to those who seek a thriving and fruitful relationship. With humor and practicality, Dr. Andrew addresses powerful questions and complex issues that go beyond race, religion, gender or sexual preference to the core of what we all seek. He guides us toward an honest look our needs, desires and ourselves so we may find and nurture a more conscious form of love. Anyone trying to navigate the complex terrain of an intimate relationship should read Dr. Andrew’s book and take action with its accompanying app.”

Ashley Pontius
HFC Pictures
Hollywood, CA

“I found this wonderful book packed with valuable information and advice which will guide you along the right path to a healthy and satisfying relationship. The practical advice applies to those looking for love, those starting a relationship, and even those, like myself, who are married. The Love Shopping List is just the help we all need to find a long and lasting relationship.”

Helen Irlen, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Executive Director
Irlen Institute International
Long Beach CA

"A go-to book that offers astonishingly effective, simple strategies and skills with real-life examples that will help lead you on a path toward successful relationship choices."

Carol King

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