Love Songs for the Road

Love Songs for the Road

by Farrah Taylor

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Love Songs for the Road by Farrah Taylor

A rock star. The nanny. A love that could rock their world.

The only thing rock star Marcus Troy loves more than making music is his kids. So finding just the right nanny to take on tour with them is important—as is proving to his ex he deserves joint custody. Falling for his employee wouldn't just be fodder for the paparazzi: it could ruin everything.

Too bad the perfect nanny turns out to be beautiful, vibrant Ryan Evans. Ryan's never left her small Montana town before, so she jumps at the chance to see the country. And as much as accidental fame doesn't gel with shy Ryan, what does is her relationship with her capricious, smoking-hot, shockingly good dad of a boss. Marcus is nothing like what she expected. But when the whole world's watching them, will life in the spotlight be too hot to handle?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622661640
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/13/2014
Series: Entangled Bliss
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 274
Sales rank: 409,355
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Farrah Taylor recently celebrated her tenth anniversary as a first-grade homeroom teacher in the Lake County, Montana public school system. Farrah, who earned her masters degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Development at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, is a fiction junkie who strives to instill in her students a lifelong love of reading.

Farrah is thrilled to be publishing her first novel, Love Songs for the Road. Intrigued by real-life entanglements between celebrities and nannies, she was fascinated by the complex relationships and intimate connections obscured by tabloid headlines. Beneath the gossip and the drama, she knew, lived an old-fashioned, romantic story about two good people doing their best to navigate life and love in the age of Facebook and Twitter.

Farrah, who has spent far too much of her savings on rock-concert tickets, is glad to finally be seeing a return on the investment in the form of her debut novel. She lives with her husband, Ty, and son, Latham, in Polson, Montana. One day, she hopes to override the boys protests and achieve her long-time goal of owning a Chinese Crested Hairless dog.

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Love Songs for the Road

By Farrah Taylor, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Farrah Taylor
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-164-0


A Red-Blooded Woman

She'd always been great with kids. It was adults who gave Ryan trouble, those pesky grown-ups with their messy, complicated problems. To her, children's needs were always perfectly clear:

1) Feed me.

2) Hold me.

3) Love me.

Oh, and don't forget:

4) Don't ever, ever leave me.

Ryan steered her Ford pickup with one hand and chuckled to herself, wishing that the men in her life, everyone in her life, could be that direct.

She thought about the many ways kids were different from adults. Kids were messy on the outside — running around in dirty diapers, tears streaming down chocolate-stained faces — but clean on the inside. Their desires were simple and their needs were predictable. But while the adults in Ryan's life (except for one unfortunate University of Montana boyfriend who thought that showering only twice a week increased his animal magnetism) always wiped the food off their faces and generally got straight A's in the hygiene department, inside they were messier than a toddler's playroom — games strewn about, dolls and toys amok, like a hurricane had just torn through the place.

Adults, unlike children — whom Ryan kept on a strict schedule not because she enjoyed being a bossy nanny but because children liked stability — were totally unpredictable. They might not have thrown tantrums infinity times a day or started food fights, but they (ahem, her sister, Phoebe) said one thing, then did another. Or they (her last boss, Mrs. Randall) silently judged you, storing up their frustration for months before unexpectedly exploding in anger. Or they (Mr. Randall) pretended to take an interest in your child development course load while they were actually trying to take sneaky looks at your cleavage while their wife was just down the hall. Or, worst of all, they (her ex-boyfriend Nick) pathologically lied right to your face, not telling you for seven months that they were sleeping with your soon-to-be-ex-friend Natalie on the side until you intercepted a text from her describing sexual positions you hadn't even known existed..

Adults were crazy; kids were a piece of cake.

Ryan's phone rang. It was Emily, one of her oldest friends and — this got complicated — the daughter of the landscaper of Marcus Troy, the filthy-rich, gazillion-album-selling rock star who desperately needed a 24/7 nanny for his upcoming American tour.

"Hey you," Ryan said, spinning the wheel to take a right on Route 35. She drove like someone who had gone down this road, taken this turn, a thousand times before. "Almost there. I should hit Bigfork in fifteen or twenty. Don't worry, I'll be on time."

"Of course you will," Emily said. "You're Ryan Evans. You haven't been late since the third grade."

"When was I late in third grade?" Ryan asked.

"Very funny. What are you wearing?"

Ryan looked down at her sensible outfit of tight-but-not-over-the-top jeans, a perfectly nice sweater that suggested her curves without actually putting them on display, and Converse low-tops — the sort of clothes she'd be wearing most days if she actually got the job — and said, "A tiny black dress, six-inch platform heels, and a tiara."

"Very funny, Miss No-Nonsense." Em laughed. "What are you actually wearing? Something slightly attractive, I hope? Please tell me you're not wearing that stupid sweater your Mom made you for your birthday."

"This sweater is cute. It's a look. I am rocking a look."

"And what look is that?" Em sighed. "The dying grandmother?"

"Nope," Ryan said. And then, in the deep voice of an action-movie trailer: "Montana Nanny ... she'll take care of your kids, but she won't take any of your crap!"

"Oh my God, Ryan. Do you want this job or not?"

"Why should I dress up? I'm interviewing to be his kids' nanny, not his girlfriend."

"So not the point. First, even if you were just interviewing with another loser like Mr. Randall —"

"Ew, please don't talk about him." Ryan shuddered. Even though it meant she was unemployed now, and she had no idea how she was going to cover her living expenses at the University of Michigan this fall, she'd been thrilled when the Randalls had unexpectedly packed up and moved. "I miss Daniele — what a little sweetie — but I won't waste another thought on her mom and dad."

"Ryan, you're twenty-five years old. Even if you were interviewing with a regular family, you shouldn't wear a sweater with a picture of an acorn on it. But you're interviewing with Marcus Troy, a rock star. The most famous man in all of —"

"The most famous man in the entire great state of Montana!" Ryan cried out in her movie-trailer voice, wishing that instead of working this summer, she could be on vacation, floating down the Swan River and screwing around with Em and their friends, instead of having to earn a buttload of money for grad school. "I know, I know, you've told me a million times already."

"Sooorrrry," Em said, sounding a little hurt. "Should I not have recommended you for this job?"

"No, I want it!" said Ryan. "I really do, and believe me, I appreciate you looking out for me." Ryan managed to bite her tongue — never an easy task for her — and didn't add that while she did want this job, she certainly wasn't planning to kiss up to anybody to get it, even a rock star.

After driving up a long, winding driveway, Ryan saw the house. It wasn't what she had imagined at all. She had pictured the rock star living in one of the giant, soulless McMansions that summer people usually favored. But this house, a roomy log cabin, looked worn-in and homey. Behind it, the Swan River glided by carelessly and the Flathead Mountains, snow still clinging to their peaks, glinted in the sun. Ryan had grown up far from the river, with a view of nothing more than a clump of trees. She would have killed to live on a property like this.

She walked up the steps. The front door was propped open — Montanans never locked their doors, especially in summer — and only a screen door stood between her and the house. For the first time, she felt nervous, although there was no reason to be. Marcus Troy was simply a thirty-four-year-old single father who needed help with his two kids; Ryan would provide that help. The fact that Marcus was famous, incredibly handsome, and often shirtless — at least in the photos Ryan had Googled the night before — was not going to affect her sense of professionalism one iota.

Realizing she was standing in front of the door like a jerk, Ryan was about to press the doorbell when the screen door quickly swung open.

"Are you the nanny?" a young woman asked. She wore glasses, a pencil skirt, and a pale yellow sweater of an impossibly thin, luxuriant fabric. This stylish girl was not from here, it was obvious, but she was friendly enough.

Before Ryan had a chance to answer, the girl said, "I'm Serena, Marcus's assistant. Follow me. Marcus is waiting."

Inside, everything looked nice, and just right for the house, not movie-star-snooty at all. If Ryan had been alone in the place, she would have plopped down on the leather couch, rested her sneakers on one of the cowhide ottomans, or run her hand along the long, smooth expanse of the granite dining table that looked like it weighed about as much as the Ford F-150 she had driven over here.

Serena reached a closed door, put her ear to it, and knocked shyly. There was no response, so she knocked again. Still no response. Finally, with a little cringe, Serena opened the door. This seemed like a bad sign. How scary could this guy be that his employee was afraid of him?

Serena stepped inside, saying, "Hello?" and Ryan followed her into a large, sparsely furnished room. The man Ryan assumed was Marcus Troy lay in its center, blindfolded, hog-tied, and motionless. He wore a pair of black boxer briefs, unlaced and rugged-looking work boots — and that was all.

"Oh my God," Serena said, shielding her eyes with her hand. "I'm so sorry, Marcus!"

"Whoa," Ryan said under her breath. She had never seen a male form so beautiful. Marcus's skin was perfectly bronzed, his chest bare and sculpted. His shoulders were broad as a swimmer's, and his arms were covered in sexy, intricate tattoos. His brown hair had a slight wave to it. She couldn't see his eyes, of course, though she did take note of his high cheekbones and strong jawline. To features like those, she had no objection. But it was his rock-hard abdomen that made Ryan feel so light-headed she found herself looking for the nearest place to sit. Even as Marcus lay still, his insanely defined abs seemed to shimmer when they caught the sunlight coming through the window.

But as much as she was enjoying the view, Ryan was a little freaked out, too. What was going on here? Had a girlfriend of Marcus's tied him up and left him here after a kinky sexcapade? Had a groupie stalked him and inflicted some kind of horrible revenge fantasy on him? She covered her eyes with her hand, but then, she peeked through her fingers. It seemed wrong, but she just couldn't help herself.

Slowly, a smile curled across Marcus's lips, but still he said nothing. He seemed to be waiting for something, moving his neck slightly as if to better listen. Turning his head toward Ryan and Serena, he raised his index finger to his lips. Why was he shushing them?

Suddenly, a closet door across the room swung open, and two children ran out toward Marcus, screaming — a boy of four or five carrying a plastic ax and a girl who looked about ten wielding an enormous Nerf bat and wearing a football helmet. Their battle cries were so shrill that Serena stuck her fingers in her ears, while the children began beating the hell out of their dad, who tried and failed to defend himself against the punishing blows.

"Do you surrender, prisoner?" the girl demanded. She kept her game face on. She was something fierce.

The boy was giggling, though, as he repeated his sister's words. "Surrendah! Surrendah!"

"I give up! I've had enough," Marcus cried, his fear and terror sounding real enough. "Just don't hurt me anymore. I can't take the pain!"

The children collapsed into giggles and fell upon their father. Of course, it wasn't every day that Ryan interviewed with a gorgeous, captive man, but she was nearly as surprised by the sexy prisoner's parenting skills. By all appearances, Marcus was a fantastic dad, easy and affectionate with his kids, not someone who would leave the child-rearing to professionals while he wrote chart-topping singles and bedded breathless groupies.

He took off his blindfold and hopped over to Ryan and Serena, still struggling with the cloth ties that bound his ankles and wrists.

"Hi, are you the nanny?" he said excitedly.

"That's me," Ryan said, as calmly as she could manage, though her heart was making an unholy racket in her head. "Ryan Evans, at your service." She instantly regretted using the cheesy expression, but the fact that she could speak a coherent sentence in front of this man was a miracle in itself. His eyes were a shimmering, cobalt blue, so clear and bright, they seemed almost unreal. As if his body weren't enough, those eyes took the breath right out of her.

"I'm Marcus," he said, grinning like someone who knew perfectly well the devastating effect he would have on any red-blooded woman. "I'd shake your hand, but I'm all tied up at the moment."



Marcus Troy had been called "shameless" before, and he'd never once denied the charge. Instead, he'd embraced it fully, naming his second album Shameless and going triple platinum in the process.

But he didn't think there was anything embarrassing about being caught in just his Timberlands and his snug-fitting boxer briefs by his new assistant and the girl who was interviewing to be his tour nanny. These were people who were being, or would be, paid handsomely to assist him and the kids virtually around the clock. Marcus was comfortable in his own skin, plain and simple, and didn't censor himself for anybody. This wasn't the last time they were going to see him in his skivvies, so they may as well get used to it.

"Okay, Charlotte, time to release your prisoner now," Marcus said. When after a moment she didn't budge, he added a groveling, "Pretty please?" With that, his daughter smiled and kneeled down to loosen the rags she'd used to bind his limbs so effectively.

Once freed, Marcus shook out his arms and legs and cracked his neck before extending his hand to the prospective nanny, who was surprisingly sexy, even if she was wearing the most hideous holiday sweater he'd ever laid eyes on. "Marcus Troy," he said, flashing his best high-wattage smile. "Pleased to meet you."

"Me, too," she said, giving a polite half smile, but mainly looking like she'd just swallowed something sour. Marcus kept eye contact for a beat, then snuck in a quick glimpse of the rest of her. She had wavy brown curls cut just past her shoulders and a taut, athletic body that was nonetheless curvy in all the right places. Best of all, she had piercing green eyes that sent a shock right through him. They seemed to sparkle more brightly when she got on one knee and said in a friendly voice, "And who are these two?"

"These two," he said, putting a hand on each of the children's heads, "are the loves of my life, Miles and Charlotte."

"Hello, loves of his life." Ryan shook the kids' hands with mock formality.

"Hiii," they said in unison, giggling. Charlotte beamed pure confidence while Miles, in a fit of shyness, hid smiling behind Marcus's thigh.

"Are you going to be the tour nanny?" Charlotte asked. "We had a nanny, but Daddy made her work too hard, and she got mad and quit!"

Ryan laughed and stood up. This was good; maybe she wasn't as uptight as she'd seemed. Marcus needed a nanny who would stick around for more than a couple months at a time and who, unlike Mrs. Janssen, was willing to work the odd hours required by a touring musician and his family. "Well, I don't know about your other nannies," she said to all three of them, "but I've never been afraid of a little hard work."

"Now that is music to my ears." Then Marcus clapped his hands and said, "Okay kids, I'd like to talk to Ryan here alone for a few minutes. Serena, do you mind watching them for a sec?"

Serena hesitated for a minute with a look that said, Oh shit, not me. With criminally bad timing, Mrs. Janssen had texted her resignation yesterday morning, and Marcus had been with the kids nonstop since then. It was weird to admit it, but even though an interview was technically work, he'd been looking forward to some adult, one-on-one company all morning.

"It's only for ten minutes, Serena," Marcus said in a voice that meant, I was only asking to be polite.

Serena said, "Of course ... no problem," a little too enthusiastically. Marcus ignored the hiccup and thanked her as she whisked the kids out the door.

"Okay, Ryan, grab a seat on the couch. You want anything ... water, a soda, or something?"

"No, I'm all set, thanks." She took a seat but was staring at him with a funny expression as he kicked his legs up on a coffee table and put an arm lazily over the back of the couch.

"Well, I can tell that you're good with kids," Marcus said. "They liked you right away. Why don't you tell me about your background? My gardener filled me in a little. You're a friend of his daughter and you were working for a family over by Echo Lake, right?"

"Yep, the Randalls. I was with them for about — I'm sorry," she said. "But are you really going to conduct this interview in your underwear?"

Marcus looked down at his body, then flashed Ryan the arched-eyebrow, devil-may-care look that most women he met fell for hook, line, and sinker. He said, "Oh, is that a problem?"

"Well, Mr. Troy, yes, it is a problem. First, it's distracting. Second, it's totally unprofessional. I'm here to take care of Charlotte and Miles, not to hang out with some guy who doesn't have the decency to put on a pair of pants."

Marcus laughed; he couldn't help it. It wasn't that he didn't take Ryan seriously, but he hadn't been scolded by a woman, by anyone, since his ex-wife, and he was so shocked that laughter was the only response he could come up with.

"I mean," Ryan continued, "how would you like it if I were interviewing you for a job you really needed, and I didn't even bother to put on any clothes?"

Marcus considered this for a moment, but he wasn't able to wipe the grin off his face. This was all too amusing. "You mean if I were all dressed up in an acorn sweater, and you were in lingerie and a pair of Louboutin stilettos?" He looked her up and down, as if she really were dressed like a delicious piece of Victoria's Secret eye candy. "Why, Ryan, I think I'd like that. I'd like that very much."

Ryan frowned and stood up. She shook her head like a teacher scolding the incurable bad boy of her kindergarten class and said, "You know, I don't know what Louboutin stilettos are, but I do know when I'm being made fun of, and I don't find it charming. I don't care whether you're a rock star or a garbage man — I don't have to put up with it."


Excerpted from Love Songs for the Road by Farrah Taylor, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2014 Farrah Taylor. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Love Songs for the Road 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
AshleyBodette More than 1 year ago
What a fantastic debut!  Farrah Taylor definitely has a hit on her hands!  I loved these characters SO MUCH!  And not just Marcus and Ryan.  Marcus's kiddos, Charlotte and Miles, are totally adorable, even when they are sick, or getting into mischief.  :)  And Smitty, Marcus's lead guitarist, is a GREAT secondary character!  And, as much as I hate Marcus's ex-wife, well, needless to say, Farrah Taylor did an excellent job of making me hate her.  :) Despite their age difference, Marcus and Ryan not only have fantastic chemistry, but they work really well together.  Of course, when one person in a relationship is a divorced rock star with two kids, and the other person is from a small town and has had a fairly recent, pretty crappy relationship experience, there can be some MAJOR disturbances in the relationship, no matter how perfect they are for each other.  I mean, there's an ex-wife, an ex-boyfriend, and let's not forget the paparazzi!  Although what the public mostly sees is a hard-core rocker, Marcus is an amazing father, and he cares very deeply about his children.  It is seriously, like, the sexiest combination EVER in a man!  He is by no means perfect, but once you get to know Ryan, you will understand why he's perfect for her. Ryan is a small town girl, but she's had lots of experience working with kids.  She is super awesome with Charlotte and Miles, and you can tell she takes her job with them very seriously.  Which of course makes it EXTREMELY hard to be around Marcus...just because he's her boss doesn't make him any less attractive to her!  But she doesn't want to lose her job either.  And even once their romance is starting to blossom, Ryan is terrified of being in the public eye, with the heat of the spotlight shining down on her.  I honestly felt really bad for her, but at the same time, I wanted her to stand up and fight for their relationship, even if it meant being on ET or in gossip mags. This book is SO well written, I still can't believe that it's Farrah Taylor's debut!  I read this book in one sitting, staying up until 5AM to finish it!  I couldn't put it down!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic story! Rock star Marcus needs a nanny for his two children while on tour. Small town girl Ryan needs a summer job and being a nanny is perfect. When attraction flairs and the paparazzi get involved things get crazy! I recommend this wonderful sweet story for everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read both of Ms Taylor's available ebooks. They are both good enjoyable stories with family based themes.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
I really like the premise of Love Songs for the Road - a rock star, single father hires a nanny to help care for his children while on tour. I've read so many rocker books, but none with that particular angle. And true to form with the Bliss line, it is a sweet romance that made me smile a lot. When I think to my reading experience, I can definitely say that I did like this story. The two main characters, Ryan and Marcus were likable characters with good intentions. And though I'm a mom, I sometimes become annoyed with kids in books, especially when they are super precocious, but the children in this book were very sweet and played a nice - and prevalent - role. In addition to the characters, I thought the story was an interesting one because not only do we have a rock star and his nanny falling in love tour, but it also examines the pressures on the new romance from the media (not to mention the ex-wife). Even better, Love Songs for the Road deals with what happens when a normal woman who wants her own life and career, falls in love with a man who has a consuming career of his own. Ryan must decide how to pursue her own life goals, and still be with the man she loves, or will she choose him at all? I like that Ryan wasn't the one who had to bend to Marcus' lifestyle, that he must meet her. Despite liking Love Songs for the Road, I can't say that I was swept away by the story. I've thought about this a lot, and cannot exactly pinpoint why. It was sweet, it had romantic moments, but I wasn't consumed. I think that might be due to a lot of off-page interactions between Ryan and Marcus. I'm fine with fade-to-black, but I needed a little more emotion to go on. Having said that, I did like Love Songs for the Road. It was sweet, heart-warming and real. Favorite Quote: He pressed his mouth hotly against hers. With their lips and tongues, they teased and flirted, asked questions and gave answers in a wordless dialogue. Marcus felt the heat of the desert sun warming their joined bodies. And the hollow, still emptiness in his chest--the bottomless well of craving and yearning that had been there for so long he forgot it existed--fill with air and light.
AMANDA_BRAT69 More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. I have found a new author to follow. Hope to see more of the characters in the future. 
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
This book had a strong start--a real "meet cute" in which Marcus also manages to demonstrate his awesome dad abilities--loved it! Ryan wasn't too overwhelmed by her new boss's star power to stand up for herself, which was fantastic--for much of the book, she was a really strong character. I liked that she had such a solid understanding of kids and was able to get a handle on Marcus's two, Charlotte and Miles, right from the start. As Ryan says at one point, "Adults were crazy; kids were a piece of cake." Charlotte and Miles really steal the show. Whether they're interacting with Marcus, Ryan, Smitty (lead guitarist), or a combination, they practically jump off the page--especially six-year-old Marcus. You can really tell that the author has spent a lot of time around children--no frighteningly fictional kids here! The setting of being on a national rock tour was definitely different one--it makes for an interesting view into the life of a famous musician. One can only imagine how difficult it must be to be so much in the public eye all the time, and Ryan naturally is not at all used to the pressure. That said, however, the two times that she snaps--one early on, one about halfway through--really seemed out of character for her. They do play a big part in future events, but still those two scenes just didn't sit right with me. It felt like Marcus and Ryan's relationship progressed a bit too quickly, especially given the previous experiences of the two (Ryan was badly hurt by a cheating boyfriend, and Marcus hadn't had any relationships at all since his bitter divorce four years earlier). Initially, both felt the attraction and resisted, knowing that it wasn't a good idea to act on it--and rightly so. (The image of big, burly Smitty acting as a cautioning angel on Marcus's shoulder was particularly amusing.) Next thing you knew, though, their resolutions were out the window. I almost thought I'd missed something there, because it still didn't seem like a smart idea to me--hormones or no. It seemed at odds with the more mature Marcus and his dedication to his kids, not to mention usually level-headed Ryan. Don't get me wrong, I wanted them to get together--but the timing didn't feel quite right there. Marcus--and Ryan, by going along with him--made a really questionable choice during his last concert stop that really had me questioning his judgement. He was called on it, though, and ended up realizing that he'd made a poor choice, which went a long way toward redeeming him--and that aspect of the plot. The ending, like the beginning, was strong. I appreciated that their relationship, when not on tour, slowed down to a reasonable pace given their lives and situations. I finished the book with a smile, the overall feel-good ending overshadowing the earlier elements that had given me pause. I'll definitely be interested to see what Ms. Taylor has for us in the future. B+ rating. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
This is a excellent debut novel from Farrah Taylor. Romantic, sweet and fun, Love Songs for the Road is a charming read filled with emotion. Taking the winning formula of a sexy rock star hero, this is slightly different in that Marcus Troy is an amazing Dad to two very insightful, fun-loving cheeky youngsters who inject many of the moments at which you simply can't not laugh and smile at. Taking them on the road with him means they need a nanny and level-headed, sweet-natured Ryan is that lady. Marcus hugely surprised me with his personalities and traits, I loved both him and Ryan and whilst their intimate moments were behind closed doors, their growing feelings or the obstacles they face weren't. Their chemistry may not have been electric but it was touching and with a good air of realism. Although I would have liked a little more content when they finally gave in to their feelings, it's a worthy addition to the Bliss line of books and a sweet easy-read romance that I lost myself in. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. I received this as an ARC from the publisher for an honest and unbiased opinion.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This was a good story between country superstar Marcus and Ryan a graduate student who is working as his nanny. The story was a little confusing, and there were to many villains.  I did enjoy the interaction between the father and his kids.  The story was  confusing but enjoyable.  I received an ARC copy for an honest review.
Emsy-VanWyck More than 1 year ago
Five stars to debut novelist Farah Taylor for Love Songs from the Road, an anthem to romance.  The advice that tells a writer to depict what they know was taken to heart by first-time author Farrah Taylor. She's receiving a standing ovation from me for a contemporary romance novel that's not only a fun read, but also provides some insight into a musician's life on the road - and it's costs. Her book, Love Songs for the Road (Entangled Bliss), tells the story of rock star Marcus Troy, his two children Charlotte and Miles, and their new nanny, Ryan Evans. While we're probably very familiar with stories - fiction and nonfiction - of celebrity employers falling in love with their nannies (and vice versa), Taylor is able to keep this trope fresh with both the likeability of her protagonists and also the rock star bus tour setting of the main part of the story. Love Songs for the Road also has conflict, both from a jealous longtime admirer of Marcus and also the machinations of his ex-wife. Both these subplots keep the tension level raised and the pages turning. What drew me into the story? Simply put, the answer is the initial description of characters of Marcus, Ryan, Charlotte, and Miles. How could I not be fascinated, as I believe Ryan was, with a millionaire rock star who allowed his children to bind him in his study - while he was in his skivvies. His good nature - and somewhat clueless approach to what might be perceived as startling or beyond the bounds - was fresh and resonated as true for someone in his position. Ryan, a Kalispell (MT) native, was immediately drawn to his physicality and balances out his spontaneity with her more serious and studied approach to the care of children. She was able to see immediately that he was a loving and caring father - and that is one of the love songs that resonates throughout this story. Ms. Taylor, yes, all those concerts you attended did pay off as your depiction of life on the road, the isolation of the famous, and the desire for something real all resonated as true. This was not a rock star road trip book filled with groupies or wild and anonymous sex. But there are some beautiful love scenes between the protagonists, and more than that, a touching and moving story of admiration, friendship, and physical attraction building into love. I'm looking forward to future stories from this author and I think you will be too. Kudos! In conclusion, I'm awarding five stars to debut novelist Farah Taylor for Love Songs for the Road, an anthem to romance. I received an eARC from the publisher through NetGalley for use in this review.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
 Falling in love with your nanny seems a little cliche, but rock star Marcus Troy doesn't really care how cliche it may be once he gets to know Ryan Evans.  These two are a fantastic couple, but they can't be a couple because she's the nanny and he's the famous rock star.  She wants a normal life, and he is constantly surrounded by press and fans.  Farrah Taylor managed to keep these the central problem in their relationship without pounding on it so much that it got old or repetitive - it was constantly being reworked from a different angle - privacy, custody of the kids, different career goals - it continued to be new and different ways of looking at the same situation. Many people threw obstacles into their path (including themselves) as they tried to find a balance, and a few almost succeeded.  This was a really great book with some really sweet characters.
BookLabyrinth More than 1 year ago
This was such a sweet story, one I had a lot of fun reading. Probably my favourite part of the book was how Marcus was such a different character than you would expect from a rock star love interest. Marcus is this thoughtful guy who loves playing music and loves his fans, but he's not into the rocker lifestyle. He’s all about his kids and keeping them happy and safe. The chemistry between Ryan and Marcus was really fun right from the beginning. There’s a bit of a forbidden aspect to their relationship, with Marcus going through tough custody issues and Ryan being a part of his staff. I liked how once the “forbidden” nature of their relationship was out of the way, though, there wasn’t a ton of drama between them. I liked reading about characters who not only cared for one another, but also really trusted each other. The only question to the relationship is if Ryan, a small town girl with dreams of her own, can deal with constantly being in the spotlight and judged for who she loves. There are a lot of great aspects to this book, including the addition of the kids and seeing both characters interact with them. Seeing the progression of a romance happen while on a rock tour was another fun part of the book. Overall: a fun and sweet novel that was just what I wanted at the moment I read it.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
Lovely Light, Sweet and Romantic Read! Ryan is thrilled when she gets the job of a nanny to rock star Marcus Troy's kids. It's just for his summer bus tour and she will earn enough in 10 weeks to finish her schooling. She didn't count, though, on the paparazzi and her undeniable attraction to Marcus. I really enjoyed this light, sweet and romantic read. I loved that Marcus was written as a father who really cared for his kids and the behind-the-scenes look at his life as a rock star. I would recommend this book to anyone from young adult and up who loves a good contemporary romance.  Very good!  4 Stars!
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
A sweet, heartwarming romance. A family story, rock star meets nanny. Not a racy read. I loved the main characters. Ryan, the nanny, knows what she wants in life, and will not be swayed by a celebrity. Marcus, the rock star, is such a good dad and will do anything for his family. There is laugh out moments, Marcus in his Christmas suit, still smiling. This is a debut book by Farrah Taylor, now on my list to read her next book. I received this ARC book from the publisher for a honest review.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews Marcus Troy is a famous rock star who has finally convinced the court and his ex-wife to allow him to have his kids for the summer and take them on his North American tour. The only problem now is he needs a nanny FAST. In walks wholesome twenty-five-year-old Ryan Evans. Being a nanny is nothing new to Ryan and she’s very good at what she does. Marcus finds himself very much attracted to the younger and beautiful in every way, Ryan. To his surprise, Ryan is also attracted to him as well. But this is a forbidden love. Not only is having a relationship with his employee bad for business, Marcus must remain professional or give his ex a reason to seek full custody of the kids. The fact that Marcus and Ryan kept going back and forth between whether or not they wanted to be in a relationship with each other was annoying. It's not really a big secret that they are attracted to each other and with Marcus' status, the media is looking for any and all kinds of juicy gossip on these two. Of course, this puts stress on their relationship. I struggled through the first quarter of this book and had to put it down. Once I picked it back up, I continued to struggle. It wasn't until well over three quarters in that I started to really enjoy it. But once I got to that point I didn’t want to put the book down. In the end, I enjoyed watching these two realize that they cared and loved each other enough to make sacrifices for one another. Source: Publisher
DJTP More than 1 year ago
Love songs for the road by Farrah Taylor A great book.  I couldn't put it down once I started reading it.  Who wouldn't love the hot rock star Marcus or the Nanny Ryan.  Loved the character development between these two.  I would recommend this book and author to everyone who  enjoys a great romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago