Love Ties

Love Ties

by Cain Berlinger

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Love Ties by Cain Berlinger

Meet the hot men who are as driven to find love as they are in maintaining their good looks...and the upper hand.

Love plays a major role in the lives of two Arab princes, a cowboy and an Indian defying social convention to be with one another. When one young man wins a cruise he and his lover can't wait for the romance but an egocentric actor blackmails the other and threatens the honey moon. A white boy moves into the 'hood' and another falls in love with a tattoo seen through a glory hole and poetry on a wall. Amsterdam is for lovers. Stealing a man's face to steal his lover is the ultimate valentine. All men in love who stop at nothing to get their man.

Excerpt from: The Love Boat

Javier grasped the edge of the bed clutching the mattress tightly in his clenched fists. The roughened hands of a lusty seaman held Javier�s shoulders firmly before pushing the full force of his body against him, plunging his cock deep inside Javier�s very contented butt hole. They had met only a couple of days ago yet Javier knew each grunt and groan and could count the beats of each pregnant pause before the seaman would rise up and plunge into him again. They were definitely in sync as if they had been lovers for years, instead of just a few days.

Hassad paused to wipe the sweat from his eyes, before grabbing Javier�s rounded butt cheeks, spreading them apart, and shoving his rock hard cock in to the hilt. Javier raised his head and moaned when Hassad grabbed a handful of his hair to anchor himself before plunging in yet again, all the while filling Javier�s butt with loads of pre-cum. As Hassad�s body trembled spasmodically, his murmured profanities grew louder until he could no longer hold back. In his excitement he filled the air with every profane expletive he knew, signaling to Javier (as well as the neighbors) of his eminent orgasm.

Javier braced himself, and he squeezed his sphincter tightly, milking the last of drops of Hassad's load. Hassad�s body dropped heavily on top of Javier, his cock still soaking in the cum load he had just deposited into his partner. Several minutes passed before either of them had the energy to speak. Javier spoke first.

�Fuck man. I love you baby but I don't think my ass can take another fuck like that for at least....a few hours.� He reached back and playfully tousled Hassad�s thick, black silky hair. �These past couple days have been heaven, but this morning, noon and night thing is wearing this man out!" Javier buried his face into the pillows, his butt hole still clenched around Hassad�s cock. The Moroccan�s cock was so big, he didn't need to stay hard, just heavy.

Hassad rolled off of Javier onto his side keeping his cock buried deep inside of Javier so that they now rested in a spooning position.

"Baby I love the way you love me but we sail out today,� Hassad said.

Javier hated to think about it. Hassad was a kitchen worker aboard a luxury cruiser. Javier was a vacationing school teacher. Out of all the holiday affairs he�d been in, he had enjoyed this one the most. Once ship left port he'd be out of Hassad's life forever. He pulled Hassad�s arms tight around him and whispered to him his regrets.

"You are very beautiful and very romantic. I think this is why we are so compatible my lovely Javier. But it is summer time and you live in New York the most beautiful city in the world with beautiful men who dress in Spandex. What would you want me for?" Hassad smiled broadly as he caressed the smooth skin of the man he'd come to cherish in the last few days. Leaving him would be hard.

Javier caressed the smooth muscled arm of his Moroccan sailor, trembling just a little at the thought of having that big cock working inside of him again.

Javier was annoyed with himself for feeling so sentimental. He was also irritated because he hadn't saved enough money to really enjoy the entire summer, and now he was trapped in this 'beautiful' city with little money and fewer prospects.

Javier sighed with a bit of relief and a sad emptiness as Hassad's huge cock slipped out of him. The Moroccan sailor reached across the bed to the nightstand, lit up one of his Turkish cigarettes and exhaled lazily. He was concerned when Javier walked to the bedroom window and stared outside, his face drenched in melancholy. Hassad crawled out of bed and went to stand behind Javier, embracing him fondly.

"My time with you is beautiful, but you are right. My ship leaves today and I must be on it. Would it sound trite if I promised never to forget you?" Hassad kissed the back of Javier�s neck, rubbed hands over his chest and played with Javier�s kernel sized nipples.

"Sure does. But it beats 'catch ya later' and then forgetting my name as you say good-bye." Javier turned to face Hassad and his face broke into a wide grin.

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About the Author

Cain Berlinger has published innumerable short stories in various gay publications throughout Europe and America. His self published books include essays on Black America, a book on meditation, and a series of fitness books (as RD Cain)

He currently lives in New York City with his life partner who indulges him shamelessly.

His website is

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