Love Tips: Successful Strategies for a Good, Healthy Relationship with Men

Love Tips: Successful Strategies for a Good, Healthy Relationship with Men

by Pearly Tan


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Is your love life unfulfilled? Have you been looking for the right guy and ended up with the wrong guy?

Statistics show that most relationships don’t last. Women of the 21st Century are smart, successful and desirable. So what is going wrong?

Love Tips: Successful Strategies for a Good, Healthy Relationship with Men contain real-life stories that illustrate our modern relationships and how we react with men. This book will help you get to the root of your relationship fears and gain the techniques to build a secure and healthy relationship:

  • Be a happy, confident and a fun-loving partner
  • Recognise negative thoughts and insecure feelings and respond in a positive way
  • Cultivate a healthy dialogue and communication
  • Prevent feelings of inadequacy, neediness and possessiveness
  • Learn to respect his privacy and create a mutual, loving space
  • Build trust and commitment in your relationship.
  • And more…


Pearly Tan was born in Malaysia and grew up in a traditional Chinese culture. She immigrated to Australia in 2004 to be with her partner. After successfully overcoming her relationship difficulties, she dedicated herself to helping others facing similar challenges, especially Asian-Western culture relationships.

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ISBN-13: 9780648211884
Publisher: DoctorZed Publishing
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Dedication v

Acknowledgements xii

1. Why Your Man is Tuning Out 1

​2. Understanding Your Male and Female Energy 4

3. Struggling to find a good man? It may be your mindset 7

4. Dating Younger Men: Does Age Matter? 10

5. How to Spot a Player, Not a Stayer 13

6. Live For The Moment 17

7. Making Judgements 20

8. Interdependency or Codependency? 23

9. Flirting or Hurting? 26

10. On The Defensive 29

11. The Laws of Attraction – Unavailable Men 32

12. Be The Change You Want To See 35

13. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff 38

14. Staying Connected 41

15. Can He Handle Your Success? 44

16. Enjoying His Achievements 47

17. Repair or Replace? 50

18. Keep Calm and Carry On 53

19. What Do Men Want? 56

20. Open Relationships 59

21. Have You Lost That Loving Feeling? 62

22. Are You Just Using Him? 65

23. Good Vibrations 68

24. When Things Don’t Work Out How You Wanted 71

25. Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty? 74

26. We All Love To Feel Loved 77

27. Being Present 80

28. More Than Just A Pretty Face 83

29. Domestic Violence 86

30. Fear Of Being Alone 89

31. A Fine Romance? 92

32. Rediscovering Your Admiration 95

33. Love and Religion 98

34. Hey, Good Lookin! 101

35. It’s Your Move! 104

36. Resolving Disagreements107

37. Two Religions, One Love 110

38. Three’s A Crowd 113

39. Finding New Love And Losing Old Friends 116

40. Sharing The Chores 119

41. The In-Laws 122

42. Should You Convert To His Religion? 125

43. What’s In A Name – Part One 128

44. What’s In A Name – Part Two 131

45. Quality Time 134

46. When Friendships Are Out Of Alignment 137

47. Respect 140

48. Unwanted Attention 143

49. Purely Physical? 146

50. Separate Bank Accounts 149

About the Author 153

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