Love to Grow: Remove Your Financial Barriers, Grow Your Wealth and Succeed in Your Business

Love to Grow: Remove Your Financial Barriers, Grow Your Wealth and Succeed in Your Business


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Why do some people constantly struggle to get themselves out of survival mode financially? And what is different about people who seem to have the “Midas touch”—where “everything they touch turns to gold”?

Trish Love used to ask herself these very same questions. By learning the answers, she created her own Independence Day and wants to share her secrets so you too can do the same.  For business owners and individuals alike, Love to Grow is a powerful financial and business guide that will teach you:

• The seven steps to wealth creation
• How to define and achieve your desired version of wealth
• How to diagnose and understand your own money style
• How to move from fear- to belief-based decisions and from reckless actions to prosperous results
• How to create an “A-team” in your business to achieve more cash, effective results, and better resale value
• How to take a stepped-change approach to your leadership and business knowledge

So if you want to kick financial fear to the curb, operate from a place of calm, leave survival-mode finances behind, and create your desired version of wealth, Love to Grow will show you how.  And you can achieve your own Independence Day.

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ISBN-13: 9781614485537
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Trish Love is the founder of Love to Grow, a company that helps business owners create financial success and holistic wealth. A chartered accountant in public practice, a registered mentor, and a certified business coach, she has over twenty-five years’ experience advising business owners how to manage the financial aspects of their business and personal growth. Trish regularly contributes her expertise to publications and has appeared on TV and radio shows. Her extensive experience ranges from small businesses to large corporations across many industry sectors. From humble beginnings, Trish developed her money style and “seven steps to wealth creation” models to assist others in achieving what she has also learned for herself.

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Our minds are very powerful. I know you know that. But often we get so busy in our day-to-day lives doing things that we forget how to just be. It’s important to wake up to this. We need to acknowledge for ourselves our life purpose, the gifts we already have, and learn how to use these to our best advantage.

There is a voice inside you that knows what you are already good at, and what causes you can assist with. It is the one you may have put to one side because it couldn’t possibly be you who did something like that. Listen to it. Some of you already have been, and taking action, leading to results. Well done if that is you.

We all need to do this and become the person we were born to be. Consider for yourself your purpose for being on the planet. This may be as big or as small as you feel fits. It doesn’t have to be overly deep and meaningful, if you don’t want it to be. But just think about it for a bit. What is your “why?”, your “what?” Once you know this I can help you with the “how.”

Table of Contents

Foreword    Keith Randell, Business Psychologist and Brain Science Researcher
Note from the Author

Part I – Looking After You
Chapter 1 Your Independence Day
Chapter 2 How’s Your Relationship With Wealth? - "Happily Married’ or Heading for "Divorce"?
Chapter 3 How to Permanently Improve Your Finances - What Do You WANT, What Do You BELIEVE and What Are You Going to DO About it?
Chapter 4 Identifying Your Money Style
Chapter 5 Communicating Effectively About Finances
Chapter 6 From Survival to Sorted – Shifting Your Money Style “Actions”
Chapter 7 From Fear to Love - Climbing Your Way Through the Financial Beliefs Ladder
Chapter 8 Traps for Young Players – How to Get Out (and Stay Out) of Survival Mode
Chapter 9 Seven steps to Wealth Creation  - Where Are You Now? And How to Get You Where You Want to Be

Part II – Looking After Your Business
Chapter 10 Start as We Mean to Go On – The Basics of Business Value
Chapter 11 The Journey to Financial Freedom and Leverage – Combining Business Competencies With Business Values
Chapter 12 From "Mission Impossible" to "Mission Accomplished" – Getting Better Leadership and Knowledge into Your Business
Chapter 13 Stepping Up and Taking Charge -  When to Get Advisors on Board and When to "Do it" Yourself
Chapter 14 Building a Great Team in Your Business – Important  Things to Not Forget
Chapter 15 How to Delegate – Make Your Business Better Instead of Worse When You Release Control
Chapter 16 Managing that Oh So Lovely Symptom of Poor Cash Flow
Chapter 17 How to Get the Best Out of an Internal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Why Does the CFO Sit at Your Right Hand?
Chapter 18 We  are Here to Learn, What We Are Here to Teach:  The Love to Grow Story.

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