Love Triangle: Object of Desire

Love Triangle: Object of Desire

by Romay

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ISBN-13: 9781477267417
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/11/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 404
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Object of Desire
By Romay


Copyright © 2012 Romay
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-6742-4

Chapter One

I came to Scandinavia to start a new life. "Young and ambitious". Everything was strange and very different from what I was used to. I had always been able to take care of myself, so why would this country be any different?

The 'standard of living, the mentality and morality' left me with major challenges to deal with. How do you live in a place and want no part of it? So I appeared to have no interest! Having had a bad experience with marriage, I was cautious as to who would enter into my life as a friend. I soon realized that living there with my background and attractive appearance, I very obviously stood out. Going to the shops and even doing things with my little boy posed a lot of headaches on a daily basis! I was constantly being harassed by men who were either 'too young' because they were looking for someone to take care of them, or 'too old' because they think you are foreign and desperate to be with them. Or simply, just 'idiots' taking a chance, and I was too refined, too well bred and stuck, feeling I had come from, "hero to zero".

Linda came from England. Working with the United Nations, she had met her husband while in Kosovo. Living in a small town, I was invited to dinner at a neighbor's house when we were introduced. I don't know if it was my cosmopolitan background, but Linda and I got along very well even though we were so different.

My son and I started spending lots of time, visiting with Linda and her two little girls. We talked for hours and enjoyed each other's company, going to each other's homes for tea. Although my son was a few years older than her girls were, they seemed to play well together. That was the one thing Linda and I had in common, teaching our children manners and balance in a society lacking them. Family was very important to both of us and communication part of that relationship. Since both of us were without family, we got close and found many happy times and traveled together with our children.

When it was time for my son to go to school, he had a teacher who was puzzled at my 'positive attitude' and surprised with my elegance. Completely impressed with my behavior and interested in my son's well being, she confronted me. Meeting at the school, we had my son's interest at heart, until he changed schools. Calling me one day, Christina wanted to visit me at my home and we've been friends ever since. Although she was a local, she was very impressed with the way Linda and I raised our families. We were a close-knit and openly loving unit. Christina had a son and was married, living in the 'countryside.' We spent lots of time going out on trips, and talked for hours at a time by phone. We laughed so much together and Christina was even inspired to lose some weight and to do something more positive with her life! I thought to introduce her to my friend Linda, so we went to a 'cottage' together one summer with our children. We all got along surprisingly well.

I had started a business of my own and my life was soon occupied with balancing work and family. I made sure to have time for my son and stayed close to my friends. Since Linda and I lived closer, we had more opportunities to see each other. Christina lived further away and we often had to make scheduled arrangements to visit. With both our busy work schedules, we had more phone conversations, but were still happy at being able to connect.

Business was sometimes all right, but no room for 'growth' since nothing expands too much when you are in a small town. I am a 'big city' girl and started feeling too closed in. I needed room to grow so I could have a more regular income! Talking to my friends about moving to the capital city left us with mixed emotions and a fear of losing our friendships. But both Linda and Christina understood and were happy to listen, finally encouraging me to follow my instinct.

My son and I took the plunge and although he didn't care very much, he was unhappy at losing his friends and he missed Linda's girls. Our move was stressful and new. Life was starting over again. I had to put lots of time and effort into meeting new clients and introducing my work and services. So, after two years of landing a few 'contracts' and concentrating on business, I started feeling like I was getting somewhere. We settled in well and made a few friends, but I didn't have time for anything else. Linda and I often spoke on the phone and exchanged e-mails and pictures. Christina regularly came to the city on business with her 'new profession' and we made time to get together weekly.

While helping Christina with a 'project' and searching the net for one of her surveys, we talked about holidays. I love to travel and had holidays away together with my son.

"You need time away by yourself." she tried to encourage me, and started looking at trips available. Getting all excited, she wanted to know what would be an ideal trip for girls to take.

"A cruise to the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean?" I suggested, just thinking it was all in fun and curious to see what was on offer. Picking up the phone, she called Linda.

"What would be a good time for you to travel and could you be away from the girls for a while?" she asked, and I just laughed. "You're kidding, right?!" But she shook her head.

"Look at you!" She exclaimed. "You don't date! You're not 'interested' in men and you never go out but with us. You need to go somewhere where you can meet men that have the 'class' you are looking for. You'll never find it living in this country! We're very aware of the fact that men stare at you wherever you go, even when you're with your son," she teased.

Perhaps it was time I started thinking of myself a little. I must admit to being in fear of letting a man into my life who didn't belong there. But, how would I know?

The girls were in contact with each other and we all worked out the best time for us to take off and go on holiday. I thought it would be fun since we hadn't spent alot of time, all having our own lives. Christina was building a new career as well! But her son was old enough to be alone with his father and Linda had the help of her mother-in-law who was always too eager to be with her grandchildren. She asked her husband, and he agreed to the 'little adventure' they wanted with me. The next few weeks Linda, Christina and I set up our family lives to plan our trip. We had decided on a boat trip and the timing suited all of us. I had to get my son organized and was relieved when friends of mine were able to move into my home to stay with him. When I discussed my plans, he felt strange since 'we' always traveled together. I was happy, though when he agreed I needed to have fun!

While I was sitting at my desk, thinking about my friends, I thought of Christina's 'confession' to me. She was twelve years old when she realized something was 'wrong' in their family. She had asked her mother and came to learn that her mom had been seeing another man. She had kept that "secret" with her mom! And it later affected her with her own husband. When they met, he wasn't wearing a wedding ring and she didn't know he was married. When they socialized at work together, they had an 'attraction.' Since he always treated her well, showing sympathy and interest at all times, after they began dating, it was quite a few months before she 'discovered' he was married. But he assured her that he had already decided to end his marriage "a long time ago." The fact that she was so emotionally involved with him didn't help much, because the truth was; she was seeing a married man! The guilt she carried is still something she deals with today, knowing that she was the 'other woman'! It had brought her back to being the sharer in her mom's 'secret', seeing another man. Even though her parents did get a divorce, her father never knew of her mom's affair. He did re-marry and her mom took ill, suffering from cancer. She was with her mother when she died; it brought tears to her eyes as she remembered that 'moment'. That personal peace when her mom needed forgiveness. She recalled when her mother took her last breath; it was so 'light', like the butterflies that flew. Her most fascinating experience was when hundreds of those butterflies sat on her wall for quite a while! That was the most peaceful moment to her.

At her mother's funeral, her father brought the same flowers she had on their wedding day. White daisies with pink roses and he placed them in the casket with her. Christina is still living with that guilt! She did not ever wish to disturb her father's peace of mind with the burden she carried. To her, it was very personal, since the other issue was the conflict of her suffering, knowledge at having been the other woman herself, even though unbeknownst to her at the time, she was far too emotionally involved to realize the impact. Now, she has to overcome the consequences in her own marriage, as two people sharing in guilt.

Her husband needed to get help so that they could move forward, which she had to do so as not to be overwhelmed by the past. I shivered as I was jolted back to reality at the sound of my phone ringing! It was Linda, telling me she was on her way shopping for groceries, to make sure she stocked up on enough food for her family. She was laughing, and rambling on about how she wanted to make things easy and fun for her girls and their dad!

Linda was one of the lucky few who had a husband who put his family first. She got no argument from him about her wanting to go off and be supportive of her friend. We were still waiting to see how Christina's husband would respond, since we knew we were all leaving soon. I didn't have to worry about my son since he had already spent alot of time with the couple who would be caring for him. He was used to sleeping over at their home and often went to their cottage for days and had fun with them. I did feel guilty at leaving him, and it would feel strange since he is the one with the sense of direction wherever we go! I am absolutely useless and tend to get lost. It was two days before our trip when we all checked in with each other. Linda was so excited and could hardly contain herself but she was very sad at leaving her babies! She is so much like me, not used to doing anything without the children. I laughed so hard with Christina. "Do you know, she chuckled, my husband actually told me to go, and to absolutely have a good time with the girls." I couldn't believe how amazingly happy she was! Since we all lived in different cities, we decided to meet at the airport. The night before I had to leave, my son wanted me to take my usual beauty treatments so he could spent time with me. Passing me my shampoo and laughing with me as he passed one thing after the other, he could feel how excited I was! When we moved to the living room, he asked if he could rub cream onto my feet. He spends so much time with me that it seemed like a habit to him that I always moisturized. So he was not surprised when I took my time doing it. For the future, it would be good for him to learn that women have to have the time to take care of themselves! I didn't sleep very well, but that is normal for me when I'm overly excited. After freshening up in the morning and checking to make sure all my last minute packing was done, I got dressed. I went in to wake my son up so I could get a big hug and a kiss! We walked to the front door, and holding on to my hand he asked if I would be alright without him. Smiling, I kissed his cheek. "I hope so, baby!" Sitting at the back of the taxi, I smiled to myself. My son seemed to be more concerned about me than I was of him. Sometimes I feel like I am the kid! But then again, I was always treated as though I should be cared for by every man who ever entered my life. It was strange though and somehow not surprising since I will soon have a teenager behaving as if he were my father. I don't quite know why the men around me always treat me like I'm a 'little girl'. Even my son holds my hand wherever we go!

I am strong and can hold my own if I have to in a battle, so why am I like a 'girl' whenever I get close to a man who interests or is important to me? It's a big surprise when I'm able to 'stand up' to them! I suppose I'm just the kind of woman that is simply not a bore and unexpectedly captivating. Arriving at the airport, I seemed to be the first so I checked my luggage. Taking a seat once I had my boarding pass, I waited for the girls. Linda was the next to arrive with her short red hair 'glowing' in the light. "Look at you!" She screamed at me. "You are so skinny!" Laughing, I ran into her arms. "You're still a pretty English rose!" and she gave me a twirl. We were still sitting and laughing at the stories we shared about the children, when Christina arrived with her hair cut short in a fashionably new style, and Linda who hadn't seen her in a while, was astounded by her weight loss! We both agreed that she looked amazing! Hugging her and jumping up and down, Linda stood there laughing at the two of us. "Look at the two of you." she smiled. "Both looking so sexy and absolutely gorgeous! When did all this happen?" She kissed Christina hello. "All her doing!" Christina accused me. "All her pep talks about how women should look like women, behave like 'ladies' and be 'sex goddesses'!" Laughing at her funny sentiments, since I would never say that out loud, we went to get our boarding passes, and checked in. The excitement was putting us on a 'high' as we went through customs. We had an hour before our flight took off so we decided to have a drink to calm us down. I ordered my favorite, 'Jack Daniels' with crushed ice, and we sat there catching up so we get onto the same wavelength. Linda hadn't seen us in quite awhile other than phone calls, messages or e-mails. She thought that both Christina and I had changed a lot. She was so amazed, at how well Christina looked and although I had never really been big built, I was in better shape. She was laughing in disbelief at Christina's 'exercise routine' and the fact that I had such an amazing body, thanks to a personal trainer. In any case, we agreed, it had been a conscious decision to stay healthy and younger longer. As we walked to our departure gate to get on board, I turned to Christina. "Are you alright?" I wanted to know, since she seemed quiet. "Yes!" she assured me, "I was just hoping everything was okay with my 'boys'. I think just then, we pretty much all felt the same. We were leaving and our families were left behind. It was a strange feeling, but we set each other at ease. Once on board, we took our seats and got comfortably strapped in. We had a reasonably short flight ahead of us and thought to relax, taking this moment of freedom in. Finally we sighed, and smiled at each other as we took off. We were finally on our way to Barcelona! Our ship was departing from there and we couldn't wait!

"Arriving at Barcelona International Airport" we got our luggage and as we left the terminal, went to find a taxi. Excitedly we gave the driver the terminal entrance for the dock. As we neared the harbor the ship came into view. We looked at the beautiful city as the taxi sped through it. It stopped and we got out, staring at the, 'large beauty' that was going to be our home for the next while. The Celebrity Century was one of the top cruise ships in the world. Going through the check in, we saw so many people arriving. This was going to be some interesting adventure! I wanted to have fun enjoying my friends' company. Mine was the "Sky Suite" with a private balcony and the girls shared the "Ocean View' state room. Going to our separate cabins, I wanted to get settled in and comfortable, starting with a luxurious shower and moisturize, taking my time. I had left home very early with little sleep the night before, so I was a bit tired. A small nap would do me well, so I could enjoy dinner, without feeling hurried or pushed for time. It was so great to think of tomorrow without having to rush around! My mind was wandering through the splendors of the 'journey' ahead, and even though I had visited most of our destinations before, I loved the beauty and vast diversity. The girls knocked at my door and of course, had to check out the single "Pad". Wow! Excitedly pulling my drapes open, they unfastened the latch to the balcony door. "Our cabin is nice, they informed me, but yours is great!" Going out onto the balcony, the girls flirted with my neighbors as I got dressed. Throwing her hands way up into the air, Christina said, "YES! This Mediterranean trip is going to be great! Have you met any of your neighbors?" they teased. "The prospects are great!"


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