Love Will Steer Me True: A Mother and Daughter's Conversations on Life, Love, and God

Love Will Steer Me True: A Mother and Daughter's Conversations on Life, Love, and God

by Jane Knuth, Ellen Knuth


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When Ellen Knuth, a recent college graduate, decided to take a teaching job that sent her to across the world to a remote part of Japan, her mother Jane first felt the palpitations of worry.  The closest Christian church was two hours by bullet train, and Jane couldn’t be sure what kind of spiritual support her daughter would have available. Ellen, about to embark on a momentous experience, was more concerned about navigating cultural differences and handling her first classroom than the Mass schedule of far-flung churches.

Thus a mother and daughter begin a cross-continental, winding journey in learning to relate to one another and their personal faith through the different lenses of their lives. With each section written individually, Jane and Ellen separately tackle their own perspectives on faith, family, and their place in the world. Somehow, they must find a path that allows Jane to let go of her spiritual plans for Ellen, and Ellen to let God find her wherever she is.     

Delightfully conversational and inviting, Love Will Steer Me True shows how a mother and daughter swerve and weave their way into a new understanding of themselves, of their familial relationship, and of their faith.  Laugh, learn, and wonder along with Jane and Ellen as they begin to tackle their new realities. 

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ISBN-13: 9780829441437
Publisher: Loyola Press
Publication date: 11/01/2014
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Ellen Knuth recently returned to the USA after 5 years in Japan. Having already been an English teacher, a singer in a rock band, a dairy princess, a MC, and a newspaper columnist, Ellen now works as a university relations manager for a study and intern abroad company. Settled (for now) in Clinton Twp, MI, she travels extensively, writes occasionally, and sings constantly.

This is Ellen’s first book.

Jane Knuth has been volunteering at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the last 19 years. A part-time math tutor, Jane also teaches Ukrainian Easter egg decorating, does hand bookbinding, and writes a monthly column for The Good News, the newspaper of the Diocese of Kalamazoo. She and her husband, Dean, live in Portage, Michigan and have two daughters, Ellen and Martha.

In 2011, Jane’s first book, Thrift Store Saints, was awarded first place from the Catholic Press Association for Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith. 

Table of Contents

Prologue ix

1 The Other Side of the Planet 1

2 Two Hours by Bullet Train 5

3 Junko 9

4 God and His Clear Instructions 15

5 The Gift 19

6 Saved 25

7 Jizo 29

8 Worry and Prayer Aren't the Same Thing 35

9 Ayden 39

10 Ito Sensei Singing Out 47

11 Ambiguity 51

12 Guardian Angel and Jizo 55

13 Prayer and Parenting 61

14 Christmas 67

15 Rodger 71

16 I'll Call You in Your Morning 77

17 Commandments 79

18 Thrift Store Saints 85

19 Lambs and Dragons 87

20 In the Arms of a Faith Community 93

21 The Difference of One Vowel 97

22 Five-Fifteen A.M. 103

23 Coming Down 107

24 Folding Cranes 113

25 The Caring Network Luncheon 117

26 Over the Top of the World 123

27 The Sakura Are Late This Year 125

28 The Inside of the Pot 133

29 Lessons Learned 137

30 The Virgin Mary in My Zen Garden 141

31 Almost Ready to Go 145

32 "I Read Your Book Again" 149

33 Water Ranger 153

34 Ready to Listen 159

35 Feast of the Assumption Birthday 161

36 Weeds 167

37 Release 173

38 Prayer Beads 177

39 Caretakers of the Shrine 183

40 Meaning of the Jizo 187

Glossary 191

Acknowledgments 195

About the Authors 197

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Love Will Steer Me True: A Mother and Daughter's Conversations on Life, Love, and God 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the interaction between Mom (Jane) and Daughter (Ellen). As well as t he focus on strengthening your faith and redefining it for Ellen as she dealt with leaving home and living in a different culture. Although Jane's experience is written mostly from a Catholic perspective, it should resonate with anyone who is spiritually minded. The time frame for this story, happening when the tsunami hit Japan a few years ago, makes this an especially compelling read. I highly recommend Love Will Steer Me True!