Love Without Blood

Love Without Blood

by Raz Steel


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In one fateful night, a brilliant and beautiful doctor is swept by a patient into a dangerous world of intrigue, vampires and the government agency created to exterminate them—and an even more dangerous world of love.

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ISBN-13: 9781477808405
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 06/25/2013
Pages: 323
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.20(d)

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With unfathomable speed he pulled her away from the desk, twirled her around and maneuvered behind her. He massaged her shoulders and kissed her neck. The edge of his teeth grazed her flesh, and a shiver arced through her.

"I've thought about bringing you across," he said.

She opened her eyes. Why couldn't she speak? And, across what?

"Into my world," he responded, as if she'd spoken aloud. "A life of darkness, but a life of eternity. We'd belong to each other." His voice remained a whisper. He massaged her arms, his hands tracing a line to her fingertips then back across her palms and pausing on her wrists. He increased pressure there, on her veins, as if he could feel the blood pulsing through her.

His breath tickled her ear. "The temptation to take you is overwhelming."

Sensations flooded her mind. Waves of pleasure rolled over Lara, pleading for the destruction of a barrier he'd not yet broken.

Take me.

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Love Without Blood 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
AvidReaderKR More than 1 year ago
As Romantic Times Book Reviews suggested, I found this to be a fast paced read. The plot twists are intricate and well constructed. The characters are fully developed and some of them caught me by surprise and I'm not easy to surprise. If you like vampires, you'll like this but beware. Love Without Blood is definitely not your typical vampire story. (My husband who usually only reads sci-fi and mysteries is reading Love Without Blood and enjoying it!)
harstan More than 1 year ago
Two strangers break into the home of Dr. Lara West. They demand she remove a bullet from one of the intruders, which she does. Their gratitude is displayed when the one whose bullet she removed decides to taste her pulsing blood; afterward they tie her to a chair and set her house on fire. She escapes and races off to the hospital where she works, but knows her life will never be the same since the intruder sipped her blood.

Bobby the vampire works as a nurse at the same hospital that employs Lara. He took a job there so that he could steal blood without harming people and as a penitence to make up for transgressions he committed when he first converted to a monster. However, the hospital investigates the loss of blood packs while another nurse Meridian Jones tries to uncover Bobby's secrets.

This is a engaging urban romantic fantasy that starts off with an exciting but somewhat confusing bite and never looks back as readers will relish entering the reddish Raz realm; the confusion at the beginning is caused by the readers¿ expectations cleverly twisted by Mr. Steel. Although the plot is somewhat thin as much of the novel introduces the audience to a world of LOVE WITHOUT BLOOD, fans will be pleasantly surprised once the spin is understood and enjoy a fun look at a ¿General Hospital¿ filled with vampires, who like humans, some are moral and others psychopathic predators.

Harriet Klausner
psycobabbler More than 1 year ago
The characters were creative, if not a bit predictable at times. I think it's a good fast read. I would read the next book if it became a series. It did surprise me a bit at times, but overall I think it's just a nice book to escape with. The characters and plot did draw me in to the story and kept me reading when I should have been doing other things.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Being a 46 year old male, this is not my typical genre. I was pleasantly surprised. I was caught up in the all the colorful characters and I didn't feel I was reading a romance novel. The book was fast paced and interesting ( to learn the routines and lives of vampires). I recommend this to everyone!
Cigi More than 1 year ago
Wow! What a riveting read! Raz's writing style is wonderful ... from his characters' developments to the introduction, development and acceptance of Phillipe's character and his way of life, to the way he enabled Jake's appearance and potential involvement in a sequel ... Surely Raz will have more to share with us in the future!
sayikay More than 1 year ago
This was an excellent read if you are into the paranormal genre. I look forward to reading more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW this book was great! Raz Steel I really hope u write more. This is a book that i say is a must buy!
ArmyWife More than 1 year ago
This is the 1st Paranormal book I have ever read written by a guy. The characters are awesome and I like the twist half way through. I did not give it a 5 star rate due to lack of romance in the book. More romance in the end than throughout the book. It had some humor and some mystery which is what kept me reading. I wish it had more steamy scenes between the main characters though. Hope your next book has some steamy scenes in it Dr. R!
DrR More than 1 year ago
When one of my patients recommended Love Without Blood, I was excited to read it until I found out it was written by a man. How could a man write romance? No way. Well, Mr. Steel, I hope you read this review because I owe you an apology. I've read plenty of romance novels and vampire stories, and I'm not ashamed to admit I also read sci-fi and fantasy. Love Without Blood was not what I was expecting at all. This was fast, the characters were well developed, and the plot had so many twists that every time I was sure I had it figured out, I found myself wondering again. It is not the most romantic of stories I've ever read, but the attraction between the hero and the heroine is smoldering below the surface, and I sure hope you bring it out in the sequel. You have a terrific writing style, sir, and I can't wait to read more! Dr. R. (count me as a fan!)
jjmachshev on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for; book release Jan09I read so much (every day) that it¿s not often I come upon a book that I can¿t describe. Well¿mark the day because that¿s how I feel about ¿Love Without Blood¿ by Raz Steel. The easy path would be to say that it¿s a paranormal romance since that¿s how it¿s marketed under Dorchester¿s Love Spell line, but it didn¿t read that way for me. In my (humble) opinion this story is more of a dark urban fantasy with a little sex thrown in.Lara is over-tired, over-stressed, and over-worked¿but it¿s all about to pay off. Very soon she has every intention of being the youngest Chief of Emergency Medicine at her hospital. Her career goal is almost within reach¿until one night she¿s awakened by intruders in her home, demanding she remove a bullet from one of them. She does so under duress and is thanked by being hogtied and left to die when they set her home on fire. Recovering in the hospital, she is suddenly taken into protective custody by the WPAVU, a section of the witness protection program. For her own protection (from a vampire!), she has to die¿changing her name and appearance and losing the career she¿s worked so hard for. At first Lara is sure the whole vampire thing is a joke, but when she begins her new job strange events keep occurring.Bobby has lived all these centuries by learning how to leash and co-exist with his inner demon. In the modern world, it¿s easiest to work as a nurse at a hospital and take sustenance from the psych ward, without killing the donor. He¿s immediately attracted to the new nurse on his ward and feels a bond with her, but is determined to stay away to keep her safe. But when blood begins disappearing and it looks like Bobby¿s not the only vampire in the area, can he afford to keep her in ignorance?In many ways, this book read like a potboiler mystery. The story is written in the first person of whichever character is currently acting¿at times this was a bit confusing and distracting from the plot while I tried to figure out who the ¿I¿ was at any given moment. In addition, I could never really warm up to any of the characters including the hero and heroine; I always felt the dialogue was a bit detached from the action. I didn¿t feel a connection to the characters and didn¿t feel the characters connection to each other either. I think the last is what keeps me from labeling this as any kind of romance. For me, if I can¿t feel a connection between the characters at least, then the story loses the whole `romance¿ feel.While the action is fast-paced once the story really kicks off, the first few chapters go back and forth in time which increased my disorientation. There were several plot devices that were never fully explained. For example: the heroine¿s burning tattoo, the villain¿s history, the hero¿s split-personality, how does a vampire live on consecrated ground, who is Dog, etc. I seemed to be left with more questions than answers.¿Love Without Blood¿ seems to be author Raz Steel¿s first novel. If I were the publisher, I¿d likely market Mr. Steel¿s works in a different genre whether it be urban fantasy, fantasy, or horror. His writing style and imagination would probably work fine without the albatross of romantic expectations hanging over his work.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
Love Without Blood by Raz Steel is a fun and original slant on a vampire romance fantasy novel. The characters include Dr Lara West, a surgeon, a male vampire pretending to be gay, a gay male nurse who knows his secret and his parents, an evil vampire, and a government agency with an vampire agenda. Let the hunt begin. “Dr West. I came to your house because I can’t go to a hospital. do what you can for me.” And that is how Dr Lara West begins her journey into the world of vampires. Lara’s dream was to be the youngest Chief of Emergency at Jefferson Memorial, smack in the middle of gangbanger territory. But she has something else to be afraid of. A vampire working in a hospital and pretending to be gay, this has got to be good. Raz Steel shifts the point of view between the past and the present, then and now. It caught me by surprise and confused me for a while, but I quickly caught on and became captured in the story. She is approached and recruited by Jake Plummer after her run-in with Robert, the vampire who appeared at her home demanding she remove a bullet and then proceeding to set her house on fire with her in it. Jake works for the WPAVU – Witness Protect Agency Vampire Unit and recruits her, telling her he will keep her safe. In the beginning it didn’t really make a lot of sense and kept repeating itself, scene after scene. I couldn’t understand her wilingness to go along with everything. Then I thought, it’s a novel, just let it go and let’s see where the story takes me. I can’t help but laugh at Bobby/Roberre, even though he is quite the monster. Lara seems to be the “dumb blond”, if you know what I mean, but she goes on and on, like the energizer bunny, I know they will all cross paths and I think I know what’s coming. I am curious to find out if I am right. I can’t help but look at this in a comical way, like Supernatural and Buffy. You know, monsters, but having a good time chasing them. Gruesome, yet funny. Well, I was close to predicting the outcome, but there is a surprise or two and I definitely enjoyed the ride to the end. I would be interested in reading more about this team of hunters. I won Love Without Blood by Raz Steel (a first edition paperback) in a giveaway. My thanks go out to Laura at fuonlyknew.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The minute i started to read this book i was sucked in. My mom recomended it to me and im not into alot of romances. But the mystery kept me reading. It was full of twist and turns until the very end. Amazing read!!
Kate_Lutter More than 1 year ago
I began to read Love Without Blood, initially intrigued by the title. How could a paranormal romance about vampires be “without blood”? From the opening scene when the heroine Dr. Lara West is “summoned” by a phone call to help an gravely injured man, who has broken into her home, and who is then determined to kill her, the reader embarks on a roller coaster of an adventure ride as Lara struggles not only to survive but also to find her would be killer. This is a great premise for a story because eventually Lara is challenged to leave her life behind to assume a new identity, and the reader gets to read an interesting and fast paced story. Mr. Steel does an excellent job of creating a very convincing main character—a woman who has a stressful and in some ways unfulfilling high-powered life, working as a surgeon in a hospital, but then must learn to adapt to a new town, new career, new friends, etc. when she agrees to become part of a government program in search of vampires as part of the payback to stay alive. This story is more than the usual vampire story. Lara’s struggle for survival is intertwined through an amazing world building with the story of Bobby, a vampire, whose alter ego Roberre has a thirst for blood and sex that Bobby struggles to control. You get a real feel for Bobby as a vampire—how he must keep his vampire identity secret and how he is sworn to survive by not hurting others. The author does an incredible job of getting into Bobby’s psyche and really giving us a glimpse into what vampires think and feel. The writing is terrific here, especially when Bobby struggles to survive, but in a moralistic way. When Lara and Bobby meet, the connection between them is immediate but fraught with problems, but the reader can’t help but root for the two characters to find some way to be together. Love Without Blood, it seems, is the perfect title for this story. Love for Bobby means not giving in to his vampire urges. Love means risking his own survival for hers and making the ultimate sacrifice for the woman he loves. This novel has the best of both worlds—a tender yet sexy love story and an action packed adventure story that keeps you turning the pages. If you’re looking for a vampire love story that you can’t put down, read Love Without Blood.
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