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Lover of our Soul by Bridgett Y Nesbit

Janelle had been invited to an evening service by a co-worker; Pam had been the one that introduced her to the whole holiness setting.
She talked her through a messy separation and was priceless considering she had been through three her self.
Pam was the worship leader and co-pastor at the church, "First Tabernacle of Glory," that her parents founded.
Since she grew up in church the two had a lot in common; yet Pam seemed to be engulfed in church life while Janelle was obligated only to certain weekly and seasonal services.
She wondered if seeking God greater in service would also bring about this boisterous spirit Pam possessed.
Immediately Janelle's drab mornings were filled with conversations with Pam and all through work; she was now her co-worker confidant and best friend/spiritual guide.
But the turning point would come at a night service that Pam preached at months later. She called Janelle up front, "The Lord requires you move up further in Him; that you surrender all areas to Him and open yourself to the barriers of love that have held you in the Past," she shouted as Alisha (her room mate and minister) administered the oil on her forehead and held her back.
"You will have to submit to my anointing to learn to walk in your call of God like Elisha did with Elijah."
Janelle fell to the floor as Pam got on top of her speaking in tongues; she could feel their breathe of her and three other women.
Then the mood totally changed at that point; two women helped her up while everyone began chanting in the same somewhat angry tongue. The first lady began to rub all over her body. Janelle was instructed to a small room were she was told to take off every piece of clothing she had and put on a thin white robe.
She was instructed to take her clothes completely off. "We will examine your temple and soul, each person will come and touch and penetrate your love walls to expand its capacity while speaking beautiful uplifting words to you; this is simply the initial step to love beyond the boundaries of the world and release our spirits in worship," Pam, the wolf in sheep's clothing said.

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