Love's Last Madness: Poems on a Spiritual Path

Love's Last Madness: Poems on a Spiritual Path


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ISBN-13: 9781948796385
Publisher: Epigraph Publishing
Publication date: 12/04/2018
Pages: 270
Sales rank: 919,570
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Table of Contents

Key to Transliteration Systemxvi
Sant Darshan Singh (1921-1989)1
Sant Mat--The Theory of the Mystic Path6
The Mystic Path Through Darshan's Poetry8
The Origin of Urdu19
The Ghazal--Form20
The Ghazal--Themes23
The Lyric Voice of Darshan's Poetry27
Gender in the Ghazal28
Problems Encountered in Translating and Annotating29
Mystical Symbols Frequently Employed in Darshan's Poetry32
Selected Poetry from Mataa-e Noor--Treasure House of Light
When man himself is God's purpose, why ask wherein God's purpose lies?39
How did I ever think silence the language of love?40
How should I tell of the feeling that reigns in the court of the friend?41
The cup goes round the circle, my life wheels in trance42
The future will write your life's story in letters of gold43
Wonder of wonders! What grace flows within the saqi's tavern!44
They were clothed in poverty, as humble as the dust45
Blossom season has come, yet who can explain--there must be someone46
At dusk, at dawn I gaze upon your beauty47
Only the diver who dares to plunge into the vortex48
Without you I have fallen into a strange, listless state50
Gone are the attractions of love, weak are the memories52
In this assembly I seek a glance of love53
The plainness of her evening bloomed with the hues of dawn54
My heart doesn't crave, would never ask for wine55
The moon pours down, the garden enthralls; ravishing, she glows at my side56
I gained the wealth of the world, won power and reown57
Wise men I beheld confounded and dismayed58
Now is the urgent time to soothe and heal60
Nothing is seen of the flowers through the dust of our striving61
Every hour is grief, each breath a sigh for the times62
A drunken breeze is blowing; come, fill the cup of ghazal!63
The anguish of my nights will not defile my eyes with sleep64
Others revel in the goblet's rounds, the flow of bubbling wine65
But for His pride He is ever the same throughout creation66
The buds wear an impish smile, the breeze starts to banter and tease67
The archetype of beauty I saw at creation's dawn68
Empty goblet, scentless evening, the garden a dismal face69
My heart in burning at least lent light to my life70
If saqi greets me with intoxicated eyes, what then?71
Drunkards, rejoice! With God's sanction, someone72
Beyond the flight of thought, beyond the reach of mosque and temple73
The more he is spurned at every door, the more he bows his head74
To whomever but one glance of your grace is sent75
Till it break, the heart is a worthless mote76
Off in a corner is my nest, shunned by the face of spring77
I came away remorseful for venting my complaints78
To step out with such abandon seemed impossible79
Love lends sparkle to this happy, sad world80
It is hard to renounce desire after tasting pleasures81
I keep talking to my own heart82
What do they know of laughter's secret, what of joy's mystery?83
She did not come to the rooftop and show her luminous face84
I want to travel love's path to the end85
I have no need for Jamsheyd's wine, nor for his royal cup86
Tulip, rose, moon, sunrise87
Is all this your flaming countenance or a display of your dazzling beauty?88
How can I believe her message never came?89
Who ever bid you to do your drinking in secret?90
You, the enemy of my life and you, my savior91
I come bearing treasures of love everlasting92
Around the flaming candle pours93
From the cups of his eyes spills ravishing wine94
A wordless tale--listen with your heart!95
Whose is this door where my head irresistibly bows?96
The assembly of master artists opened up a world of beauty97
The visionary eye ranges beyond Ka ba and Sinai98
Whenever sorrow befalls they laugh it away!100
This splendor of the sun and moon, the beauty of creation101
What escape has humankind from the prison of sorrows102
This day someone should offer prayers from the heart103
How could you fathom, dear traveling-companion, my journey is different from yours104
Enchanting garden, pageant of blooms, exhilarant springtide breeze106
On this path sometimes gardens appear, sometimes deserts107
Immune now is my heart to life's sorrows and worldly cares108
From every scene of life his glance withdrew with indifference110
The fervor of my love will not weaken111
To utter a word of passion is trespass, to mention love is sin112
Artists of the world, heed my appeal113
What I need most of you, God--how put that into words?114
How wondrous is the instrument of love!115
Show me the miracle of Christ, for life departs my lips116
For fear of the world's opinion, she withdrew into shyness117
O breath of life, do you remember when118
Separation has wrung out all light from my119
Why spurn me now, O life of my desires?120
When the long-lost straggler drew near the caravanserai, his companions121
When amidst a flood of woes my grief-drowned house I recall122
My goddess, I learn, is estranged from me for no reason123
When the talk turns to love, I speak to her of all manner of things124
The death of a jovial heart is a calamity125
The sum of all light, the gathering of a garden's colors126
After you cast your evil eye, O hunter127
Who knows, in what state was I when I met her eyes?128
Life--unknowable in ages past, shrouded in mystery now129
I do not walk alone--love's mad zeal is my companion130
Commentary on the Poems133
Table of Correspondence185
Between Translated Poems and
Urdu Originals in Mataa-e Noor
Index of First LInes203
About the Translators206

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