Love's Legacy

Love's Legacy

by Ngozi M. Obi


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ISBN-13: 9781504980197
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/23/2016
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

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Love's Legacy

By Ngozi M. Obi


Copyright © 2016 Ngozi M. Obi
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-8019-7


Luke noticed Naeerah didn't move when the alarm clock went off at its preset time of six in the morning. He hit the snooze button to give her a few more minutes of sleep time. Fifteen minutes later, the alarm clock went off again. Luke looked over at his wife who was still sound asleep. He decided to wake her because she needed to get up and get ready for work.

"Good morning, my love," Luke whispered in Naeerah's ear.

Naeerah didn't budge. Luke wondered if she heard him. He hoped nothing was wrong because she was usually a light sleeper and easily stirred. He stared at her a little longer, taking in the rise and fall of her chest, which signaled to him that she was breathing normally.

Luke wasn't necessarily a morning person so it was highly unusual for him to wake up before Naeerah on any given day unless he absolutely had to. She was normally up before the alarm clock went off, saying her morning prayers and reading her Bible afterwards, in the sitting area of their bedroom by the time he woke up. He always joined her after he roused himself.

Luke nudged Naeerah gently. He'd been watching her sleep since he opened his eyes and hated to wake her because she looked so peaceful lying next to him but he had to. He snuggled closer to her and repeated himself when she didn't respond to his tender nudge. She heard his voice this time and rolled over to face him as she opened her eyes.

"Good morning, handsome," she spoke with a whisper.

Luke reached in and kissed Naeerah softly on the lips. They lingered there for a few minutes.

"What time is it?" She asked.

"It's almost nine o'clock," he replied.

Naeerah was initially startled at Luke's response because she thought she really overslept. She started to jump out of bed until she saw the coy smile on his face and calmed down.

"What time is it, really?" Naeerah asked seriously.

"Almost 7 a.m.," he replied.

Naeerah was disappointed she slept as long as she did especially since it meant she slept through her quiet time. She rarely missed quiet time with the Lord in the morning because it helped focus and align her day, but she'd been so tired lately. She sighed out loud. She'd have to make up for it by listening to the Bible recording on her way to work and say her prayers in the car. She looked at Luke.

"I can't believe you let me sleep this late. Why didn't you wake me before now?" She scowled.

"I let you sleep this late?" He teased.

"Yes, you let me sleep this late," she emphasized.

Luke laughed but Naeerah didn't think anything was funny. She still had a scowl on her face as she waited for him to explain why he let her sleep so late. He tickled her neck and face attempting to make her laugh or smile at the very least but it didn't work because her facial expression stayed the same.

"I was going to wake you, but for the first time in a long time you weren't restless or tossing and turning. You looked so peaceful lying there that I decided to let you sleep a while longer," he replied.

"I have been a little tired lately," Naeerah relented.

"I know and that's why I didn't wake you. I felt you needed the rest," Luke lovingly concluded.

Naeerah hesitated for a few minutes. She really didn't want to get out of bed even though she knew she had to. She was that tired. She lay there a few more minutes letting time go by until Luke nudged her with his elbow to encourage her to get out of bed.

"I guess that's my cue. I better get up and start my day," she sighed.

"Yeah, you should," Luke urged.

He noticed how pale she looked as she tried to get up and wondered if he should be worried.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yeah, I just feel a little nauseated and lightheaded this morning," Naeerah replied trying to muster up enough energy to get out of bed.

"Are you sure you'll be able to work today? Maybe you should call in sick, stay home and rest," Luke added sounding concerned.

"It'll be more of a hassle to call in sick because my schedule is full for the day. I should be alright after I take a shower," she replied.

"Maybe I should make you something good to eat for breakfast while you shower," Luke offered.

Naeerah glared at her husband. He certainly wasn't skilled at cooking and rarely did, so offering to make her breakfast was his way of showing concern. She wondered if it meant he sensed something wrong she should be alarmed about. She hoped nothing serious was going on with her and that her exhaustion was primarily due to the busy schedule she kept lately. Her mother's health issue was all she could handle for the moment.

She decided that despite whatever Luke felt was going on with her, she wasn't going to let him waste the groceries she just bought by allowing him to cook her breakfast or anything else because she knew anything he cooked wouldn't be good and she'd end up throwing it away. The man could barely boil water.

"I don't think I'll be able to keep anything you cook for me down this morning because breakfast food has been the worst at making me nauseous," she replied dismissing his offer.

"Are we pregnant?" Luke asked with a huge grin on his face.

"We?" Naeerah asked.

"Yes, we," Luke replied.

"I didn't know you had a uterus and was capable of carrying a baby," Naeerah teased her husband.

"I may not have a uterus to carry the baby but we created him or her together," Luke laughed.

"If I am pregnant, will you help me breastfeed said child once they're born?" Naeerah asked.

"I can't do that either but I'll be more than happy to feed them your breast milk through a baby bottle," Luke playfully smirked.

Naeerah laughed at her husband. She loved his sense of humor. She was also relieved because his question implied that what he sensed was something good and not some grim diagnosis.

"I hadn't given much thought about pregnancy being responsible for the way I've felt lately but I suppose it's possible," Naeerah replied his initial question.

"You're a doctor, you should know," Luke teased.

"Doctors don't diagnose and treat based on feelings, honey. We still need our premonitions confirmed by tests," she replied.

"Well hurry up already and confirm that premonition because I'm anxious to know," Luke urged.

"Alright, sir Luke, I'll try my best to confirm your premonition as soon as possible," she replied.

Naeerah emphasized that it was his premonition even though she'd been meaning to buy a pregnancy test. It just slipped her mind the last few nights because she was extremely anxious about her mother's test results. She earnestly hoped the cancer wasn't back. Luke noticed the expression on his wife's face and sensed immediately that her worried look had to do with her mother.

"You need to stop worrying about your mom. She'll be fine," he said trying to ease any anxiety she felt.

"I know. I just want to see her completely well," Naeerah replied.

"She'll get well. You only need to trust that everything will work out right," Luke replied still trying to calm her fears.

"I certainly hope so," she replied.

Luke got out of bed and walked around to Naeerah's side of the bed. He pulled her out of the bed and up on her feet so they stood face to face. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Naeerah loved being in Luke's arms because it made her feel safe and secure. She put her arms around his neck and surrendered completely to his embrace. They lingered there for a few minutes.

"We could stay here all morning but I have to get ready for work and you have a plane to catch," Naeerah reluctantly informed her husband.

"I know, but it won't hurt to stay in this moment a little longer," Luke replied as she pulled away from him.

"We can linger in the moment as long as we want when you get back from your trip," Naeerah assured him.

Luke sighed as he slowly let her go.

"Since we can't linger here like we want, you can join me in the shower," Naeerah added with a wink.

Luke winked back and tapped her butt playfully as she walked towards the bathroom. He followed behind her grinning like he just won the lottery. Naeerah shook her head and laughed at her husband's reaction. He was behaving worse than a kid in a candy or toy store.

They finished their shower and Naeerah packed an overnight bag as she got dressed. She planned on staying with her parents for the few days Luke would be gone. Luke noticed the packed bags and commented.

"Don't tell me you're afraid to stay home by yourself while I'm gone, my lady," he teased her.

"I'm not scared to stay at home by myself while you're away, honey and I can always call Seena or my mom to come over and stay with me if that's the case," Naeerah replied.

"So, why the overnight bag? You have enough clothes there to last a few weeks," Luke continued teasing her.

"I want to spend time with my mom at my parents' home while you're away," she replied softly.

Luke knew Naeerah was worried about her mother and already figured she planned on spending time with her while he was away. He only teased her to ease any tension she felt about her mother's health issues.

"If you say so but make sure you come back home to me," Luke said attempting to lighten the air.

"I always do," she replied smiling.

Luke was seriously concerned about Naeerah even though he didn't let her in on the fact that he was worried. She'd been extremely busy with her pediatric practice because the number of patients she saw daily suddenly tripled from all the new referrals her family practice and internal medicine colleagues sent her way lately.

Luke had to admit she was a brilliant pediatrician and one of the best in the area, not because he was married to her but because she was extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise. Her attention to detail was precise and she hardly missed a diagnosis. Her colleagues often called on her to assist them when they were stomped on issues with patients.

He felt it was wonderful that she was highly versed in her profession but realized it was a detrimental double edged sword as well because she never turned away a sick child even if their parents couldn't afford to pay. Aside from the fact that she felt it was her civic duty and way of giving back to society by ensuring every sick child she came in contact with was taken care of medically, her compassionate heart wouldn't let her just walk away.

Luke loved her for it and thought it was noble of her to do so but this coupled with the fact that she was constantly monitoring her mother's health to make sure the cancer didn't come back made it hard for her to focus on anything else, especially with all the tests her mother had just taken. She barely had time to take care of herself. He earnestly hoped she'd slow down at some point and take the time to breathe in her own life again before she had a nervous breakdown from all of the stress she was presently under.

He decided he'd make sure of it when he got back from his trip even if it meant whisking her away to a private island for an impromptu but much needed vacation and time away from life's current organic flow. He hoped she wouldn't fight him on it and would simply go along with whatever escape he planned because she really needed time away to relax.

Luke believed that going away would also help Naeerah put things in perspective where her mother's health was concerned because in his opinion, situations like this were often grimly magnified when not viewed and analyzed with a peaceful mind. Taking a break and going away on vacation for a while would allow her to peacefully re-evaluate things.

Luke didn't speak his thoughts of a pending get away to Naeerah. He told her he'd call when he got to his destination as he watched her finish getting ready for work. She told him she looked forward to his call.

Naeerah kissed her husband goodbye as she attempted to leave for the day, but he didn't let her leave right away. He held her close for a few more minutes and prayed fervently over her. She was grateful for his gesture because it gave her a soothing sense of peace. She surrendered completely to his embrace as he prayed for her. She was so calmed by his prayer that she didn't want to leave. She wished in that moment that she didn't have to go to work and was going on the trip with her husband instead. She sighed internally as Luke wrapped up his prayer.

"Thanks honey, I really needed that," Naeerah told her husband after he finished praying.

"You're welcome and that's why I'm here. When you're weak, I'm strong and vice versa," he reminded her.

Naeerah was grateful for her husband. He always seemed to know what she needed and how to meet her needs at any given moment. He also never shied away from stepping up to cover her in stressful situations. She hugged him tight and lingered in his arms for a few more minutes before finally pulling away. She really had to leave for work or she'd be late.

"I love you," he called after her.

"I love you too," she replied as she walked out the door.

Luke sighed as she left. He earnestly hoped she'd stop worrying about her mother and focus on the positive. He thought about canceling his trip so he'd be around for moral support but it was too late for him to do so. He continued praying for her as he finished getting ready for his trip.

Luke's assistant arrived shortly after Naeerah left to accompany him on his trip. He gathered his things and they made their way to the airport. Luke had to admit he missed the days of traveling on the bus from city to city for a concert tour but it was easier these days to fly in to the concert venue and have the rest of his band meet him there by bus. This way, he was always only a flight away from Naeerah if she ever needed him to come home on short notice and he didn't have to deal with fans trying to sneak on to the bus.

He sighed as he settled into his seat on the plane. Dealing with women constantly clamoring over him still made him feel uneasy even after all his years in the music industry. He couldn't understand how they thought he, only one man, could be with all of them. He also thought it was inappropriate behavior for women who professed to be Christians and showed their lack of trust in God to bring them their Boaz at the appointed time. He tried not to dwell on his thoughts and started a conversation with his assistant as the plane took off.

Naeerah's commute to work was uneventful even though she had a lot on her mind. She turned the worship music on the car radio to full blast and meditated on the words of the songs as she drove. She went in through the back door after she arrived at her office because she didn't want her meditative focus to be broken by whatever her office staff was discussing.

She walked into her personal office, sat at her desk and started reviewing her patient list for the day. She hadn't gotten very far when she was interrupted by a phone call from her mother.

"Is everything alright?" Naeerah asked into the phone.

Naeerah's mother sensed from her response that she seemed edgy. She knew it was because she probably thought her call meant something was wrong. She definitely didn't want her startled at the beginning of her work day so she laughed in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere. Naeerah didn't laugh with her.

"I'm alright, my love, but why do you ask that every time I call?" Naeerah's mother inquired.

"I don't always ask you that," Naeerah replied.

"Yes, you do," her mother affirmed.

"I didn't realize I did," Naeerah replied.

"You do," her mother chided.

"Now that you've made me aware, I'll try not to do it again," Naeerah assured her mother.

"Please stop worrying about me. Besides, I'm not dying today," her mother laughingly remarked.

"I'm just concerned about you, mom," Naeerah replied softly.

"There's no need to be overly concerned and fretful, my darling. I'm only calling to see how you're doing," her mother affirmed.

Naeerah breathed a sigh of relief at her mother's words. She shouldn't have been concerned because her mother always called around the same time every morning before she started her day. She also knew her mother probably wouldn't tell her if anything was wrong over the phone. She'd wait until they spoke in person before divulging any critically negative news, but her calls made Naeerah feel anxious lately because she expected it to be some sort of bad news about her health. She was really scared of losing her.


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