Loving Dominant New & Improved

Loving Dominant New & Improved

by Greenery Press, Libby Warren


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Previous editions of The Loving Dominant taught more than 50,000 people the fundamentals of safe, affectionate dominance and submisison. Now John and Libby Warren, two of the scene's most respected educators, have updated this seminal work for a new generation of pratitioners. Includes an all-new chapter on partner-finding, plus new information on electricity play, ethical play with multiple partners, watersports, kinky digital photography, and more!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781890159726
Publisher: Greenery Press
Publication date: 03/22/2008
Edition description: REVISED
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 575,817
Product dimensions: 10.34(w) x 10.20(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

John and Libby Warren are Co-Founders of the Boston Dungeon Society and national speakers on BDSM and alternative sexualities. They live in Delray Beach, Florida.

John and Libby Warren are Co-Founders of the Boston Dungeon Society and national speakers on BDSM and alternative sexualities. They live in Delray Beach, Florida.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     ix
Foreword to the Third Edition     xiii
Foreword to the First Edition     xv
All The Colors of Kinkiness     1
Are You a Loving Dominant?     5
Dig All Those Crazy People     9
Theories of sadism and masochism     10
Why would someone want to be submissive?     15
Why would someone want to be dominant?     19
Consent and Consensuality     21
You don't have to say exactly what you mean     21
Protect us from our "protectors"     23
Levels of submission     27
The experience of submission     28
A Feast of Joy... A Dish of Pain     35
Stalking the Wild Submissive     39
Making contact     41
Contact at a distance     42
Writing an advertisement     49
Honesty is the best policy     50
Going from online to face-to-face     51
Public clubs, organizations and ovents     54
Searching outside the scene     60
Winning Over the Vanilla Lover or Spouse     63
Bringing out the dominance in your spouse     65
The First Scene     69
Making a Scene Sing     75
Preparation     75
Limits and surprises     77
Music and scent     78
Beginning the scene     79
The scene itself     80
Ending the scene     80
Talking it over afterwards     81
A look at a few specialized types of scenes     82
Interrogation scenes     85
Fantasy rape     89
The mindfuck     93
Opening the Toybox     99
Blindfolds and hoods     99
Clips and clamps     100
Collars     103
Gags     103
Dildos     105
Male chastity belts     106
Sportsheets     107
Spreader bars     108
Vibrators     108
Finding toys in the vanilla world     111
Fun and Games     115
Spanking     115
Bondage     116
Knots: knot so mysterious     126
Whipping     137
Genital shaving     142
Pony play     143
Suspension     144
Waxing     152
Fire on skin (fireplay)     158
Humiliation      160
Golden showers, analingus and coprophagy     165
Enemas     166
Fisting     168
Cutting, pricking and play piercing     171
Permanent piercings     174
Electricity     177
Catheterization     184
Branding     187
Some Special Relationship Issues     193
Contracts of submission     193
Polyamorous play     194
Protocol     197
Saving the Scene on Film     199
Making Leather Toys     205
Some leatherwork projects     209
Your Secret Dungeon     213
Party Manners     217
Scene behavior     219
First Aid for The Scene     221
Cuts and bruises     222
Unconsciousness     223
Stroke     223
Head injuries     224
"Misplaced" toys     225
Heat-related injuries     225
Burns     226
Bone and muscle injuries     226
Dungeon first-aid kit     227
A final note     228
Reading Resources     229
Scrubbing Up Afterwards     233
Contracts      237
What Color Is Your Handkerchief?     243
Spencer's Questionnaire     245
A Highly Idiosyncratic Glossary     251
Index     261

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