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ISBN-13: 9781548829438
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/09/2017
Pages: 318
Sales rank: 1,122,885
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.71(d)

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Loving Kalvin 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
EbookIndulgence More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars Loving Kalvin is the fourth title in the Kennedy Boys series. Whilst this title can be read as a stand-alone, I would highly recommend reading the previous three titles in order to fully understand the backstory of Kalvin and Lana. I had really come to adore Kalvin's character in the previous titles of this series, and was incredibly eager to read his story, and Ms Davis did not dissapoint. Lana and Kalvin do not have an easy relationship and their story is full of drama and angst. This is a story of forgiveness, with secrets, lies, deceit and regrets throughout the story line. I will not lie this kept me completely enthralled and I did not want put down this second chance love story. Lana and Kalvin have a history some of which is sweet, yet some is also quite sordid. This story is an emotional tale that is both heartbreaking and heart warming. This pair have a great deal to overcome in order to find a happy ever after. Ms Davis has written another engaging story with complex, yet endearing characters and I will be eagerly anticipating the release of the next title in the series featuring Brad. *Told in a dual point of view and may contain triggers for some readers.
MyndiL More than 1 year ago
Having previously read the other Kennedy Boys books, I couldn't wait to get started on Loving Kalvin. For fans of the series, you'll know about the history of Lana and Kalvin and like me, you're probably dying to know how all that turns out! The book is written in dual POV, which I kind of love. I've read several books this way lately and I like getting two (or even three sometimes) points of view to see what multiple characters are thinking. I enjoy getting into their heads, so to speak. So, this book is written from Lana and Kalvin's points of view in alternating chapters. So, you will not just get to see what Kalvin is going through, but what Lana is going through as well. It's especially important in this book because of their history with each other and the secrets that they end up discovering about each other. The story is one of second chances, which I'm sure you could have guessed if you've read the other books in the series. I'm a big fan of second chance romance and love to see characters redeeming themselves and proving themselves worthy of the one they love and possibly did wrong. Both Kalvin and Lana have things they regret that they've done to each other and they are both trying to make amends and make things right. I also love that we get to see the other Kennedys again, especially Ky and Faye and even Brad (who I know isn't an official Kennedy, but close enough, right?) It was interesting to see Faye and Ky in their current setting and see how they are interacting with each other after everything they went through in the first three books. I hope we get to continue peeking in on them as the series progresses. The ending was lovely, there were a couple of times I was moved to tearing up and the ending was one of them. I am a sucker for a happy ending. If you enjoyed the first three books in the Kennedy series, you're going to love this book. Since it can technically be read as a stand alone, you'll also enjoy this book if you are a fan of second chance romance and New Adult books. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
BookDragonGirl More than 1 year ago
"If you love someone, really love someone, you stand by them, even when they’ve screwed up. Especially then. You forgive them for their mistakes" ― Loving Kalvin by Siobhan Davis This is such a beautiful romance. It’s about two soulmates finding their way back to each other. It’s about forgiveness, understanding and loyalty. Kalvin and Lana have been soulmates since they were children and it grew stronger as they got older, until Kalvin's mother put a stop to them seeing each other. But that connection was still there, even when they tried to fight it. They hurt each other many times. Now in Loving Kalvin they are in college. Lana had run off and went to University of Florida secretly. Kalvin went there thinking that's where she went, because they always talked about going together, and he wanted to find her and win back her love. He knew they belonged together and was willing to try whatever it took to get her back. Lana feels she's undeserving of Kalvin's love. She's made some pretty unforgivable mistakes and hurt Kalvin very badly. Even though he says he forgives her, she just cannot forgive herself. It doesn't help that she still isn't being totally honest with him and is holding back important information from him. The guilt is eating her up and making her feel unworthy of his love. The whole story is so heartwarming and the lesson of forgiveness is a big one. It’s such a romantic story. I became so wrapped up in the characters. This is a romance you won’t soon forget!
shibby More than 1 year ago
I love this crazy family. The drama is so over the top and amazing. This is the first in the series to spin off and focus on other characters. I enjoyed reading Lana and Kalvin's story, and it was fun to see some of the characters from the first three books make an appearance. It was interesting, because I found myself really pulling for Lana and wanting her to forgive herself and move on. And then someone would react negatively to her in the book over her actions, and I'd remember just how utterly terrible what she did was. If someone had done that to my brother, I would hate them forever. Fact. But this was so cute, and I loved seeing the two of them grow and overcome throughout this story. And the excerpt from the next book has me looking forward to it! ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary ARC of this book.***
Si0bhanC More than 1 year ago
I was super excited for this book. I became truly invested in Kalvin’s storyline throughout the Kyler books and I could not wait to find out where his story was going to head in the future. Although he is not my number one Kennedy boy, he managed to work his way much higher up my list than I’d thought he would. His storyline contained so much drama, there was so much to him, and I couldn’t wait to dive into more. It should come as no surprise to hear I dived right into this with a large quantity of excitement bubbling within. At first, I wasn’t quite pulled into the story. Yes, I was curious. Yes, things were happening. Yes, I really enjoyed the introduction of new characters and the change of scenery. However, it didn’t quite hit me in the same way other books by Siobhan Davis have hit me upon the opening chapters. This is because the book is a lot slower and more character driven. It’s not a bad thing – I’ll go on shortly to explain why this is a wonderful thing – it merely means you need to stick with the story for a little bit longer before it starts to move at a rapid pace. You’re pulled in by all the little things, but the bigger aspects of the story that leave you losing your connection to the outside world due to a disappearance into the story come at a later date. I will admit to another element of the story threatening to leave me unsure. The book is filled with lies and deceit – it’s a very substantial part of the story. One of the elements I worked out very early on. I’m not going to say what it was, as I have no wish to spoil the story, but I feared it would be a cliché in that the detail would be kept a secret to the reader until the very end. You can imagine my joy when Siobhan Davis introduced the readers to this element of the story before the thirty percent mark. It was a wonderful change to the usual tropes in the genre, and it’s at this point that I really fell into the story. I honestly cannot explain why I loved this change of approach so much. Such details are usually written in the synopsis and there is a lack of emotional attachment, or the detail is kept hidden from the reader and this makes it difficult to connect. Siobhan Davis once again demonstrates she is more than willing to push the usual boundaries aside, taking expected elements of a story and twisting it into something new and uniquely her own. I won’t say any more on this matter – again, those pesky spoilers – but I did love the way Siobhan Davis went about this, it added so much more to the story. Because, honestly, every detail of this story makes it an extremely emotional read. There are a lot of difficult emotions as we deal with heavy issues, but there is also plenty of light to be seen. It is your happy ever after story, but to reach that end you need to work your way through the storm. Whilst in the storm, there are also moments of lighter weather. Your emotions will be ripped raw, but there are also those moments where you’ll let out a good giggle. Honestly, I let out so many booming laughs throughout. I’ve recently moved house and I can only imagine what my new neighbours must be thinking of me from the volume of my laughter. It really is a deeply emotional book. You have the good, you have the bad, and you have everything else in between that makes a book true to life.
Shanrock19 More than 1 year ago
Siobhan Davis is one of my favorite authors, and I always love her writing! The way she writes her characters emotions really resonates with me, and I can feel the depth of those emotions as I read her books. Lana isn't my favorite, but after reading Loving Kalvin, I understand her a bit better, and although, I can never condone her actions, I can imagine the pain she must've felt in order to do something so egregious, so I think this story is important to understand some of her though processes. After reading Loving Kalvin, I'm still not completely sold on Lana, but I really enjoyed Kalvin and her story. I loved that they have a backstory with each other, and I think Siobhan Davis did a great job of showing what the consequences are for Lana's actions. The writing is a 5 star for me, and the only reason I went with a 4 star is more of a storyline that I don't enjoy being involved in Kalvin and Lana's story, so it's a personal preference thing rather than a quality of the story thing. I can always count on Siobhan Davis' books to be entertaining and to keep me enthralled in her characters stories. Loving Kalvin is a great book, and I read it in one sitting. Both Kalvin and Lana have needed to grow up rather fast, so I often forgot that they are so young, so I would find it odd when there ages were mentioned; Kalvin doesn't act at all like a 17 year old, but that just goes to show the maturity these characters exhibit, which I like because sometimes with NA or even some Adult books, some older characters act like they are little children with their actions, so I really appreciate that these characters generally use their intelligence to make decisions. Lana has a lot of guilt over her false accusations against Kalvin, and keeps pushing Kalvin away, when he will do anything to have Lana back. The love Kalvin displays to Lana is so sweet, and the connection these two have with each other is wonderful. I also loved that we get a little bit of Faye and Kyler! I'm excited to see more in the next books, and I know I'm going to want to slam Brad's head against a wall multiple times while reading his story, so I hope he catches a clue quickly! Siobhan Davis' story telling is off the charts terrific, and I will always want to read any book by Siobhan Davis. Definitely check her out!
Dalitza More than 1 year ago
Two young people whose backgrounds are quite different but having grown up together and been a constant in each other’s lives has bonded them forever in way they’ve yet to fully understand and only with love, understanding and forgiveness will they be able to get a shot at happy ever after. It was difficult to see past her beaten and broken heart. The lie about what had happened between her and Kalvin Kenney had slipped out easily before the consequences of it could sink in. Almost putting an innocent man, the love of her life in jail though devastated her even further and sent her running. With a new identity, she thought she’d never have to face him again, but after he tracks her down can she keep lying to him? Can she trust him enough with the full truth? Can she forgive herself and try to start a fresh chapter in her life? Believing he was not good enough for Lana, he pushed her away time and again until he was not strong enough to resist his own feelings and then he pushed her again and hurting her beyond redemption. Causing her to behave completely out of character and then run away. But no matter how much she’d like him to stay away and move on with his life, there’s nothing he won’t do to get her back. When he finds her, can he convince her he’s a changed person and their love deserves a second chance? Kalvin and Lana’s story is will take you on a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness and love with some surprises and tears but mostly a love so absolute that is capable of overcoming lies and betrayal. Siobhan Davis is outstanding when it comes to young adult emotional romances, be it in outer space or college. While I’ve read all the Kennedy boys books and knew Kalvin and Lana’s back story, this is not necessary to enjoy this story, Siobhan does an excellent job laying out not just the events that led to Lana leaving her hometown but we also get to know how their bond grew and changed from childhood best friends to lovers. Not wanting to spoil anyone, I won’t go into more detail about the plot and focus on the main characters. I’m sure most will find Lana’s behavior reprehensible. It’s true, she made terrible choices about very important matters, but there were a couple of things that kept me from disliking her. The first being that both she and Kalvin are barely adults and it’s normal for adolescents to feel as though their world will end every other day and having to face such a dire outlook, they can make bad decisions. The second being that Lana self-flagellated enough, eventually realized the error in her ways and did the right thing. As for Kalvin, for years he made the choice to push Lana away, hide his feelings for her or rather not acknowledge them. But not having her in his life was the wakeup call he needed. He loved her enough to forgive her and then maturely handle everything else they had to face together. Loving Kalvin is book #4 in the Kennedy Boys series by Siobhan Davis. It is a standalone full length friends to lovers, second chance romance. Topics revolving around family, friendship, first love,
Paradiseofpages More than 1 year ago
Siobhan has done it yet again! I swear she can't write anything bad even if she tried! this book follows Kalvin and Lana. I don't want to cause any spoilers but know it is full of emotional turmoil but with such a feel good ending you can't help but smile the whole time. while this is the 4th book of a series it can be read as a standalone. some characters will make more sense if you do read the first 3 books though. This book is so full of life changing messages, you won't be able to read it without looking at your own life and thinking of ways to make it better. I loved that aspect of the book. it might have been a warm, feel good book, but you also set it down with such a positive outlook on your own life. I hope you all run out to pick up this book, or better yet this whole series, i guarantee you won't be able to put them down until you've finished them all!
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
Overwhelming, beautiful reconnection between Kalvin Kennedy and Lana Taylor. Siobhan Davis holds nothing back in Loving Kalvin, the fourth book in her Kennedy Boys series. I am unbelievably overjoyed with this story as it’s a second chance, friends-lovers young adult romance. I loved Faith and Kyler’s story as it was the beginning to the series, but to witness Kalvin and Lana rekindling their love… I fell head over heels for this book. “If you love someone, really love someone, you stand by them, even when they’ve screwed up. Especially then. You forgive them for their mistakes.” We finally have all the answers to what truly happened with Lana and Kalvin before, during and after the trial in Keeping Kyler. What conspired with Addison, what provoked Lana for her to come forth with her plan. But now, both Lana and Kalvin are at University of Florida trying to start over. Kalvin went to seek Lana for love and redemption and Lana wants a fresh start. But fate is not so nice when your name has been splashed all over the nation. Are they able to move forward and forget about the past or did Lana dig a hole so deep she can never get out of? What happens when she surprises Kal with another bombshell of a secret, will he stay and love her still? “Oh, and, Lana,” he shouts, and my foot stalls. I spin around. “One more thing. I won’t be happy until you forgive yourself, and that’s my new goal in life.” “And you, of all people, know how much I love a good challenge.” Unbelievable passion. Strong friendship that leads into a rock solid love. A forgiveness that is well earned in the end, but it’s not easy to achieve. Kalvin is such a sweetheart. From the moment I met him in Finding Kyler, I liked him. Now, I absolutely love him. We have seen him mature before our eyes, especially with the trial and with the trip to Ireland. He wants Lana by his side come hell or high water and nothing will stop him. His unconditional feelings towards her is passionate, raw and unique. It’s that love you want to hold on to and never let go. Now, Lana on the other hand was hard to like. Given her past and what she did, I began to see her ways. If anything, her mother is what made me more upset in keeping her away from the Kennedy’s. For her to go through all the struggles and sadness by herself was miserable, with no one by her side. This is not a true standalone in my opinion. Yes, it revolves solely on another brother, but so much happened back in previous books that you need to be fully up to date especially on the trial and accusations from Lana. This is an emotional rollercoaster ride of redemption and love. 5 Stars to Siobhan Davis!