Loving Life

Loving Life

by Maureen Jackson


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Loving Life by Maureen Jackson

Loving Life is truly a collective account of the comedies, pitfalls, and comforts of life; seen through an author who encourages us to take notice and see the delight of the daily treasures that often go unnoticed.

Come and share the childhood thrills of camping, to the laughs, sighs, and cries of motherhood, and advancing in years. Her topics also include the never ending workload, life's companions, as well as the beauty and respect of the universe in which we all dwell.

She recounts the simple joys from family picnics, to the holidays, to the enormous playground(the beach) to purchasing the lemon of the year, to the joys of leftovers, to the tragedies of war,and ultimately just loving who we are, while learning some of life's lessons and accepting the necessary healing involved.

You will sense a connection as you let go, and realize, that afterall we are all just Loving this life.

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ISBN-13: 9781477227947
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/17/2012
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.14(d)

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Loving Life



Copyright © 2012 Maureen Jackson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-2794-7

Chapter One


    Ocean waves en route to sea,
    Ever so faithfully returning to me.
    Seagulls hovering overhead,
    In search of scraps or a fragment of bread.

    The sounds of oceans trapped in shells—
    Naps on blankets relax us well.
    An enormous playground—all ages enjoy—
    To relax, or read, or bring their toys.

    Making castles, complete with moats
    For sailboats or floating rubber boats.
    Laughing youngsters in the sand,
    Radios playing our favorite band.

    Surfers riding their waves to shore,
    Going back to catch a few more.
    Frisbees flying in the air,
    Roller skaters everywhere.

    Kites flown high against the wind,
    Pinwheels swiftly taking their spin.
    Volleyball games played well here—
    What a view from the pier.


    Some find bliss in relationships,
      others in lavish cars.
    I find bliss in holding grandchildren
      while gazing upon the stars.

    Or in the completion of inventions,
      significant and promising things.
    In a child's wonder at
      a butterfly's beautiful, delicate wings.

    Or in living in a palace of grandeur,
      a pompous and private zone.
    In a toddler's joy over sprinkles
      on her very own ice-cream cone.

    Or in attaining the perfect physique,
      receiving glances upon first sight.
    In a boy's spirited run,
      while flying his very first kite.


    Happiness is a funny thing.
    It's right beneath our noses;
    It's in colored skies
    And babies' cries
    And rainbows fit to pose.

    It's in a heartfelt melody,
    A song that moves one to tears.
    It's in sunrises and sunsets
    And relationships through the years.

    It's in the ultimate sharing
    Of our deepest fears and hopes—
    Releasing cares and gaining strength
    In life's trials as we cope.

    Happiness never does have to worry
    About what lingers around the bend.
    It only envisions what delights us,
    Accepting contentment in the end.


    With winter approaching, we'll make the most.
    With hot chocolate and marshmallows, we do toast.
    We'll race on sleds or ski downhill—
    Ice skate on lakes with incredible skill.

    Snow falling softly on the pines
    Reminds us of fonder times.
    Home-cooked meals are comforts we know,
    Anticipating a romp in the snow.

    Spring has arrived just in time
    To clear the sleep from everyone's mind.
    Multiple shades of colors are seen—
    Varying flowers in fields of green.

    Buzzing bees and hummingbirds in view,
    Children running: barefoot too!
    Longer nights are finally here,
    Guaranteeing a lovely time of year.

    Summer promises scores of fun
    With schools dismissed and plenty of sun.
    Ferris wheels to ride at the fair,
    Drifting scents of caramel corn in the air.

    Light the barbeque; let the picnics begin!
    It's our annual reunion of family and friends.
    Water balloons tossed with the utmost care,
    Gunnysack races in singles or pairs.

    Contenders in horseshoes ringing the post;
    Games of croquet shot through hoops in high hopes.
    Fireworks create a spectacular sight,
    Exploding colors to conclude the night.

    Fall's winds are full of fury,
    Whipping up speeds in such a hurry
    Until they calmly settle down,
    And leaves drop gracefully to the ground.

    An array of colors: such a delight.
    Changing shades are quite a sight.
    Creatures storing for meals and beds,
    Sustaining them in the months ahead.

    Family Vacation

    It's time for our family vacation,
    And guess what I get to do!
    Go out and explore the great outdoors,
    And have adventures too.

    We begin by setting up the tent—
    Then a stove, a lantern or two.
    Between books, painting, and games,
    There is always plenty to do.

    Hiking nature's trails before us,
    Stretching endlessly toward the sun,
    Our faces drenched in "Bugs away"—
    Which path is the one?

    Watch out for the poison ivy,
    Rattlesnakes, and caribou.
    Did I say I saw a mountain lion?
    Even a grizzly or two?

    They say there's lots of good fishing.
    Why, they were flying off the hook!
    My pole provided their feasting grounds,
    My bait they eagerly took.

    The steady streams are flowing
    On the colored rocks below.
    The sounds of singing blue jays,
    Gathering wildflowers as we go.

    Rays of sun are streaking
    On the redwood trees above.
    Their age and height are endless,
    Symbolic of a creator's love.

    Fanning the crackling flames on the fire,
    The smoke stinging my eyes,
    Cooking the sizzling burgers and beans,
    Later s' mores with apple pie!

    Asleep at last at our campsite,
    Soundly beneath the stars,
    Until a lightning storm awakens us,
    Forcing us to take shelter in our cars.

    Safely back home
    And gratified within,
    Until next year's vacation,
    When we do it all over again!

    The End of War

    Who could live with tyranny,
    Oppression, or constant fear?
    It summons our souls and compels us
    To rid mankind of such tears.

    The question will undoubtedly surface:
    What is the nature of our strife?
    For the freedom to believe, and in life to achieve,
    Our values, inherently right.

    When at last they've given valiantly
    Of their blood, lives, and dreams,
    Do we appreciate their sacrifice
    In the scheme of things?

    Reflecting on rows of white crosses
    Shining proudly in the sun,
    Joining hand-in-hand in unity,
    Their service is finally done.

    Someday we may live together amicably
    In gratitude, peace, and love,
    To salute our flag proudly
    And acknowledge God above.

    This is our existence—
    Why we toil and why we pray—
    To have the opportunity
    To make our choices throughout each day.

    To live among each other
    As kindly as we can,
    With respect to our convictions—
    Every woman, child, and man.

    Wedding Bells

    Wedding bells are ringing,
    So let the festivities begin.
    Bring out the featured guest list—
    How the planning never ends.

    Now, who to have and who to have not
    Is such a difficult task.
    We'd love to accommodate everyone,
    But our budget would not last.

    The bride indeed is radiant,
    Adorned in gems and lace.
    Too lovely to articulate,
    Is this really taking place?

    The groom is equally stunning,
    Prepared to assume his role.
    Reciting words of their blessed vows,
    Their love continues to grow.

    Father takes his daughter's hand
    And escorts her across the floor.
    With tender memories and well-wished dreams,
    She leaves his home forever more.

    It's time to enjoy the music,
    Hors d' oeuvres, and champagne galore.
    Is that really our own grandpa
    Dancing on the floor?

    Now there's a stylish couple
    Dancing with such flair.
    Neither bride nor groom recalls their names—
    Should we ask, or do we dare?

    It's time to cut the cake
    Beginning with bride and groom.
    He lovingly provides the first taste to his wife,
    Then to all in the room.

    All of our guests have reminisced,
    Wishing our newlyweds the very best.
    We do honor them this night,
    As they begin the rest of their lives.


    God blessed us richly
    When He gave us a son.
    Who would have expected
    The chaos and the fun?

    He's always five steps ahead of me—
    Am I fully prepared for what he wants me to see?
    The crawdads, lizards, and yes, a free dog;
    Forget the yard, but we just put in sod!

    The coffee grinds scattered across the floor,
    My favorite perfume emptied by the front door.
    He is a thief at two or even three;
    He robbed the liquor store and showed his candies to me.

    The custom shoes
    The doctor prescribed
    Are now the German shepherd's
    Favorite rawhide?

    My crystal centerpiece
    He took apart.
    "It was necessary, Mom!
    See, it glows in the dark."

    But I would not trade him
    For all the world.
    He's so unique,
    I'm always thrilled.

    What comes next?
    Should we ask?
    Take a deep breath-You
    might just gasp.

    A Mothers Love

    From your very first step,
    Until you walked down the aisle.
    Your first word spoken,
    The giggles and your smile.
    And you gave to me.

    The masterpiece, fashioned
    Out of finger paints yesterday,
    Paved way for graduations
    And diplomas to display.
    And you gave to me.

    From your early band recitals
    To those marching parades,
    Our families gathering,
    Engaged in games of charades.
    And you gave to me.

    From your first tooth loosened
    Until a gray hair came in,
    From training wheels to driving skills,
    Your experiences began.
    And you gave to me.

    From childhood to motherhood
    And moments mixed with glee,
    From nursery rhymes
    To sharing times,
    What a friend you have proved to me.

    Best Friends

    I have a best friend.
    I have learned what he has taught.
    He guides me toward the right paths,
    Whether I choose them or not.

    He has made countless sacrifices
    And worked through the years
    To provide for our family,
    And companionship for peers.

    He is full of humor and surprises; you see.
    I never know what he is planning for me.
    He is tender in turmoil
    And patient in strife.
    He is supportive and loving,
    All through my life.

    I've known him forever,
    A generation or more, though
    It feels like just yesterday;
    There's much more in store.

    With retirement approaching
    Our working subsides,
    As we begin a fresh chapter;
    Fulfilling our lives.

    Taking turns with children
    While touring the zoo,
    Learning the names
    Of all the animals, too.

    Volunteering at centers
    And working for free
    Is very noble
    And rewarding to me.

    Riding the carrousel
    Of life as we roam,
    As long as he's by me,
    It'll always be home.

    Golden Years

    Growing old is not for sissies;
    You know that's what they say.
    At times it seems more challenging
    With every passing day.

    But don't despair; it has its graces.
    You get to slow things down;
    Who would have thought of the work involved
    In simply traveling across town?

    And then the doctors can't agree—
    This pill should be for that,
    One insists; another resists.
    It can become quite a spat.

    That ole magnifier is not working;
    With our TV, it is the sound—
    A frustrating ordeal it becomes.
    I have my ups and downs.

    But overall, it is most complete
    To take time in the sun
    Entertaining family and friends,
    Each and every one.

    The meditative moments,
    The peace that dwells within,
    To know you've done your blessed best
    And to be inspired again.

    And when those golden years expire,
    Do not mourn or grieve: be true.
    Let the memories serve their place
    As we have shared our wisdom with you.


    Life is simply a boomerang—
    A tool flung in the air.
    Its destination: who can say?
    When we toss it, do we care?

    Be cautious of what you emit,
    Whether it is criticism, apathy, or wrath.
    In one form or another,
    It shall travel toward your path.

    When an extended finger
    Points to judgment today,
    There's sure to be a few more
    Looking straight your way.

    So consider another's position
    From his or her point of view.
    Would we act similarly
    Or behave the same way, too?

    If we would soften our emotions
    Or just try to understand.
    Instead of casting judgment,
    Would you lend a hand?


    Long ago, I used to have rabbits.
    They had the most peculiar habits.
    Some enjoyed fruits, others their greens;
    Some you could pet some fled the scene.

    Some had flop ears,
    Others stood straight.
    I could walk some with a leash,
    Or they would play by our gate.

    Some danced in circles by sprinklers instead;
    Some took naps by the family dog's head.
    The best of friends they turned out to be;
    They lay side by side, near the shady tree.

    They usually ate their meals together.
    Regardless of the changing weather,
    They'd hop, chase, or play until dark.
    With morning's arrival, they had new adventures to start.


    Always focused on our future,
    Trapped within our past.
    Could we enjoy the present moment:
    Make it last?

    We can't accumulate our yesterdays
    Or predict tomorrow's fate.
    Just savor this second:
    Appreciate the current state.

    Life can be unsettling,
    Not always in our grasp,
    To transcend uncertainties:
    Learn to be, accept what has passed.

    Behold our existence
    With the joy which life lends;
    Pay attention to its detail
    And receive what it sends.


    Beauty is evident in most things that I see:
    From the glistening dewdrops on the flowering trees;
    To the purity of the fallen snow,
    The majesty of mountains I've come to know.

    The swiftness of the hummingbird's wings;
    The melody which the mother robin brings;
    The alignment of geese as they fly,
    For bald eagles who dignify the skies.

    From our dazzling sun;
    To our watchful moon;
    To our placid lakes;
    Our unveiling lagoon.
    From our brilliant galaxy with infinite stars,
    This wealth of beauty is truly ours.


Excerpted from Loving Life by MAUREEN JACKSON Copyright © 2012 by Maureen Jackson. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Family Vacation....................11
The End of War....................14
Wedding Bells....................16
A Mothers Love....................20
Best Friends....................22
Golden Years....................24
Grandma's Garden....................35
The Holiday....................37
His Will....................38
The Race....................41
The Sport....................44
The Lemon....................45
Prodigal Son....................46
About the Author....................53

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