Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts: 121 Traditional Blocks * Quilt Along with the Women of the Civil War

Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts: 121 Traditional Blocks * Quilt Along with the Women of the Civil War

by Jennifer Chiaverini

Paperback(New Edition)

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Inspired by Jennifer Chiaverini’s best-selling novel, The Union Quilters, this sampler quilt offers a treasure trove of traditional blocks sewn by the women of Elm Creek Valley to support their troops during the American Civil War. The book includes historical notes on the novel and photos of 9 Loyal Union Samplers made by Jennifer and other Elm Creek Quilts lovers from around the world. These blocks can be mixed and matched with blocks from Jennifer’s wildly popular Elm Creek Quilts sampler, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler.

· 121 traditional 6” quilt blocks
· Full-sized patterns for every block, plus instructions for assembling the quilt
· Start an Elm Creek Quilt club and feature a different block at each meeting

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781607057659
Publisher: C & T Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2013
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 555,996
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Chiaverini is the author of the New York Times bestselling Elm Creek Quilts series, as well as five previous collections of quilt patterns from C&T Publishing inspired by her novels. She lives with her husband and two sons in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts, 9781571206558;
More Elm Creek Quilts, 978157104516;
Return to Elm Creek, 9781571202697;
Traditions from Elm Creek Quilts, 9781607054023;

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Union Quilters and the Loyal Union Sampler
Loyal Union Sampler from The Union Quilters: The Blocks
Abel’s Favorite (Block A-1)
Abigail’s Swing (Block A-2)
A House Divided (Block A-3)
Anneke’s Choice (Block A-4)
Antietam (Block A-5)
Augusta (Block A-6)
Beacon Lights (Block A-7)
Best Friend (Block A-8)
Blockade (Block A-9)
Broken Path (Block A-10)
Broken Window (Block A-11)
California (Block B-1)
Camp Curtin (Block B-2)
Campfire (Block B-3)
Castle Wall (Block B-4)
Chambersburg (Block B-5)
Charlie Stokey’s Star (Block B-6)
Christmas Star (Block B-7)
Coffee Mill (Block B-8)
Combination Star (Block B-9)
Connecticut (Block B-10)
Constance’s Pride (Block B-11)
Cornerstone (Block C-1)
Cotton Boll (Block C-2)
Crosses and Losses (Block C-3)
Crossroads (Block C-4)
Cross Stitch (Block C-5)
Delaware Flagstones (Block C-6)
Democratic Watchman (Block C-7)
Diamond Star (Block C-8)
Double Four-Patch (Block C-9)
Double Z (Block C-10)
Drummer Boy (Block C-11)
Economy (Block D-1)
Emancipation (Block D-2)
Everett’s Oratory (Block D-3)
Farm in the Valley (Block D-4)
Fond Farewell (Block D-5)
Fort Sumter (Block D-6)
Friendship Knot (Block D-7)
Friendship Square (Block D-8)
Gerda’s Puzzle (Block D-9)
Gettysburg (Block D-10)
Glad Tidings (Block D-11)
Good Fortune (Block E-1)
Granny’s Favorite (Block E-2)
Guiding Star (Block E-3)
Happy Home (Block E-4)
Harvest Home (Block E-5)
Hatchet (Block E-6)
Home Sweet Home (Block E-7)
Honeybee (Block E-8)
Hourglass (Block E-9)
Illinois (Block E-10)
Improved Four-Patch (Block E-11)
Indiana (Block F-1)
Iowa Star (Block F-2)
Jewel Box (Block F-3)
Jonathan’s Satchel (Block F-4)
Kansas Star (Block F-5)
Kentucky Crossroads (Block F-6)
Ladies Aid Block (Block F-7)
Libby Prison (Block F-8)
Lincoln (Block F-9)
Lost Children (Block F-10)
Maine (F-11)
Manassas (Block G-1)
Manger (Block G-2)
Maryland (Block G-3)
Massachusetts (Block G-4)
Memory (Block G-5)
Memory Chain (Block G-6)
Michigan Beauty (Block G-7)
Minnesota Lady’s Slipper (Block G-8)
Miss Van Lew’s Star (Block G-9)
Missouri Star (Block G-10)
Nevada (Block G-11)
New Hampshire (Block H-1)
New Jersey (Block H-2)
New York State (Block H-3)
North Star (Block H-4)
Ohio (Block H-5)
Oregon (Block H-6)
Peace and Plenty (Block H-7)
Pennsylvania (Block H-8)
Petersburg (Block H-9)
Pinwheel Star (Block H-10)
Potomac (Block H-11)
Prosperity (Block I-1)
Railroad Crossing (Block I-2)
Resolution Square (Block I-3)
Rhode Island (Block I-4)
Richmond (Block I-5)
Seminary Ridge (Block I-6)
Signs of Spring (Block I-7)
Slave Chain (Block I-8)
Spotsylvania Court House (Block I-9)
Spurs (Block I-10)
Storm at Sea (Block I-11)
Summer Nights (Block J-1)
Susquehanna (Block J-2)
Tea Leaves (Block J-3)
Then and Now (Block J-4)
Timepiece (Block J-5)
Twin Star (Block J-6)
Two Bears Farm (Block J-7)
Union (Block J-8)
Union Hall (Block J-9)
Union Square (Block J-10)
Unique Star (Block J-11)
Vermont (Block K-1)
Washington City (Block K-2)
Water Lily (Block K-3)
Water’s Ford Register (Block K-4)
West Virginia (Block K-5)
Windmill (Block K-6)
Winged Square (Block K-7)
Wisconsin (Block K-8)
Wright’s Pass (Block K-9)
Year's Favorite (Block K-10)
York County (Block K-11)

General Instructions
The Gallery
Template and Foundation Patterns
About the Author

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