Loyalty and Sacrifice: Ushering New Horizons for Business Leaders in the Digital Age

Loyalty and Sacrifice: Ushering New Horizons for Business Leaders in the Digital Age

by Kalé Raghu


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For over 200 years loyalty programs have hovered around enticing customers to come back for more.

This book is a departure from what we have known and adhered to for the past 200 years

It provides a new framework with four axioms of loyalty and four L&S Principles supported by over 30 true accounts. A new concept of Latency Factors, based on cognitive bias and mental patterns, that identifies the blind spots in our thinking, is also introduced in this book. The relevance of this book is timely as the world is witnessing rapid digital progress. Only if basic definitions are precise, then advanced algorithms will be useful for worthwhile human progress.

This book alters the definition of customer loyalty as it is known to the world today. It offers a new context for measuring the factors of loyalty. The relevance of this book is apt as the world is witnessing rapid digital progress. Advanced algorithms can serve the cause of human progress only if basic definitions are precise.

Mr. Ratan N Tata, Chairman Emeritus, Tata Sons, has endorsed my views and stressed in his Foreword that the inexorable digital progress generates a necessary call to action. “These advances highlight the need to revisit old definitions of customer loyalty which can no longer be defined merely by repeat purchase. The book proposes a new definition of customer loyalty and provides all the numerous new-age factors that affect it.”

Time and again, many have illustrated the inadequacy of the definition of ‘customer loyalty’ as it stands today. A Gartner Study titled "Customer Loyalty Myths Debunked" states: "Many companies try to drive customer loyalty by delighting customers — exceeding their expectations with above-and-beyond service. This strategy is difficult and costly to deliver. Worse, it fails to provide a proportional increase in loyalty…"

This book hopes to open up a new conversation on the subject. The central premise of the book is: Loyalty and Sacrifice are inseparable. In the case of war heroes and employees, sacrifice is well-recognized and celebrated. As regards customers, the big question is: are customers capable of sacrifice?

In his Preface to my book, the legendary Lateral Thinking guru Dr. Edward de Bono emphasizes: "This book opens a new conversation, and I am hopeful this book will help a discussion on the hidden facets of loyalty."

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ISBN-13: 9780578621708
Publisher: Striking Ideas LLC
Publication date: 10/25/2019
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.47(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ratan N Tata 11

Preface by Dr. Edward de Bono 13

Author’s Note 17

1. The Context 29

The Digital Impact 30

Leading with Wisdom & Virtuous Governance 33

Getting Back to Basics 38

2. The Human Spirit and Loyalty 43

To Love is Human 43

Dissecting the Definition of Loyalty 44

3. The Soul of Sacrifice 51

Inspiring Altruism 52

Selective Hearing 54

Spine Chilling Accounts 57

The Great Disconnect 63

4. Go Figure! 67

Trust, Shared Values & Vision 67

Beyond Quid Pro Quo 69

Transactional Boundaries 70

The Mistaken Identities 72

The Dissonance Persists 74

A New Awakening 75

The L&S Principles 79

5. The L&S Elusive Principle 89

The Grand Dame of New York 90

The Reclusive CEO 91

A Lifelong Commitment 93

A Speeding Ticket Defines Loyalty 95

An Icon of Desire 96

For Motivation & Camaraderie 97

Hey, I am Loyal to My Clan 98

Persisting Practices Hiding in Plain Sight 99

6. The L&S Wallet Principle 105

The Doctor from London 106

Discerning Customers are Willing 107

A Collage: Reaffirming Share of Wallet 107

He Loved her for Life 109

Is That Customer Intimacy? 109

7. The L&S Passion Principle 113

I can Hear you Loud and Clear 113

Darn! I Dropped my Passport in a Mailbox 114

Living by the Company’s Credo 116

Learning to Speed Dial 117

She Tracked him Down — He was Impressed 118

About Life Support 120

The Pharmacy Got Involved 121

Where there is No Struggle, there is No Strength 122

Suppressing Personal Grief 124

Diamonds Are Forever 125

Pizza Order with Toppings of Devotion 126

8. The L&S Silence Principle 131

The Reluctant Heir: Determined to Succeed 132

Sustaining a Thousand Year Legacy 133

Agency-Man Masters the Grill 136

A Love Hate Relationship 138

9. The Latency Factor 143

The Persisting Distortions 143

Learning from The Gurus 144

Proposing The Latency Principles 148

The Persistence of Hindsight-Latency 150

The Allure of Foresight-Latency 151

Mapping The Latency-Factors 152

Question the Unquestioned 156

10. The New Horizons 161

The Age of AI 162

The Shifting Demographics 165

Declining Trust 167

A Vortex of No Return 169

Opening Minds 172

Acknowledgments 179

List of References 187

Author Introduction by Raymond N Bickson 197

Author’s Profile 203

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