LP For HR: The Loss Prevention Guide for Human Resources Professionals

LP For HR: The Loss Prevention Guide for Human Resources Professionals

by Bill Copeland


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LP For HR: The Loss Prevention Guide for Human Resources Professionals by Bill Copeland

Bill Copeland has written a dynamic, enlightening book for those in the business world who affect loss dramatically, the Human Rersources Professional. Bill's writing style will appeal to every Reader as he always involves you directly in his book, connects with his Reader, draws you right into the story, and makes you feel very important and proud of your chosen profession.

LP For HR is positively a must-read for each and every Human Resources Professional! Learn how you can dramatically reduce loss in the business...how you can return the business to peak profitability...and how you can benefit absolutely every Associate!

This just might be the book that turns your career into its most rewarding phase yet. You will definately complete LP For HR an uplifted, directed, and motivated professional with a whole new perspective on the human resources relationship to business loss.

Regardless of your position as a Human Resources Professional, you just have to read LP For HR...for yourself...for the business...and for your Associates.

Enjoy the reading!

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ISBN-13: 9781893763005
Publisher: Absolutely Zero Loss, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/01/2000
Pages: 206
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)


From the Author

Until this very moment, Loss Prevention Professionals have in great measure traveled a lonely path toward their loss goals. Their greatest resource of all...the Human Resources Professional...was never adequately mobilized to stop loss.

The result? Ruinous loss of titanic proportion in virtually all businesses across America. We're talking billions upon billions of dollars!!! The needless suffering of our Associates that occured is simply immeasureable.

Today, we wish to make amends, set the record straight, and embark together along the path toward absolutely zero loss.

I wrote LP For HR to bridge the gap that heretofore had been by and large unattended. Knowledge is a powerful force...here is the knowledge that will prevent loss in your business like never before.

Human Resources Professionals approach their business responsibilities with an unrivaled passion. If via LP For HR we can harnesss that force and channel it toward the loss prevention effort, business loss will be well on its way to zero.

Please enjoy this reading experience...I wrote it for and dedicated it to you. —Bill Copeland

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