Lucidity in Sin City: A Mystical Journey to Clarity and Serenity

Lucidity in Sin City: A Mystical Journey to Clarity and Serenity

by Jay Troska

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Prepare for a mystical and metaphysical journey. This book ponders the meaning of life and the nature of reality, as Jay Troska describes his experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly—during his residency in Las Vegas over a twenty-six-year period, including a surreal and mystical moment of clarity so powerful that it led him to drastically reduce his work hours and smell the roses of life. Troska also ponders consciousness, the phenomenon of déjà vu, dreams, the concept of eternal recurrence, and those meaningful coincidences in life that Dr. Carl Jung referred to as synchronicities.

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ISBN-13: 9781483574479
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 07/15/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 308
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Jay Eliot Troska is primarily a certified public accountant (CPA) in Las Vegas, NV. He owns the firm of Jay E. Troska, CPA, Ltd. ( His firm specializes in comprehensive tax planning, estate planning, business start-up services, and management consulting services for individuals and businesses. Jay also provides insurance services through his affiliated entity, JET Wealth Management, Inc., dba J.E.T. Insurance Services ( October 2009, Jay had a mystical moment of clarity that caused him to engage in deep reflection concerning the meaning of life and the nature of reality. He later decided to spend less time working at the office in order to enjoy various avocational aspects of life, including more family time, golf, meditation, reading, and continued contemplation regarding life and reality.Jay lives in the Desert Shores area of Las Vegas with his wife and two children.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction 1

1 The Surreal and the Mystical 4

My Mystical Moment of Clarity 4

Déjà Vu and Eternal Recurrence 8

The Daemon-Assisted "Wrong" Turn 18

Déjà Vu and the Dream World 20

A Visit to My Grandparents in Heaven 24

Hear, Hear, Old Hickory! 28

Break On Through to the Other Side 30

2 Goodbye Minnesota, Hello Las Vegas 33

Leaving Minnesota 33

Closing Out the 1980s 39

The Three-Day Journey with My Cat Charlie 40

Exploring the New Territory 42

3 Twenty-Six Years in Nevada: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 47

Las Vegas: Transplants and Tourists 47

Places of Abode 50

Central Vegas: January - October 1990 51

Green Valley: November 1990 - December 1993 52

Angel Park: January 1994 - September 2001 54

Desert Shores: October 2001 - Present 56

Drinking and Smoking 60

The End of Smoking 61

The End of Drinking 62

Video Poker Adventures 65

Work-Related Adventures 70

Nevada vs. Minnesota 70

A Great Firm and Great Colleagues 71

Brothels and Bars 72

Hanging Out My Own Shingle 75

Community Service Adventures 77

Dating in Las Vegas 82

Video Dating 82

Long-Distance Dating 85

Online Dating 85

Family Life in Las Vegas 87

Pre-Marriage and Newlywed Periods 87

Our Kids' Arrivals 89

My In-Laws 90

One Morning at the INS 91

Cooking and Dining 92

An Instrumental Household 93

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells 94

Entertainment and Attractions 96

Golfing in Las Vegas 98

4 Pondering the Meaning of Life and the Nature of Reality 104

Labor vs. Leisure 104

Obsession with Superficiality 108

Important Professions 110

Motor Vehicle and Lottery Insanity 113

The Powerful Force of Sexual Energy 116

An Illusory Reality 121

Our Very Limited Senses 121

More Than Meets the Eye 124

Eratosthenes' Perception of the Earth 126

More Than Meets the Ear 132

More Metaphors and Analogies 133

A Never-Ending Endeavor of Speculation 135

Staying Away from Reality 136

The Vastness of the Universe 138

The Prevalence of Polarity 142

Reconciling Science and Faith 150

The Concept of God and Spirituality 150

Napoleon Hill's Concept of God 154

Leaving Room for Faith 155

A Tragic Sense of Life 158

Proof of Heaven? 162

Consciousness and the Quantum Vacuum 164

5 Tip-Toe Through the Airways 170

A Personal Conversation with Tiny Tim 170

6 Clarity and Insights from Total Solar Eclipses 179

The Captivation of Total Solar Eclipses 179

The 14 November 2012 Total Solar Eclipse 181

A Mystical Attraction to Australia 181

Excitement (and Polarity!) in Cairns, Queensland 184

Unexpected Insights at the Great Barrier Reef 188

Fitzroy Island and the Solar Eclipse 192

Kuranda, Barron Gorge, and the Return Home 198

The 8 March 2016 Total Solar Eclipse 200

An Excursion to Alaska and Hawaii 200

Anchorage, Alaska 201

The 8 March 2016 Solar Eclipse Flight 202

Honolulu, Hawaii 204

7 Déjà Vu, Dreams, and Eternal Recurrence-Continued 208

Defining and Describing Déjà Vu 209

Improving Our Dream Memory 213

Ouspensky's Study of Dreams and Déjà Vu 215

Ouspensky's Eternal Recurrence Theory 222

So Much More … So Little Time 233

8 Synchronicities 234

Carl Jung on Synchronicities 235

Jung's Examples of Coincidences 238

Assessing Coincidences as Synchronicities 240

Birthday-Sharing Coincidences 240

The B-Flat Coincidence 244

Two Royal Flushes Within Fifteen Hands 245

The Daemon-Assisted "Wrong" Turn 246

A Visit to my Grandparents in Heaven 247

The Asymmetrical Zebras 247

Caught on Camera by Google 248

Encounter with an Unknown Third Cousin… 249

The Broken Rock 250

9 Conclusion 252

The Meaning of Life 252

The Nature of Reality 254

Longing for Eternal Striving and Polarity 255

The Collective Consciousness 256

The Reality of Eternal Recurrence 257

My Journey to Clarity and Serenity 259

Appendix: Digressions and Outtakes 262

The Earth's Axial Precession 262

Proposed Design for New World Trade Center 264

The Superficiality of Facebook 265

The Hoover Dam 268

Bibliography 274

Index 283

About the Author 294

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