Lucifer Dethroned

Lucifer Dethroned

by William & Sharon Schnoebelen
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Lucifer Dethroned by William & Sharon Schnoebelen

He was a Satanist...

His checks to the Church of Satan made that clear. But when a Christian bank clerk has the courage to write on one of those checks, "I'm praying for you in Jesus' name," Bill Schnoebelen's life came apart. His occultic powers disappeared, and everything went "wrong!" He had come face to face with a power greater than Satan. Here is the compelling story of Schnoebelen's deliverance and healing from the clutches of Satan. Your heart will grieve as you see what our enemy can do to a man.

This book illustrates many inspirational themes, like:
Prayer really does work.
Nobody is "too far gone."
No sin is too great for our merciful God to forgive.
And nothing is impossible with God.

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BN ID: 2940012808844
Publisher: Chick Publications
Publication date: 07/13/2011
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Bill Schnoebelen is an internationally recognized speaker, and the author of seven books. Bill holds Master’s Degrees in both theology and counseling. He teaches Bible, deliverance, alternative religions and the occult. He taught witchcraft for 16 years before being gloriously saved in 1984. Today, Bill operates With One Accord Ministries.

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Lucifer Dethroned 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an absolutely compelling read and is a book that will hold your attention from the very first page, although it is also a book which will shock and frighten many readers. No doubt there will be many scoffers but this is a book on a subject which we ignore at our peril. The book is written from an autobiographical perspective, although the author's wife also has some input. Readers are presented with a detailed, in depth account of the experiences of this husband and wife 'team' who were involved in numerous areas of the occult including satanism, witchcraft, wicca and vampirism to mention but a few. Their involvement is described with many confirmatory references which reveal the senior positions and levels that they 'attained' during such involvement. The reality of these 'spiritual realms of darkness' emanate from the pages of this book which reveal the depth and extent to which a plethora of occultic practices have permeated all levels of our society, including sadly some elements of the church. The book begins as the writer accounts his experiences of human 'vampirism' where he describes that 'you have no idea what it is like to awaken to the need for the taste of blood in your mouth'. Thus begins the description of this 'voyage' into darkness and deceit in pursuit of 'power' and what was thought to be the 'truth'. A journey that will horrify and disturb many readers, who will likewise be astounded at the degree to which the occult has spread and how even 'human sacrifice' is still practised in certain quarters. The immense amount of detail and dimensions of the experiences described in this book are impossible to cover in a review. Suffice to say that a terrifying descent 'headlong into hell' began to come 'off the rails' one day when this satanist came across an envelope containing his bank statement and a series of processed cheques relating to the 'church of satan'. One cheque had been endorsed on the back with the words 'I'll be praying for you in Jesus' name'. Although this was instantly dismissed, the writer's occultic powers began to cease and he was left feeling weak, sick and exhausted. From this point on we are presented with the account of a 'new' journey which ultimately results in this husband and wife partnership both becoming 'born again' Christians. A detailed account which is very moving and which shows clearly the Power of Deliverance through Jesus Christ. A revelation that no matter how far anyone has travelled along the road to depravity, there is still hope and Deliverance. An amazing true story which will elevate those in the darkest depths of depression. Basing all comments upon a wealth of personal experience, the book declares that all satanists, irrespective of the type of their involvement, are ultimately vulnerable human beings who are victims of deceit and delusion by the master deceiver himself. The book elaborates in chapter 15 that whilst their practices are to be deplored, the Salvation of the individual is to be prayed for. That such individuals should also be compassionately treated as people who are often wounded emotionally and/or physically and that they should not be treated as pariahs as regrettably some churches do. The book declares that the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ can truly 'save to the uttermost'. In addition to this astonishing true story, the book also documents the route to Deliverance for those who wish to be freed from the shackles of the occult. For those who become disturbed whilst beginning to read this book I would personally encourage them to persevere. The story is true and the message is essential to our times. An excellent book.
HarpLadyForJesus More than 1 year ago
With this book and Rev. Schnoebelen's other book, Blood on the Doorposts, my life changed from one of hellish demonic attacks to one of victory in Jesus Christ. NO ONE has written the truth about the occult's devastating effects and how to get free from them. A powerful read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend this book, a real eye opener since we are seeing a deluge of occultic matter not only in movies but also in chidrens cartoons, we as parents need to be informed, and "Lucifer Dethroned" gives us insight into this matter from a first hand ex-satanist, I have purchased this book and have passed it on to my relatives, getting ready to buy another one for me and my son.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
okay.  i read this book some time back when i was involved heavily in witchcraft (over 20 years in traditional wicca).  and i have read his books (this and his book "wicca" since coming out of the craft and to Christ.  and i have some very serious doubts about mr schnoebelen's testimony and writings.   to begin with, they are affiliated with chick publications.   and chick publications are a mixed bag.   when they present the gospel of Jesus Christ (our sinful nature and punishment, Christ's death and resurrection) they are exceptional.   however, too many times, jack chick's books, comics and tracts have bordered on sensationalism and have proven themselves to be less than reliable.   long ago, before he associated himself with schnoebelen, chick published stories by "lance" (john todd) who claimed to be an ex witch and illuminati.    this proved to be riddled with falsehoods and inconsistencies.   sadly, the same appears to be true of mr schnoebelen's books and testimony. perhaps the most striking issues with mr schnoebelen's story in this book is how in a very short period of time in his life, he did what would be impossible for almost anyone.   that is, the number of accomplishments that he claims for himself...and the number of titles that he claims for himself in that time period.   let me enumerate just some of them.  (1)  catholic bishop (though married and without years of seminary), (2) wiccan high priest (most traditions, including the alexandrian/algard tradition he claims affiliation with requires a minimum of four years to attain the third degree and high priesthood...a year of initial training as a dedicant, then after initiation a minimum of a year and day between degrees).   (3) a spiritualist minister (i.e.  a medium), (4) a druidic high priest (4) a 90th degree freemason (claims this through a branch that the mason's say is not official masonry).  btw he shows a picture of his wife's certificate of being a mason in his book.  it is a typed page.   unlike the gilded and fancy certificates that lodges generally give.  however, lets assume this is real...there is an organization known as co-masonry that initiates and elevates women, but this is also rejected by mainline masonry) (5) a mormon elder (again, in a very short period of time...most men spend years attaining the priesthood and eldership in the latter day saints (6) a voodoo high priest (7) a high priest in the church of satan...and...a real vampire.  (yes...drinking human blood...).  add to that, he claims to have been an initiate in the illuminati...  these are a few of his claims.   and both when i was in witchcraft and read his book, and now as a christian, i find these claims to be outlandish and questionable.    do i believe he was involved in some aspects of the occult?  yes.   do i believe he was everything he said he was?  unfortunately no. years ago, there was a book published by mike warnke titled THE SATAN SELLER.   he describes his life involved in a secret occult organization dedicated to satan... and he describes some terrible acts that he had been involved in... shamefully admitting acts of violence, rape etc that he either personally was involved in or sanctioned and approved as head of a "coven".   his book has been torn to pieces claiming inconsistencies...but his story at least rings true. his sharing his guilt in various acts adds a high degree of credibility.   however, reading mr schnoebelen's book and testimony, he (for all his "badness") always walks away squeaky clean...never engaging in any evil acts...  he attempts to show himself as being wicked and evil but sadly, ends up looking like a buffoon from the inconsistencies. again, schnoebelen's books are affiliated with the jack chick publications.   and they are excellent at presenting the simple gospel, but their tracts and books on the occult tend to lean towards the sensational (one of his tracts shows witches in a coven putting razors and poison in candy to sacrifice kids...etc).    and like chick's many books, tracts and comics...this book appears to be just one more piece of sensationalism. i came out of witchcraft after 20 years.    i honestly wish as a christian i could endorse this book, but i cannot.      the truth will set those still involved in witchcraft and paganism free... the truth will bring them to the gospel. his book does not appear to reflect the truth.