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Lucio's Poems

by Lucio Presutti


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In his new poetry collection, author Lucio Presutti draws on his life experiences, trials, and tribulations to present a unique philosophical view on historical events, human behavior, and current experiences. From the search for romance to the loss of our most revered president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, he captures of the heart and soul of the emotional depth of each experience. Compelled strongly by the theory of duality, he believes our forces in nature and life itself invariably touch and mould the intrinsic nature of all human beings.

There is a deep and profoundly spiritual resonance in his writings. Though he has experienced a tumultuous life, the inherent optimism in his life is evident in Lucio's Poems.

Where Are You?

My passion, my love, I've yet to meet
I feel you there, here, Somewhere
For you my heart, thumps a romantic Beat
And lays my soul such yearning care
OH! How I picture your sweet embrace and the taste of your warm sweet kiss such beauty I vision in your lovely face
To cast me in loves sweet bliss.
We are destined by cupids fate
Two soul mates yet to be a building crescendo to a lovers haste that your sweet eyes, will always look for me my romance lies barely constrained as I search to find that girl I do till then everyday is such a lonely pain
OH! My sweet true love, where are you?

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ISBN-13: 9781426988691
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 09/16/2011
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.10(d)

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Lucio's Poems

By Lucio Presutti

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2011 Lucio's Poems
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4269-8869-1

Chapter One

      Where are you

    My passion, my love, I've yet to meet
    I feel you there, here, Somewhere
    For you my heart, thumps a romantic Beat
    And lays my soul such yearning care
    OH! How I picture your sweet embrace
    and the taste of your warm sweet kiss
    such beauty I vision in your lovely face
    To cast me in loves sweet bliss.
    We are destined by cupids fate
    Two soul mates yet to be
    a building crescendo to a lovers haste
    that your sweet eyes, will always look for me
    my romance lies barely constrained
    as I search to find that girl I do
    till then everyday is such a lonely pain
    OH! My sweet true love, where are you?

      Lucio Presutti

A Worried Word

When a worried word, floats to be heart
It is a trust that seeks to confide
For when an atrocity, swells in velocity
There will roll a troubled chide
Then comes a mood, of solitude
To a feeling of helplessness
For in the turn, that fails to learn
Will result in uselessness
What it means, remains to be seen
To the hint of a tiny gleam
But in the clime, if it sits in the brine
It will only sour the dreams
As one who knows, sadness and woe
There is a willing choice
Yet in black nights, of sorry plights
There dwells a lonely voice
What it needs, is to see and heed
The chime of a calling bell
Then it could, change to the good
And bid its' sorrows Farewell!!

Tiny Snow Flake

Tiny snow flake how unique you are,
When you cascade from a sky up high and afar
What a tiny thing you seem to be,
Yet you can cover everything in a virgin white sea.
You even top the mightiest of mountains
And when you leave you replenish its crystal clear fountains
You fall and lightly touch my face,
While you hold a civilization at a snails pace
What a vital role you play,
In old man winters tricky ways
Oh! Tiny little snow flake, I just yearn to know ...
When springs ends winter, why do you go?!

An Ode To Summer

Sweet caress of summer's breeze
Do embrace both glade and fell
Oh! Wonder's chimes from forest leaves
That ring yon sky and dell
Majestic season seize your place
Past fall, winter and spring
For in your rays there spills a golden trace
That shines upon those summer things
Vibrant summer which I cherish to see
Lay your beauty to behold
In your charm there stirs in me
The force of life ages old......

My Mountain

As I stand on my mountain of solitude
The every part of my being is weighted down by a multitude
Of remorse I wish I was fleeing

The hurts and wants of shadowed yesteryear
Haunt and track my soul
Regardless of forgiveness or its tears
I am left to carry my sins in tow

This is my place all alone
Away far deep from reach
It can turn the hope and heart to stone
And with it a painful lesson to teach

On this mountain, I quiver in deep bone cold
As I await what I do not know
My spirit grows weary as I grow old
And pity and despair with nothing to show!

Little White Lies

When the truth bears vulnerability
I escape to little white lies
I justify my motives in sincerity
Whenever it need apply

It is my personal safety net
That I employ should situation a rise
It saves me when dubious questions are met
That might lead to my demise

So if you query of me, a personal thing
And distress at my reply
Do not, for I use the practice of paupers and kings
And mask myself in little while lies!!!

My Vision

It floods in my mind
A tidal wave of view
Makes me forget place and time
Only to see this something new

Soft laughter and innocent fun
So serene I see it all
Places were children play and run
Among trees that stand vibrant tall

There is no war and hate
Nor money for people to greed
Nor an empty plate
Or for the matter, any reason to need.

Our Daily News

Crimes against humanity
Fill the daily news
Concerned many see the futility
And feel at loss of what to do

Murder and rape without moral thought
Pervade and seep in day to day ways
The fabric of society slowly rots
From these acts, that grow in disarray

The innocent cry out in silent rage
Of this plague that haunts us all
It seems a sign of a coming age
That faith and hope might wither and fall

To God I trust, for all things good
That we shall not squander and lose
And as one do what we could
To wash away the shame of our daily news ...


Ah! Sweet fresh baby spring
Brining renewed life to old things
On the landscape soft touches of velvet green
In the sky up high, clouds of milky cream.

Flowers with nipped buds
Melting snow; making small floods
Once again the cycle starts
As warm air and sunshine play their parts.

Pups and cubs frolic and tease
Under wings of homebound geese
Framers begin to sow their seed
Toiling their soil, ridding the weeds.

Those wondrous months of April, May and June
Of starry nights and crescent moons.
Oh! Such sad thing do I say.
When spring ends it's reign and fades away!

I Must Ask

I wonder so I might ask
Why the seasons come and pass
Or why a robin fixes it's nest
And of squirrels on their nutty quest

How I care to know
Why rain falls and wind blows
Or of stars that shine so bright
On calm moonlit nights

I don't known exactly what I seek to find,
Of puzzles that wonder my mind
And of bright things that should have been,
Yet never happened and never seen.

In comparison I am a small thing insignificant
On a grand scale of an earth magnificent
I live my life as a willing task,
Grateful yet curious,
I am compelled to ask!

A Love So Pure

Soft whispers shadow the night
Reaching magically to my ear
Lo! My eyes catch wondrous sight
When your body's near

Silent pounding in my heart
Trembling to my fingertips
Drawn to you as I start
I kiss you sensuous lips

Warm, gentle, breath tingles my skin
Beneath my passion stirs
Into your I eyes I look to begin
To find a love so pure

Uncertain Tomorrow

Bring on tomorrow for I shall not scare
Whatever the outcome may be
I'll take my chances as they bear
And face the fate I will see

Rise up old majestic dawn
As it does on faithful cue
Spawn the new day to which I belong
For with my courage I'll see it through

Fear I not of what it may bring
Ready am I, for joy or sorrow
Prepared I am for many things
Most of all.., the uncertain tomorrow

Just A Word With You

What did you do?
When I loved you!
Did you play the game a move at a time??

That I would die ...
Just to be by your lovely face.
And I cherished our place
Did you have something else on your mind??

Can you let me know,
As sure as wind blows!!
Where me you took, like a fish on a Hook!!
To be broken down on loves despair ...

Now my memories grow old,
And my heart as bitter cold!
Hurting at the bad, with the I was Had!!
Yet......I still love you!

      To You.......

    Oh what steadfast word
    From thread and bare
    To mighty feat
    One soft touch of your silken hair
    Alas I find my heavenly retreat
    Embrace I do with all thy heart
    Every breath of kiss
    Without thee every moment is miles apart
    That rends me sorrow and amiss
    Drown I do to the marrow of soul
    Froth in a torrent of desire
    So it shall till I grow old
    Nor shall I ever tire.

      Lucio Presutti

As The Bombs Crashed Down

How fear seized me that day
When the bombs came crashing down
Among the streets and fields bodies lay
And in the wind was heard a woeful sound

There were buildings a ruin to a crumbled heap
Hope was lost and sorrow found
In darkened corner a mother weeps
Not to be heard as ... bombs rain down

Out of the rumble of cannon roar
Is shouted hated cries
Killing and slaughter like ever before
In a darkened corner a solider dies

No reprieve or peaceful break
As the terror spreads forth unbound
Death is the assurance fate does make
Amid the destruction as.... Bombs plummet down

Past the waste is a pitted shame
As corpses speak of a life that's robbed
Men at battle of blood and pain
And in a darkened corner there is Christ who sobs

Fear grips me as my heart pounds
for an outcome that has others decide
In this insanity the bombs
keep crashing down
And in a darken corner from
This inhumanity I cower and Hide

My Leave of Absence

Do not dwell on thoughts of false pretense
As you hear me vaguely explain
I must take my leave of absence
From this life mundane and plain

You see, for me, who is wild at heart
I buck and rebel at every turn
My spirit calls to leave and part
Before my life does crash and burn!

I run daring and free with the wind
Which stimulates the mind, to make me strong
I dream ahead and look to begin
To find that place to where I belong

There it is, for you to understand
To figure out in your own sense
I am a stallion, born bred of man
And must take this leave of absence!!

      The 21st Century Man

    Ah! The 21st Century man, with all the technology, medicines
    and invention.

    Running headlong into the uncertain, with noble intention!

    Dare ye refute, the glories of yesteryear and those lessons
    which taught so much,

    For it is there, that most be learnt, the wisdom that hath so

    The Sum of Socrates, Da Vinci and Galileo, to import knowledge
    to those next to come along,

    The Art of Van Goh and Michelangelo, and the beautiful music
    of Centuries gone!

    Man the ruler of the Earth, world, all creatures subject to him,
    Thus be the responsibility by, lest his future be grim!

      Lucio Presutti

As Bells Toll

Bells will toll...... a churchly chime
Mark a time for love to shine
It sound reminds to pay a head
To God and family and goodly deeds

Bells will toll ... to a life anew
Ring of hope and troubles few
In the note there comes a call
Bless the life and earth and all

Bell will toll ... to sound and end
A time to morn stranger or friend
God is king in front of souls
To humble the man as bells do toll.....

      Senseless Vietnam

    It was not our war anyways
    In a remote corner of the world, some place far away
    Young boys just turned to men
    Laid up for slaughter in foreign jungles to defend
      Many dead and gone
        Americans and Viet Cong
    A war of deceit and treachery
    Underlined with careless indifference of debauchery
    Where industry and war pigs walked hand in hand
    For profit at the expense of brother and man
      So many dead and gone ...
        Tearfully both Americans and Viet Cong
    In their red fear they plied justification
    To propagandize a vulnerable nation
    Oh! How the war freaks played with their bloody toys
    Caught in the crossfire were the innocents and our boys
      Tragically so many dead and gone
        Both Americans and Viet Cong
          Yes, sadly both Americans and Viet Cong!!
            Lucio Presutti

The Mask Of Life

People we are who dawn a mask
From time of birth through years we grow
We take to this shelter in dedicated task
To hide ourselves from others to know

This mask of life is unique with all
Finding it's presence and individual place
It hides the feelings should adversity call
And finds escape should that be the case.

Mysterious masks that we all do bear
Through our success, sorrow, or strife
It is a mask we might reluctantly wear
Nonetheless it is our mask for life....

      Hangman Waiting

    Excuse me for in the gallows I have a hangmen awaiting me there
    For one misdeed I must now pay my life's fare
    In the crime there was no malice intended
    Yet sadly this is how now it is all ended
    In there clutches they have me snared only to condemn my life
    with an icy stare
    For in the shadows the grim reaper waits in tow
    To end my days on this lonely oh so lonely death row
    On their mercy I myself laid
    Only to helplessly watch them deny my stay
    Oh how they maintain justice shall prevail
    Now into my dreaded coffin is driven one more nail
    Off to Hades to a den of murders and thieves
    I must now prepare my leave to the God our Father I have only
    a token prayer
    Excuse now for like I have said in the gallows I have a hangman
    awaiting me there

      Man A Curious Creature

    Man! Now here is a curious creature
    Compassion for him is a rare feature
    It is in his nature to be dour
    Always it seems in a quest of greed & power

    Empires rise! Empires fall
    Always and only to enslave the fellow man to the beckon call
    Forgetting Gods love and kindness
    Only to drop on his knees and worship his highness

    He neglects the ecology and all the rest
    Placing Gods patience to the test
    From his history he seems not to learn
    That keeping these ways will lead him to only crash & burn

    For man there is so much love!
    Yet sadly there is also to much hate
    It seems a destiny to a tragic fate

      Thief in the Night

    Do not alarm, I come like the wind
    In between moonlit stars
    Knowing eventually you'll take offend
    Wishing to see me behind some bars
    Stealth is key, you'll figure out
    As I quietly stalk your abode
    Sure I am, I'll leave you to doubt
    To question & quiz, my method & mode
    Do not place, so much stock in wordly goods
    As you might rise your ire
    Things being as they should
    We all sin to our desire.
    It's a common thing in this world
    Whether wrong or right
    All I seek are ...
      your diamonds, rubies & pearls
    There you blink ...
      goes the thief in the night!!


There I stand at break of dawn
Under skies of golden hue ...
With its rise my heart grows strong
As I am swept by wonders view

New born hope with it's accent
A place of faith and dreams
On this morn, I shant relent
And make my keep by my means

Rise as always in splendored gold
So full of hope and surprise
On its very grace, oh so ages old
There I'll stand as my sun does rise

On Twilight Eves

Twilight eves and telling winds
Cap the trifle of the days
Born with morrow hopes begin
Molded like a potter's clay

Every turn brings the unknown
As subtle needs burn afire
Just like winds carelessly blown
Lives a soul rift with desire

Grasping thoughts flay the mind
Of a future too unsure
Shackled to spirit ties they bind
Of earthly wants precious and pure

Reflection in life mirrors so real
To whatever fate and luck received
Bound deep within is forever to feel
The telling winds on twilight eves......


War bloody ruthless; War
The death of men endless
There over there on the fields of pain and gore
Is played a fate so utterly needless

Politics and the sort
Add to the mix
Along with religion, sects, and creeds
Resentments are brandish with pointed sticks
Always ready for that bloodlust primeval need!

In the annuals of our brief history
War has always stayed a steady pace
For us mortals it seems a destiny
That the use of slaughter, sadly, shall always have its place

Peace at times ............. Yet, not for long
It seems it's always withered away at the core
For in our instincts there dwells along
The want of bloody useless War........

      The Power Of Angels.........

    Do you believe in the power of angels?
    Do you believe they can tell?
    Of a wondrous heaven above...
    And below a terrible hell!!

    Do you believe in the power of angels?
    And the pure message they bring?
    Of heavenly harps playing ...
    And beautiful chorus sing!

    Do you believe in the power of angels?
    And in heaven the splendor that is there?
    Of souls with peaceful love ...
    And golden fleece hair!

    Yet do you believe in the power of angels?
    Way beyond the thought of pretend?
    Of a loving God and those very angels....
    Who will save us in the end!!

      My Lords Grace

    He tries to deceive me in so many ways
    Make my mind confused, abused left in disarray
    He'll even lock me in a cell, and pretend to throw away the key
    To make me think I'll never, ever be free

    OH! He is cleaver and he hates us all
    You see it's been so, since he took that divine fall
    He'll try and try to get me to forsake my lord as he heaps and
    throws chaos on me all the more

    But I will not bend, waver nor brake
    Or do anything at all for his sake
    Because I am protected you see,
    I have the Lord Jesus inside of me
    At this he cringes in fear, that lowly coward
    He is nothing at all, against my Lord's power

    So no matter what ails, hurts or problems I face;

    I am O.K. you see, cause I'll always believe and for that, always
    have my Lords grace

      Lucio Presutti


Excerpted from Lucio's Poems by Lucio Presutti Copyright © 2011 by Lucio's Poems. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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