Luck, Laughter, and Learning: A Memoir

Luck, Laughter, and Learning: A Memoir

by David Irvine Wanklyn



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780968282595
Publisher: BPR Publishers
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 216

Table of Contents

Part 1Family History
Chapter 1The Wanklyns13
Chapter 2The Kennedys17
Part 2Early years
Chapter 3Montreal, 1926-3625
Chapter 4Summer in Europe, 193732
Part 3Schooldays
Chapter 5BCS, Lennoxville, 1938-4139
Chapter 6Dominion Engineering and McGill42
Part 4In the Army
Chapter 7Ontario53
Chapter 8Dundurn, Saskatchewan58
Chapter 9England66
Chapter 10France73
Chapter 11Belgium81
Chapter 12Holland87
Chapter 13Germany100
Chapter 14The Way Home109
Part 5McGill, 1945-46
Chapter 15Back to McGill and the Rhodes Scholarship117
Part 6Oxford, 1946-49
Chapter 16Trinity College125
Chapter 17Arosa, Switzerland135
Chapter 18Winter in Oxford140
Chapter 19Norway144
Chapter 20The Spring Terrm154
Chapter 21A Yachting Summer158
Chapter 22More Sporting Life165
Chapter 23Marriage and Married Life174
Chapter 24Oxford Finals182
Part 7Return to Canada, 1949
Chapter 25Radiation Laboratory, McGill195
Chapter 26Doctorate Work on the Cyclotron206

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