Lucky to Be a Teacher: Life-Changing Affirmations for Positive Classrooms / Edition 2

Lucky to Be a Teacher: Life-Changing Affirmations for Positive Classrooms / Edition 2

by Louise A. Chickie-Wolfe
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SAGE Publications
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Lucky to Be a Teacher: Life-Changing Affirmations for Positive Classrooms / Edition 2

This gem of a workbook expands on 33 affirmations and reflection questions to help readers establish goals, maintain a positive perspective, and remain committed to excellence.

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ISBN-13: 9781412972628
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 06/02/2009
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 83
Sales rank: 1,078,050
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

List of Affirmations
About the Author
What Are Cognitive Affirmations
Your Brain Believes What You Tell It
Brain-Compatible Instruction
The Nature of the Message
Practice Makes Perfect
How to Use This Workbook Effectively
The Affirmations, Elaborations, and Guided Reflections
Affirmation 1. I Believe in the Inherent Worth of Each Student
Affirmation 2. I Make a Difference in the Lives of My Students
Affirmation 3. I Create a Safe and Friendly Atmosphere in My Classroom
Affirmation 4. I Smile a Lot and Am Very Positive in My Work
Affirmation 5. I Say Exactly What I Mean and Mean Exactly What I Say
Affirmation 6. I Am Fair and Considerate of My Students' Feelings
Affirmation 7. I Am Creative and Competent
Affirmation 8. I Realize That Teaching Is a Profession of Utmost Importance
Affirmation 9. I Believe That Children Are Our Most Important Natural Resource
Affirmation 10. I Am a Lifelong Learner and My Students Know It
Affirmation 11. I Am Organized and I Plan Ahead
Affirmation 12. I Believe That Teaching Is Satisfying and Rewarding
Affirmation 13. I Am Not the Same Teacher I Was Yesterday Because Each Day I Learn and Experience More
Affirmation 14. I Remember How Much It Hurts to Fail and I Am Patient and Understanding With Students' Difficulties
Affirmation 15. I Do Not Take Personally Anything Said to Me in Anger by a Student
Affirmation 16. I Am Consistent and Knowledgeable in My Field
Affirmation 17. I Know My Students' Abilities and I Have Realistic Expectations for Each of Them
Affirmation 18. My Students and I Become a Family
Affirmation 19. I Celebrate Every Milestone—Even the Smallest Ones
Affirmation 20. I Help My Students Find Academic and Personal Success
Affirmation 21. I Model Honesty and Dependability
Affirmation 22. I Encourage My Students to Think
Affirmation 23. I Enjoy the Diversity of My Students
Affirmation 24. I Share Positive Moments From My Class With Colleagues
Affirmation 25. I Know How the Brain Works Best and I Teach Accordingly
Affirmation 26. I Make Personal Connections With My Students
Affirmation 27. I Help My Students Make Personal Connections to What They Study
Affirmation 28. I Incorporate Service Projects Into My Teaching
Affirmation 29. I Welcome Change and Handle It Easily
Affirmation 30. I Seek and Find Peace in My Workplace as I Help Build a Better World
Affirmation 31. I Respect My Students and They Respect Me
Affirmation 32. My Students and I Have Fun Together
Affirmation 33. My Students and I Learn Together
Guidelines for Writing Your Own Affirmations
Workspace for Writing Your Own Affirmations

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