Lucy Woodward Is... Hot & Bothered [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

Lucy Woodward Is... Hot & Bothered [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

by Lucy Woodward
4.7 46


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Lucy Woodward Is... Hot & Bothered [Barnes & Noble Exclusive]

Smart and sassy women vocalists may sound like the flavor of 2008, but Lucy Woodward has been blazing her own path since the 2003 release of her Top 40 hit “Dumb Girls.” Hold the damage and call off the paparazzi, though -- Woodward knows the difference between confidence and braggadocio; unlike most of today’s crop of young soul singers, there’s no imminent train wreck in her future. The intervening five years have amped up the funk and hip-hop quotient of her music, and on Lucy Woodward…Is Hot and Bothered, she hooks up with Itaal Shur, who co-wrote Santana’s monster “Smooth.” Mixing her convincing vocals and songwriting with his pop smarts yields a potent and well-rounded portrait of a young singer enviably in control. From the hip-hop-soul-styled “Use What I Got” to the small-combo blues of “Geographical Cure,” Woodward invests contemporary productions with jazzy flourishes -- imagine Amy Winehouse and Duffy with an additional decade of musical references. “Love Is Gonna Getcha” mines a trip-hop groove with John Barry orchestrations and disco-era harmonies, with Woodward’s golden vocals bouncing along the top. Its companion track, “Too Much to Live For,” kicks all of the above into higher gear and adds a gospel breakdown. The London-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter’s versatility is unsurprising if you consider her pedigree as the daughter of a belly-dancing opera singer and a composer-conductor. On the torchy “Slow Recovery,” though, Woodward shows off her most valuable asset: a flexible, sensual voice with a seductive rasp that should be leaving listeners hot and bothered for a long time to come.

Product Details

Release Date: 07/29/2008
Label: Barnes Noble Consign
UPC: 0805859010626
catalogNumber: 90106

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lucy Woodward   Primary Artist,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping,Foot Stomping,Hollers
Nicki Richards   Background Vocals
Everett Bradley   Background Vocals,Hand Clapping,Foot Stomping,Hollers
Paul Frazier   Bass
Jonathan Maron   Bass
Itaal Shur   Organ,Guitar,Piano,Electric Bass,Glockenspiel,Keyboards,Hand Clapping,Mellotron,Vibes,Wurlitzer,Foot Stomping,Hollers
Nunzio Signore   Guitar
Clifford Lane   Guitar
Pauline Kim   Strings
Tom Chiu   Violin
Jennifer Karr   Background Vocals
Jimmi K. Bones   Guitar
Ron Caswell   Tuba,Tsugaru
Ben Butler   Guitar
Brian Delaney   Drums
Abe Fogel   Drums
Curtis Folkes   Trombone
Lauren Sevian   Baritone Saxophone
Lucia Micarelli   Strings
Rachel Golub   Violin
Dave Eggar   Strings,Cello
Thad DeBrock   Guitar,Guitar Effects

Technical Credits

Bob Brockman   Engineer
Itaal Shur   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer,Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Oliver Strauss   Engineer
Clifford Lane   Engineer
Stuart Brawley   Composer
Yaron Fuchs   Engineer
Jennifer Karr   Vocal Arrangements
Lucy Woodward   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Eric Gorman   Engineer
Dave Eggar   String Arrangements,String Contractor

Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

See All Customer Reviews Hot and Bothered 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Love this record. Fresh and yummy. Songs are catchy, a bit retro but very now, and the musicianship is outstanding. Lucy can saaaang! Fave tracks: &quot Don't Wanna Love Again&quot and &quot Slow Recovery.&quot
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lucy Woodward is legit! A unique mix of soul, funk and rock that makes you think, &amp quot what the!&amp quot , &amp quot did she really?&amp quot , &amp quot damn, she did!&amp quot and &amp quot that came out of a white chic?&amp quot I've seen her live a couple times and this cd takes the cake. SHe brings it down- for real- like Bronx down...Lucy is a highly talented and a true artist- you'll get all hot and bothered from the first song in!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this album, it is so easy to listen, and enjoy it. No song is alike it is all sultry and wonderful
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow, what fun! I&#8217 ve listened through this incessantly for two days, and it keeps getting better. She is simply amazing. This music is very visual in nature and totally fresh and unique. It is easy to listen to, yet very, very hip. I was drawn in emotionally to &#8216 Slow Recovery&#8217 , and wanted to get up and dance to &#8216 Too Much to Live For&#8217 . I was transported to a desert isle with an exotic drink in my hand with &#8216 Geographical Cure&#8217 . Some Cruise line should make it their theme, sort of like a Club Med-type of vibe. 'Submarine Love' is pure excitement and makes me visualize how great she must be live. Lucy shows more vocal chops and personality than 99% of the big names out there, and she&#8217 s beautiful. A Barnes &amp Noble exclusive? You guys are really, really smart. I could go on and on, but &#8230 Just go buy it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This record is beyond fantastic. Lucy is an amazing talent. I had the opportunity to see her perform this album live at a show in NYC and she blew me away. She sounds even better in person! Buy this album, you will not regret it!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I, like many, have become disenchanted with the radio, MTV, and what passes for popular music these days. Although I have always been a huge American music fan I find that the stuff I listen to most often these days comes from England, France, Sweden, South American artists... This is not to say this is a Euro record in anyway, it's not. It's brilliant melodic original music with great American roots that is totally addictive and enchanting, like great music always is...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lucy Woodward's HOT AND BOTHERED combines her dynamic, forceful (at times gentle) and always sultry vocals with some serious musicianship. The lyrics, content and themes are universal and accessible and blended into some seriously fun performances. (Having seen her live many times, this not simply a PRODUCED, synthetic album - she's all woman, all legit). And in an era of celebritards, victimhood and pity me, this is some empowering, non- polemic music. Good for the soul, good for a party, good for you. Get some!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lucy Woodward has flipped her sound completely! I was surprised hearing the vibe this time round and how different it was from the last record. It seems she has grown up and found her voice. My daughters and I love this record and I think she is really raising the bar in the pop world today. She is classy and her true colors are shining brightly. Get this record! I can't get enough of it. Especially Slow Recovery and I Won't Care. Love is Gonna Getcha is straight out of James Bond film but You Found Me Out is my absolutely favorite....This girl is amazing. The world needs to know who this girl is....
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is so fresh and wonderful. I haven't seen anything like this in a long time. I love almost every song. There's cool, Jazzy numbers like 'Too Much to Live For', Steamy and Sexy songs like 'Hot and Bothered', and the pure emotion of 'Slow Recovery'. I wanted to dance around the room with 'Submarine Love'. And, what a voice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lucy Woodward rocks and every track on this album is superb! Nothing more to say other than - BUY IT! I can't wait for her next release.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yes, she's beautiful, sultry and sexy but she's also found her voice with this record. She seems to have taken matters into her own hands, away from the major record labels and produced a record of great depth and texture. Genre? You just can't pigeonhole it. The record is a balanced mix of many things and there's a lot of soul in it for sure. My favorite: Slow Recovery, ah, awesome!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan since &quot While you Can&quot was out, and I did not stop listening to that cd for a few weeks. I just heard abou the new cd &quot Hot and Bothered&quot on first of the month and by accident. I had lost touch with her music and wandered onto myspace and heard the new tunes. Loved it all and bought the album. My favorites include, &quot Use what I Got&quot and &quot Slow Recovery&quot just to name a few. She is just too captivating live and I can not wait to see her in concert.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One day at work at B&amp N, I was walking to the back to enjoy my break when this song over the speakers caught my attention. I was instantly in love. I called up the music section, got the name of the artist, bought the CD and it's been an uphill journey since. This is one of those very rare albums that I listened to straight through, no skipping. Needless to say, she has immense talent. Her unique voice fits perfectly with every song. My favorite ballad, Slow Recovery really touched home. And I'm in love with &quot Hot and Bothered&quot the single. Also, buy the album and check out the last single, &quot I Won't Care&quot . On this one, she samples from &quot Summertime&quot oh so beautifully. Talent, looks, and songwriting skills and a backup band to die for. Yeah, she brings out my love for real music again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't think of a CD that I would recommend more than Lucy Woodward Is...Hot &amp amp amp Bothered. This is the most funky, well written, fantastically executed CD to come along in years. From the opening &amp amp quot Love Is Gonna Getcha&amp amp quot to the ending &amp amp quot I Won't Care&amp amp quot , EVERY SINGLE TRACK is an absolute gem. &amp amp quot Use What I Got&amp amp quot lays down a groove that will stick in your cranium all day. &amp amp quot Slow Recovery&amp amp quot is my personal favorite - brilliantly written and even more brilliantly sung. &amp amp quot You Found Me Out&amp amp quot is reminiscent of a 60's Motown track and has a hook that you'll be humming all day. I saw Lucy at the Hard Rock in Pittsburgh and have been an absolute fan ever since. She sizzles live and translates that same groove to this recording - a rare feat for artists these days. BUY THIS CD! You will not regret it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've always loved Lucy Woodward's voice and music but this album takes to the next level! The music is refreshingly unique, and the title is perfect..., the music sexy and sultry..., Lucy has an amazing voice and she just sounds like she's having a blast belting out these tunes! Saw her live in LA she was amazing!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lucy Woodward's much-awaited sophomore effort is a complete departure from her 2003 debut, &amp quot While You Can&amp quot . In &amp quot Lucy Woodward Is Hot and Bothered&amp quot , Lucy is not only Hot and Bothered herself, but she gets her listeners there too, with sexy, smooth vocals that evoke a Julie London for the 21st century. Lucy's voice, and her choice of material, has always been her strong suit. I have been mesmerized by her deep, throaty laugh in her one-off collaboration with The Scumfrog &quot &amp quot Bacon&amp quot &quot , and that laugh haunted me as I listened to the 11 tracks on &amp quot ...Hot and Bothered&amp quot . If I had to choose a favorite track &quot and the choice would probably depend on my mood&quot , it would be &amp quot Love Is Gonna Getcha&amp quot . This track is gonna getcha. In my mind, I'm sitting in a 40s-themed club, nursing a single-malt scotch. The orchestra starts with a snare drum, guitar, and celeste, then layers on strong brass, sultry oboe, and strings. I sit, captivated, as Lucy strides across the stage in a form-fitting silk dress. She takes command of the microphone, and perfectly on cue, out comes...&amp quot She!&amp quot Lucy, you had me at &amp quot She&amp quot .
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been a fan of Lucy's since her &quot While you Can&quot CD. It seems she has evolved more into a jazz feel on this new CD and I love the feel it has. Folks, she just keeps getting better and better and if you can catch her at small venues like the Zipper Factory in New York, I recommend you grab that opportunity now because moving forward, those opportunities will be slim pickin's! Keep up the GREAT ear candy Lucy and HURRY to Texas!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is easily one of the best CD's I've heard. Lucy manages to flow through different genres here and hits the mark every time. She is one of the true talents out there today. This CD is a must own for anyone who enjoys great music from an intelligent female vocalist. &quot You Found Me Out&quot , &quot What I Can Do&quot and &quot Slow Recovery&quot stand out as my personal favorites on here.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What is there to say really, other than extraordinary! This heartfelt, coming of age, autobiographical CD, from the heart, gives me chills through and through, from beginning to end to middle, straight through, or on shuffle! It's mindblowing and makes you want to laugh and cry and dance and fall in love &quot all at the same time&quot ha ha. Thank you for sharing your gift of music and voice with the world. Love, Your #1 Fan
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just picked up this album last week and cant seem to put anything else on. Its pretty consistent throughout, but of course there are the real bangers. From the driving songs like Submarine Love, to the more sultry jams like Hot and Bothered, this record&#8217 s songs range from amazing to absolutely really amazing. Lucy is the real deal.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Why Lucy Woodward is not being hailed as the best thing on the music scene is quite beyond me. Her first album, 2003’s rock-soul “While You Can” was a major-label release that unfortunately saw her being marketed as the next Avril Lavigne. The reality was that Woodward’s material was far deeper and better than her alleged counterparts. For her second album, “Lucy Woodward Is…Hot & Bothered,” it is said that Etta James and the soundtrack to Disney’s “The Jungle Book” were two major influences behind the creative process. Somehow, that is a perfect description for an album that is relatively indescribable. Woodward has an interesting history. Born in London, she was raised in Amsterdam, and then moved to New York City. Her father was a composer and choir conductor. Her mother was an opera singer and belly dancer. Because Woodward’s musical inspirations are equally diverse, the result is her ability to blend them into pop perfection on “Hot & Bothered”, a record that isn’t precisely jazz or exclusively soul or without rock and roll. There’s lots of soulful, lush orchestrations that recall James’s “At Last” and plenty of funky exotica that is reminiscent of “I Wan’na Be Like You”, but there’s also a nocturnal, mysterious vibe to the record that may be unintentionally influenced by the 1960s “wall of sound” movement. Perhaps what I’m trying to convey is that “Lucy Woodward Is…Hot & Bothered” is musically exciting in a way that music from the 60s was exciting. There’s great depth to Woodward’s lyrics but that depth doesn’t come at a sacrifice to her ability to write an equally great hook. This quality is usually found in 60s songs like PP Arnold’s “The First Cut”, which was as much a soul song as it was a rock song. Much like Arnold’s voice, Woodward also has a strong set of pipes with a slight rasp that works whether she is singing soul, rock or jazz, or in the case of “Hot & Bothered”, all three. There’s no use in pointing out standout tracks here. Every song is solid. Lucy Woodward was great in 2003 and she’s even greater now. The way critics were talking about Amy Winehouse and “Black To Black” two years ago should be the way they are talking about Lucy Woodward and “Hot & Bothered” this year. The level of craftsmanship here is unbelievable. Woodward has always had a knack for quirky lyrics, catchy melodies, and ingenious phrasing. As far as I’m concerned, this is the album of the year, and one of the most promising, captivating, exciting, genuine releases in a long time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been a fan of Lucy Woodward since I heard the first note out of her mouth on her previous record. This one is just amazing - there is no other word for it. This time, Lucy is spreading her boundaries and crossing genres, incorporating pop, funk, torch songs and a bunch of blue-eyed soul. Her unique sound is exactly what the music business needs so I hope more people will discover her through B&amp amp N. Lucy is a killer songwriter and that raspy, sexy sound will get you every time. Just listen to tracks like 'Submarine Love' and 'Sugar' and tell me you don't start grooving. DEFINITELY a must buy for any music aficionado. If you ever get a chance to see her live, she will knock your socks off.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you&#180 re waiting to hear something like her first album,forget it.This is a mix of personality and beauty! If you like a good voice and a unique sound,check it out!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lucy Woodward has one of the most unique voices of our generation. Her voice is filled with emotion and a depth of experience you wouldn't expect to find in someone as young as she. It's the kind of cd that brings you back to your own experiences and sometimes makes you feel like screaming out loud with self-righteous enthusiasm. love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'll start out by saying I have both Lucy's 1st album While You Can and 2nd album Hot and Bothered. I didn't even realize I would be such a fan. I first heard one of her songs on the What a Girl Wants soundtrack. Needless to say, I have been following her ever since. True blue believer in REAL music. Lucy's voice is so powerful, so much so, that she pulls you in. I have seen her live at some of her shows in the NYC and keep going back for more. Her last show at the Zipper Factory was so amazing, I think its her best yet. If you're on the fence for this CD, don't be. She is electric. And if you can make it out to one of her shows, wait around to say hey, she is not one to be shy. Enjoy.