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Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls

Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls

4.5 12
by Bennett Madison

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Lulu Dark is the anti-Nancy—a chic, tough-talking city girl who never meant to get involved in a mystery. . . .

Author Biography: Bennett Madison lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he enjoys spending time with the many Lulus in his life.


Lulu Dark is the anti-Nancy—a chic, tough-talking city girl who never meant to get involved in a mystery. . . .

Author Biography: Bennett Madison lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he enjoys spending time with the many Lulus in his life.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Carol Ann Lloyd-Stanger
Lulu Dark is determined not to be Nancy Drew or any of those other "prissy busybody" girl detectives who run around solving mysteries. But when her fabulous purse is stolen, a mystery lands in her lap whether she wants it or not. All around her, things keep getting stranger: A girl she knows at school disappears; she is stalked by someone whose real name she does not even know, and she gets a phone call in the middle of the night from someone claiming to be "Lulu Dark." Then, friends report seeing her all over town doing things she has never done. What is going on? Lulu enlists the support of her friends, Daisy and Charlie, as she realizes she must solve this mystery or be ruined by it. But can she figure out who is behind it all? And why does her stomach suddenly do flip-flops whenever Charlie is near? A fast-paced, funny mystery with a clear teen voice—in fact, an amazingly genuine female voice for a male author!
This novel is Good in Bed or Confessions of a Shopaholic for teenage girls. Since the plot also contains an element of mystery, perhaps Sue Grafton's A is for Alibi, with the redoubtable Kinsey Milhone as protagonist, is a better comparison, only Lulu Dark would not live in a studio apartment or drive a Volkswagen Bug. Lulu is one of a kind. She wears vintage clothing and carries a loud pink and yellow Kate Spade knockoff as she attends her private school, expresses her opinions without restraint, and breezes her way into and out of sticky situations in the nightspots, restaurants, and shops she frequents. Her mother has gone off to be a C-list actress in Hollywood while her artist father has found a more compatible boyfriend. When someone steals her purse, Lulu reluctantly slips into Nancy Drew mode (a fictional type at which she normally sniffs in disdain) to pursue the thief. Before long, she finds herself up to her strong-willed and sarcastic neck in a murder only she believes has occurred, a doppelganger who commits social suicide in public places, and mysterious threats to her health and well being. Eventually Lulu unmasks the culprit, finds a boyfriend, and, most importantly, recovers her purse. This is good escape literature for girls who like Seventeen and yet need a role model who insists on not following the crowd. KLIATT Codes: JS*—Exceptional book, recommended for junior and senior high school students. 2005, Penguin, Razorbill, , Ages 12 to 18.
—Myrna Marler
A high school junior at an ultra-exclusive school, Lulu Dark is smart and outspoken. After a handsome singer in a trendy club gives her his phone number, her purse with that important phone number in it is stolen. To find out who stole her fake Kate Spade purse, the amateur detective seeks the aid of her two best friends-Daisy, a lovely scholarship student with a brown belt in karate, and Charlie, son of a very wealthy lawyer. Matters become complicated when Berlin, the girl Lulu suspects of stealing the purse, disappears; a dead body that has a tattoo like Berlin's is pulled from the river; and Lulu is stalked by a mysterious girl. But Lulu's tenacity pays off, when after several madcap adventures and lots of deception, she uncovers a matter of stolen identity and solves the case of the stolen purse. More Veronica Mars than Nancy Drew, Lulu becomes the centerpiece in an entertaining romp that is anchored by a surprise ending. Madison takes an appealing heroine, gives her a puzzle to solve, places her in a chic urban setting, and surrounds her with lots of quirky characters. While these teens seem to have an added portion of independence and freedom, they exhibit typical adolescent insecurities and bravado. There is enough wild adventure and red herrings to keep readers entertained, and a hint of romance adds to the fun-filled mystery's appeal. VOYA CODES: 4Q 4P J S (Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses; Broad general YA appeal; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12). 2005, Razorbill/Penguin Putnam, 256p., Ages 12 to 18.
—Chris Carlson
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up-While at the Big Blonde club, Lulu loses her purse-the one with gorgeous Alfy Romero's phone number in it-and she wants it back. Along with her friends Charlie and Daisy, she sets out to find it and becomes enmeshed in a wild case of identity theft and homicide. Why do people keep telling her that they saw her dancing on tables the night before when she was in bed at 9:30? Just who is the mysterious "Sally Hansen" who spies on them and simultaneously gives herself a manicure? And who is the dead body sporting the silver-shark tattoo that was found in the river? With a flip buoyancy that bops off the page, Lulu Dark and her buddies tackle purse snatchers, apathetic police detectives, society matrons, and murderers with aplomb. Halo City is also a big player in this book, evoking scenes of Gotham City and all of its character. Teens searching for a lighthearted mystery will adore Lulu, and they will eagerly await the next installment in the series.-Lynn Evarts, Sauk Prairie High School, Prairie du Sac, WI Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Penguin Publishing Group
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5.00(w) x 6.98(h) x 0.73(d)
Age Range:
12 - 17 Years

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Copyright © 2005 Bennett Madison
All right reserved.

ISBN: 1-59514-010-7

Chapter One

MY NAME IS LULU DARK. I AM NOT the girl detective type.

I'm not going to name names, but I know a thing or two about those amateur sleuths, the ones you read about in books, and they couldn't be more different from me.

I do not speak Arabic or Chinese or German or even Spanish like they do. I speak English, and the only French phrases I know are things like, "I go to the beach," or, "We go to the pool, yes?" I don't do jujitsu, I don't have a photographic memory, and I've never skydived. I can't water-ski and I don't want to. If there was a criminal escaping on water skis with a satchel full of priceless diamonds, I would certainly not chase after her in any way. What I would do is yawn and be glad that they weren't my diamonds because for one thing, I don't have any diamonds. My dad has a lot of valuable paintings, but if an evil crook carried them off across a tightrope, it would be no big deal because he's a famous painter and he'd just paint some more. No death-defying pursuit necessary. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I believe in truth, and the truth is that if old Mrs. Banneker next door told me that her poor, beloved cat was missing, it wouldn't occur to me to be intrigued I wouldn't say, "That sounds mysterious, Mrs. Banneker, I'll go investigate." Instead I would say, "That's too bad, Mrs. Banneker. Good thing you've still got fifteen cats left."

Of course, there's no old Mrs. Banneker next door anyway.

Please. What universe do these girl detectives live in? In fact, the apartment next door is occupied by this yuppie couple who have never even introduced themselves. God knows what their names are. One time, though, I did hear them having phone sex when the signals on our portable phones crossed. Then I went and took like the longest shower of my entire life.

You must be wondering why I'm telling you all this. I must sound like a total jerk, dissing on imaginary Mrs. Banneker and some yuppies I don't even know and ... well, you probably know the girl detective's name.

Pardon me if I'm peevish, but you would be too if you'd found yourself hiding out in a Dumpster at three in the morning over some petty amateur sleuth crap that you did not-repeat, not-sign up for. But what can you do when the criminals are practically lining up to bug you, and I'm talking you personally? When you're a girl like me, you fight back. Which, of course, is how it all started.

It was a perfect moment. You know the type. That feeling you get every now and then when-just for a second-everything seems so ideal? Charlie, Daisy, and I were in our usual booth at Big Blonde-the slightly elevated one, right by the pool table. We were a little bit bored. It had been ages since anything interesting had happened, and I, for one, didn't have high hopes for the evening. We'd been having the same exact type of fun every Friday night for months. Why should this one be any different?

Well. It was.

We were at the club to see this band called the Many Handsomes, and apparently everyone else in Halo City had the same idea. The place was totally packed with people, including, it seemed, half the kids from Orchard Academy, where Daisy, Charlie, and I are juniors. Everyone was buzzing around, scoping each other out, doing their usual thing.

"This band is going to blow up, like, any day if this many people are on to them," Charlie said. "Is there anyone who's not here?"

I glanced around the room. Our booth had the best view in the whole place, and Charlie had a point. There were so many people at Big Blonde it was hard to pick any one person out of the crowd. It was a faceless throng-my favorite kind. But as I let my gaze drift through the mass, I started to recognize a few faces-one by one, and then more.

Adam Wahl, Charlie's friend, was sitting at the coffee bar with all the other guys from the jazz band, and Trina Rockwell and Blair Wright, the two most popular girls in the school, were standing by the bathrooms examining themselves in the mirrors of their compacts while they gossiped with each other.

"Look," Charlie said. "Even Berlin is here."

Berlin Silver had just transferred to our school in January. When Charlie mentioned her. I followed the direction of his gaze, peering over the rims of my glasses.

Berlin was standing by the jukebox, studying the selection and shaking her butt in an approximation of rhythm. She was blond and leggy and practically as tall as me, which was nice because it made me feel like less of an overgrown freak.

"Ugh," Daisy groaned, shaking her head ruefully at the sight of Berlin. "Berlin Silver has a terrible case of the vile juju. Beware. Wherever she goes, only trouble can follow. It is a matter of bad karma."

I laughed "You're mixing your mysticisms Karma or juju: you only get to pick one. And I don't see why you have such a problem with Berlin. What has she ever done to you?"

"Nothing That's the point. Neither of you guys notice it because she sucks up to you. You both have money and important parents. But when it comes to a scholarship student, she has no reason to acknowledge me at all. I don't think she's ever uttered a word in my direction."

Daisy likes almost everyone, so I always listen up when she has a nasty feeling about someone. In this case, I felt bad. I hate it when the snobbier people at our private school treat Daisy differently because she's not, like, a sultan's daughter or something.

"I'll take your word for it," I told her. "Sorry I never noticed. No one gets away with being a jerk to my friends."

Charlie was listening to the conversation, taking it all in with careful consideration. He looked across the crowd at Berlin appraisingly. "I'll tell you one thing," he said. "Snob or not, that girl is hot."

"Whatever," I replied. "She's just your usual run-of-the-mill blonde."

Berlin had turned from the jukebox and was dancing all by herself. She was wearing a blue sequined tube top and skintight black pants. She had her hands over her head and was hopping from side to side, swaying precariously on her enormous espadrilles. It was a weird dance, but I had to admit it was sort of cute.

"It's a fact." Charlie shrugged. "There's not a guy at school who's not into her."

"Except you." Daisy ribbed him with her elbow. "Right?"

"Right," he said unconvincingly.

I twirled a chunk of hair around my pinky. "It is funny how she doesn't quite fit in, though," I mused. "Think about it. She's rich, well dressed, and pretty. It seems like the perfect formula for head-cheerleader style popularity. But aside from having the boys drooling, she's not exactly the queen of Orchard Academy."

"Well, she is a little weird," Charlie pointed out. "And all she ever talks about is how her great grandfather invented the aluminum can."

"It's like she learned how to be a person from watching Dynasty reruns on cable." I agreed.

"Exactly," Daisy said. "As a matter of fact, I predict that she's only here because French Vogue says this band is fashionable."

"I canceled my French Vogue subscription, so I wouldn't know," I said. "But you have to admit they're on to something. Look around. Everyone in this room can tell that something big is going to happen tonight."

I was sort of right, it turned out, although in the end it didn't have much to do with the band.

The three of us scanned the crowd together, taking it all in. It was nice to be just the three of us, all calm and easy in the middle of that pandemonium.

Then Daisy whispered, "Don't flip out, Lulu. Your favorite people are here."

I groaned. Daisy didn't have to say the words. I knew exactly who she meant.

Rachel Buttersworth-Taylor and Marisol Bloom were making their way into the place, glued to each other as usual. They tossed their ponytails around, laughing and chatting up everyone they saw.

Even though they're my total enemies, there was such a good vibe in the club that I almost smiled when I saw them working the crowd. I caught myself just in time, though, holding my frown and rolling my eyes. When you have enemies, it's important not to go soft about them.

"Lulu." Daisy's voice was firm. "No fighting with Rachel Buttersworth-Taylor tonight. Okay?"

"Maybe you should try liking them," Charlie suggested. "They actually can be somewhat cool."

"What?" I snapped, annoyed. "You want me to like them? This feud with Rachel and Marisol isn't even my fault. You both know that!"

It's so silly to think about now, but it all started over a boy.

Rachel and I have known each other since kindergarten, but we haven't always been enemies. In fact, we never paid much attention to each other at all until seventh grade, when she started "going with" this guy named Sam Mason. That's what you call it in seventh grade because you're obviously not going out. There's no out to go to-except for maybe the playground, which isn't all that romantic.

Anyway, Rachel and Sam went together for a week, and then he got bored with her and started going with me. It was so not a big deal. It's not like I stole him. No one dates for more than a week in seventh grade anyway.

Before the end of the year Sam's family moved to Los Angeles, which is probably just as well. But the point is that Rachel totally freaked out over the whole thing, claiming that I snatched her boyfriend. That's where the whole war started.

Hello? It was seventh grade! Who cares? But if she was going to start trouble, I wasn't going to take it lying down.

I guess it all got a little bit out of hand.

"Listen." I sighed, pleading my case to Daisy and Charlie. "I've tried to bury the hatchet with Rachel many times and it just doesn't work. She's the one with the issue. And in case you don't recall, may I remind you of the fishy little episode she pulled with one of our friends from the sea-"

"As if you'd ever let us forget," Charlie cut me off. "Never mind that it was over two years ago."

I started to protest, but Daisy placed a warning hand on my knee.

"Brace yourself," she said. "The dreaded ones approach."

I watched in horror as Rachel and Marisol headed toward our table, then put on my hardest drop-dead face. I may not be the most popular girl in school, but I make up for it by being pretty intimidating when I want to Marisol and Rachel just wanted to stir things up. Well, they could try their hardest, because nothing was going to raze me tonight.

"Hey, guys," Rachel said sweetly when they got to our booth Marisol stood by her side with her trademark fake-shy smirk.

Of the two, only Rachel was openly evil, but sometimes I thought that quiet little Marisol was the truly scary one. I don't trust people who pretend to be shy. You can just see the wheels turning in their heads as they plot all their sneaky little schemes.

"Hey, Rachel," Charlie replied. "What are you guys up to tonight?"

I scowled at him. He's so friendly that he can't help being pals with everyone. Traitor.

"We're here for the show. I've been into the Many Handsomes, like, forever," Rachel said. "Since way before anyone else heard of them." She turned to me just in time to catch me rolling my eyes. She gave me a mean, squinty grin. And although I tried very hard, I couldn't suppress a small, sarcastic snort.

Rachel's eyes were stony. "Lulu," she said snarkily, "don't you have, like, a dermatologist's appointment you should be at or something? You've had that zit on your jaw for like a week now."

I felt my face flush. I didn't think anyone had noticed my zit-I'd been doing such a good job of covering it up!

"You should be so lucky, Rachel," I fumed. "I'd rather have a huge, rancid zit than be cursed with a face like yours."

An ominous cloud darkened Rachel's eyes, and Marisol glanced nervously at her friend to see how she would react. In the end they couldn't think up a comeback.

Both girls turned tail, making a beeline for the front of the stage. In my mind, I chalked up another point for myself. No one gets the best of Lulu Dark.

"Very charming, Lulu," Daisy grumbled after they had gone. "Can't you just ignore them?"

I tried to look contrite, but it's really not my strongest suit.

"Hey!" I protested. "They were the ones picking on me!" My friends paid no attention.

"I'm going to get another cup of coffee," Charlie said. He got up and mussed his hair self-consciously, looking both ways to see if anyone was checking him out. Daisy and I both saw him do it. We exchanged a glance.

"What?" Charlie asked.

"Nothing," we said together, stifling giggles.

"Charlie's such a social butterfly," I whispered when he was out of earshot. "He just wants to see and be seen. It's probably the reason he goes through girlfriends so fast. He can't help being a flirt."

"I think he gets it from his mom and his sister," Daisy replied.

She was right. Carly and Genevieve Reed are the reigning social queens of their respective age groups in Halo City. Carly, his mom, is always throwing these huge charity benefits, which are really just excuses for all her socialite friends to buy new gowns. His sister. Genevieve, on the other hand, skips through the downtown haunts of the well-heeled, abusing cocktail waiters and leaving a trail of broken hearts, unpaid tabs, and stubbed-out Capris.

I thought about it for a second. By all rights Charlie should have turned out to be another bratty trustafarian. But instead he's a nice guy to the core.

"Have you noticed that it's been sort of a while since Charlie's dated anyone?" I asked.

Daisy shrugged, "I guess. Maybe he's just ..."

She paused, distracted, then giggled in bewilderment. "Lulu, check out that girl in the corner."

I turned around and immediately hooted. About ten feet away from us a bored, mean-looking girl in sunglasses leaned up against the wall. She whipped out a bottle of nail polish and began painting her nails.

"What is she doing?" I asked, totally confused. "Why would anyone come to a packed club just to work on her manicure? And is she for real with those sunglasses?"

"Good questions," Daisy said. "Maybe she's an albino with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Or perhaps she's an employee of Sally Hansen, the nail polish company." She tapped a finger on her chin, taking the issue very seriously. "That doesn't explain the sunglasses, though."

"Maybe she is Sally Hansen!" I mused. "She's wearing the sunglasses because she doesn't want to be seen by her adoring fans!"

"You know, I always wondered who Sally Hansen really was," Daisy said, slipping into her own universe. "I've often thought she might be the illegitimate daughter of Estee Lauder-abandoned on some church doorstep in Wisconsin and taken in by Norwegian immigrants."

"Well, if that is her, we should make friends." I giggled "Maybe she'll give us free polish."

"Better that than Wet 'n' Wild," Daisy decided. "But I wouldn't count on being best buddies. She looks kind of, um, forbidding."

At that moment Sally Hansen looked up from her nails and glared right at us. Daisy and I quickly averted our eyes, studying our coffee cups like they were the most fascinating things in the world.

Whew! Nearly caught mid mockery. That was a close one.

I swirled my mug around, watching the black stuff inside slide back and forth. Sometimes I think my coffee would taste better if I put milk and sugar and all that junk into it, but my dad taught me from a young age that to do that would be wrong. I took a final, bluer swig.

"Did Charlie say that he was going to get me more?" I asked.

"He didn't mention it." Daisy answered.

I realized that Charlie had actually been gone for a while. "Where has that boy gotten to?" I wondered aloud.

"Bathroom, maybe?" Daisy guessed. But for some reason I didn't think so.

"I'll bet you anything that Berlin Silver has him cornered. She's just itching for a date with Charlie."

"Definitely," Daisy said, making a face. "You should see how she stares at him in study hall. Like a wolf about to devour a helpless little lamb. Or a puppy. A beagle puppy."

"I'll go see if he needs rescuing."

"You do that," Daisy said.

I pulled my purse onto my lap and snapped it open. It was my favorite purse-a fake Kate Spade that I bought from an extra-shady bootlegger on the corner of Roxbury and Flower Avenue. I'd had it for two years, and the way I was attached to it, I can't even tell you.

It had a garish, tacky, pink-and-yellow flower pattern and a hot pink strap, I loved it precisely because it was a phony and because-with its ridiculously over-the-top design-it looked like no other bag in the world.

I grabbed my lip gloss from inside and slicked on a new coat. Then I tossed the bag over my shoulder and made my way through the crush of the crowd.


Excerpted from LULU DARK CAN SEE THROUGH WALLS by BENNETT MADISON Copyright © 2005 by Bennett Madison. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great book. Once I started reading it I didn't want to STOP! Literally I wanted it to go on forever! If you like suspense, comedy, and a little romance this is a great book for you. Trust me you'll love it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
leshaebriscoe More than 1 year ago
i think this book is amazing i just got it @ my school 3 days ago and im almost done with it its really a book any girl whould like to read (it may have some swearing words in there so watch out for them!!!) i loved it so i think you should buy this book now its truly amazement for a guy who written this book this goes to the author if he reading this now you did a AWESOME job writing this book and can you please write a second one to this book!!! you rock - thanks for reading everyone- buy this book now girls before there SOLD OUT!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
THis book is about a girl who hates EVERYTHING about supersleuths, yet finds her way into her own mystery. She absolutely hates Nancy Drew type girls , but becomes one..THis book is for the new generation who can't stand Nancy Drew and wants a more interesting charecter with more attitude and more..umph. I love this book!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Omg!!! Terrific!! Everything about this book is amazing. The story, in my opinion, is the new age of Nancy Drew, but better. The twists and turns kept going throughout the whole thing. There were so many things i wasn't expecting to happen. I love the main character, Lulu, because it reminds me of my friend and coincedently, her name is Lulu too! The plot was very well planned by Bennett Madison. I thought i wouldn't like this book that much because of the title. But it turns out that i loved it and how it fits together with the storyline. So basically, i learned that looks or titles in this case, can be deceiving. So DON'T doubt this book by looks or anything like that. You'll have lots of fun reading and guessing what's going to happen next every chapter. I also gave my friend, Lulu, this book after i read it, she went crazy that there was a book named after her! She told me after she finished it, that she absolutely loved it. So if she loved it, i bet you'll enjoy it too. 5 stars goes to this book
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book made me interested since the first time I saw it at my local library. When you first start reading it you don't suspect that it's a mystery, but as you read on the problem takes place and the suspects and clues 'unravel.' Each chapter brings more and more evidence and sometimes suspects and you'll never want to put the book down. All I'm telling you readers about this book is that at the end you'll never have guessed who it was and that the littlest clues count a lot.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an outstanding young adult novel. The lead character, Lulu Dark, is a witty, chic high school student who leads her friends Charlie and Daisy on a whirlwind quasi-investigation (she insists she's not an investigator but merely a girl who wants her purse back) that is full of peril, suspense, and intrigue. Along the way they encounter psychic hippies, pop stars, painters and playwrights, murderers, and a B-list Hollywood starlet. Author Madison creates depth and texture for each of his characters and tells the story in a fast-paced, easy to read format. A real page-turner, I'd recommend Lulu Dark Can See Through Walls to anyone!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was completely awesome. I absolutely loved it. I read it in two days and that is not something that happens often. The writing was absolutly hilarious. Great mystery that is definately not like the traditonal Nancy Drew books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome! i love it SO much! It is like my favorite book ever! However...i wish there was a sequel to this book but... oh well... Eitherways, IIT IS WONDERFUL!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was really great. The writing is fabulous.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a waste of time and pointless!I am very mad that I wasted my money on it!