by Jacqueline E. Garlick


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Even in a land of eternal twilight, secrets can’t stay hidden forever.

Seventeen-year-old Eyelet Elsworth has only one hope left: to find her late father’s most prized invention, the Illuminator. It’s been missing since the day a mysterious flash wiped the sun from the sky.

Living in darkness is nothing new to Eyelet. She’s hidden her secret affliction all of her life—a life that would be in danger if superstitious townspeople ever guessed the truth. Orphaned when her mother is executed for a crime she did not commit, Eyelet sets out to track down the machine—her one and only chance at a cure.

Alone and on the run, she finally discovers the Illuminator—only to witness a young man stealing it. Determined to follow the thief and recover the machine, Eyelet must venture into the deepest, darkest, most dangerous part of her twisted world.

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ISBN-13: 9781503944558
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 09/15/2015
Series: Illumination Paradox Series , #1
Pages: 391
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Jacqueline E. Garlick loves strong heroines, despises whiny sidekicks, and adores good stories about triumphant underdogs. A teacher in her former life, she’s now an author of the very books she loves to read: young adult, new adult, and women’s fiction. Lumière, the first novel in her Illumination Paradox series, won the prestigious 2013 LYRA award for Best Young Adult Novel and an Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion. The book also received the title of B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. Jacqueline lives in a house with a purple wall or two, and dreams of one day having a hidden passageway that leads to a secret room. Visit her website at

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Lumiere 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Maribel_Platypire-Reviews More than 1 year ago
***I received a galley copy of this book from Netgalley (Skyscape) in exchange for an honest review.*** I regret putting off reading this book so much! I loved it so much I've decided it deserves to go on my Top Books of 2016! Okay, so one of the first things that made me decide to keep reading is that things get exciting before I've even read 7% of the book. That is always a good sign, especially because I hardly ever read steam-punk. This book basically eased me into the genre and I'll be seeking out more books like this in the future. Actually, scratch that first part. The very first thing that kept me reading is the fact that the protagonist, Eyelet, is a diverse character. You hardly ever read about a protagonist who suffers from any sort of illness, much less one who experiences seizures. Further on in the story we are introduced to other diverse characters, and that made me extremely happy and excited. The characters in this book are not perfect. Even Urlick, Eyelet's love interest, isn't perfect, which is why I loved this book and made it pretty easy to lose myself reading until I got to the last page and cried when there wasn't any more to read. The world-building in this book also kept me interested because I want to know more about Limpidous and the Embers. There's something that happens that made me question how I feel about the characters and their actions. I'll see how that plays out in book 2. Lumiére gets all 5 Platypires because it kept me on the edge of my seat reading until the very end.
EGRGRY More than 1 year ago
Full review and more available at: ***** My Thoughts: About a year ago, I really dove head first into a genre that I didn't really know much about. A genre that had always intrigued me, but at the same time left me with a lot of questions: steampunk. What is it? How does it work? Who does it involve? Once I finally devoured my first steampunk read, I realized: steampunk isn't just a genre, it's a way of life. Steampunk people. It's incredible. Shortly after I devoured my first steampunk series, I set out on an adventure to find as many as I could get my hands on. I read so many incredible novels in such a short time before I got burnt out. There has always been one on the backburner, though. One novel who's cover long told me it'd quickly turn into a favorite of mine. That novel? Lumiere. And well. I was right. While I won't lie and say the plot for this one was completely unpredictable, I was still blown away by Garlick's execution. There were numerous plot twists that kept me intrigued and a gripping central story line that grounded the story in the greatest of ways. It was one read that once I started, I could not set it down. A fast paced plot led to one incredible reading experience for me. It's a lengthy read (clocking in at over 300 pages) but it doesn't drag at all. It's full of spoilery goodness on every page so I won't say any more, but the ending was phenomenal. It will definitely leaving you begging for the sequel! The biggest stand out aspect of this series is the incredible setting that Garlick has crafted. Holy smokes. She took it to the next level. The steampunk goodness combined with the paranormal-esque settings made my hair stand on end. The eerie feeling crept from page to page and gripped into me in the greatest of ways. It was truly a fantastical world that I loved piecing together in my mind. From the very beginning the entire novel is a journey through a beautiful landscape that I pictured in the most vivid of lights. If you weren't taken on a visual journey like none other, you read this one wrong! One of the most intriguing aspects of this read were the characters and their development throughout the story. This novel actually didn't have a huge cast like I expected so Garlick was really about to keep the plot and development tied around our main characters of Urlick and Eyelet. Eyelet was written to perfection in my opinion, many reviews have taken issue with some of her characteristics, but I found her to be both cunning and charming. She was wise beyond her years and exhibited great moments of bravery throughout the story. The real shocker for me was the transformation of Urlick's character. I'm not going to say much on that front to avoid plot spoilers, but I was dead wrong about him and I couldn't be more pleased. When it comes to the writing style of Garlick in this novel, I will admit it was a little different than I am used to. She writes it as though it truly is a Victorian era novel, much like the steampunk genre in general. The word choices were somewhat bizarre at times, but Garlick has quite the expansive vocabulary that leads to a story written with eloquence and a unique flair that I haven't seen in quite some time. A deeply original tale, Lumiere was everything I wanted and more. As you guys can see, this was definitely a read that I thoroughly enjoyed from cover to cover. I could rave abo
SecondRunReviews More than 1 year ago
Set in alternate world devastated by the Great Illumination, Lumière by Jacqueline Garlick follows Eyelet and Ulrick as they uncover the dark secrets of their personal lives and the world they live in. I will say that I was captivated from first few pages of Lumière. I have a soft spot for books that lean on a close father/daughter relationship. After the prologue, I knew that I needed to follow Eyelet through to the end even if I had no intention of reading the entire Illumination Paradox series. I was going to trust Eyelet from start to finish. book review lumiere garlick This entire book was an incredible case of deja vu for me. I felt like I had read it before. However, I have no permanent record of reading it prior to now. Perhaps it was the familiar elements from other novels and worlds I have encountered. Familiar Elements The disparity between the Brethren part of town and Gears and the Follies reminded me of Dickens’ portrayal of Victorian London. The obsessed scientists reminded me of Shelley’s Frankenstein. There are arguments, laying just below the surface, about using science for good or ill and who ultimately gets to make that decision. The power of a parent’s love (or their hatred) had me flashing back to Harry Potter. These familiar elements along with the intriguing characters kept me engaged with the book. Once Eyelet and Ulrick meet the plot really starts to roll and I’m sure I could have finished this book faster if not for real life (one mush eat, sleep, drink and pay the bills), I would have finished the book faster. While the book does end on one hell of a cliffhanger, I don’t feel compelled to continue with the series. Most of major mysteries were solved with just enough information for me to move on without much regret. My questions were answered. I’m not that interested in seeing how the love story ends up. It will probably end up like all the other young adult/new adult love stories on the market. Should you read Lumière? If you are looking for an exciting, heart-pounding young adult/new adult story that doesn’t require you to to invest in a new series, sure. If you are looking for an innovative steampunk novel, I’m afraid that Lumière may not deliver. It’s a great novel if you are looking to stay within (or return) to a known comfort zone.
Goldenfurproductions More than 1 year ago
MY THOUGHTS I picked this book up on a whim. I've enjoyed many books by Skyscape and this book sounded very interesting, so I picked it up! I was pleasantly surprised by this book! It was so unique, fast-paced, and so riveting! Eyelet lives in a society after the flash, which entirely changed the world. After being driven out of the city for being considered Wicked, Eyelet goes in search of her father's invention, the Illuminator. She's been plagued by seizures all hr life and her father dies before he could use the invention to 'fix her'. But before she can reach the Illuminator, it's taken by a stranger. She hitches a ride with him and actually stays with hi in his odd home, all the while trying to figure out this stranger and the Illuminator. I'm kind of turn about the world-building in this book. Parts of it were very well-crafted, others not so much. I felt like the past needed work. I didn't quite understand what the world was like before the flash or much about the flash to be honest. I also didn't quite understand how the society was organized, mostly because the book spent hardly any time in the actual society. As for everything else, it was very unique and just fantastic! I felt like it was very well-written and as if I were inside the world. I thought that the outside of the society and the Vapours were actually really clear and so very unique. In fact, the very idea behind the book was unique! As for pacing, this book was very fast-paced! Even when there wasn't a whole lot happening, it felt like there was, if that makes any sense. I was so invented in this book! Each time I finished a chapter, I had to read another! I had to actually force myself to put it down to go to bed! As for characters, I liked them, though I didn't love them. This book has dual point of view of both Eyelet and Urlick. I liked the dual point of view, since I was able to see how they felt about the other character. As for romance, this book did have romance, but it thankfully did not distract from the plot and was placed very well in the book, which is exactly how I like it. IN CONCLUSION Overall, I really enjoyed this book! It was so interesting, unique, and I was incredibly invested in this book! I do recommend it and I've already gotten my hands on the sequel!
Marleene More than 1 year ago
Lumière had a very interesting premise and a very well planned plot that took place is a most unique steampunk world. The world is described well and the author makes all the tiny gadgets and large contraptions come alive in a beautiful way. I find myself very intrigued by the scenery and the setting. It was sometimes rather confusing at the same time though since some parts of the world are described very well, while others are just a rough outline. I would have wanted more details on all the places. Overall, I got the feeling that this was another world, but still we read about known places on earth, which only added to the confusion. The main character, Eyelet, is a young woman troubled with seizures in a world where this equals death. Stuck in the idea that her father’s invention, the Illuminator, can cure her, she sets out to find the machine. I feel that Eyelet is a rather hard character to understand and in some instances she’s strong and determined, then in the other she’s a whiny brat, especially in the scenes where we follow the male character. It feels like the two sides of her are different people and it doesn’t make much sense to me. Over all this made it hard for me to really connect to the book and the story. Even after I had finished the book, I still had no clear idea on who the characters were and what went on in their heads. Somehow they didn’t feel real unfortunately. I didn’t always understand the reason for their actions and it made it hard to follow the story. The story was also rather slow, and very repetitive. It was the same thing over and over again and the characters even used the exact sentences to express the exact same thing on multiple occasions. Which in the end made it feel like I had already read the story. There were definitely many great sections with interest and darkness and feelings and those were what kept the story floating. I would have wanted something that would hook me into the story though, the kind of thing that makes you want to read the next page, and the next. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything like that even though the plot was there. I can see the outline and I can see the potential, but that last bit was still missing. However, it’s not by any means a bad book. On the contrary, it’s a good book, not just a great one. And for those who love steampunk and stories with interesting new worlds, don’t hesitate to pick this up. I am sure you’ll like it.