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Lust Bites: Vol 2

Lust Bites: Vol 2

by Jamie Hill, Alexis Fleming, Lyn Cash Hill, Skylar Sinclair, Shermaine Williams

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Lust Bites Anthology Collection - Volume Two

This Lust Bites Collection was released to celebrate TB’s first anniversary. A collection of all of the short stories released throughout the year.

A collection of all of the short stories released throughout the year

'Convincing Cate' by Jamie Hill

Vince Mason is


Lust Bites Anthology Collection - Volume Two

This Lust Bites Collection was released to celebrate TB’s first anniversary. A collection of all of the short stories released throughout the year.

A collection of all of the short stories released throughout the year

'Convincing Cate' by Jamie Hill

Vince Mason is sure the perfect woman doesn't exist. When he meets elusive Cate Reynolds and finds she's nearly as close to perfect as he can imagine, he doesn't want her to slip away.

Cate is attracted to Vince, but she sees one major problem—he's almost ten years younger, an age span she refuses to live with.

It's going to take one carefully crafted plan, a few well-meaning relatives, and maybe even a shot from Cupid's arrow before Vince is through convincing Cate.

'Hit and Miss' by Lyn Cash and Alexis Fleming

Book one in the Sexy Mythconceptions Series

Nothing like a little foray into BDSM to make a girl feel good about herself.

When Kat Toomy discovers her lover cavorting on her bed in her underwear with his best buddy, she knows it's time to kick his butt out of there and go looking for something to restore her confidence in herself.

Kat's girlfriends offer her a weekend away on a tropical Australian resort that specialises in fulfilling fantasies and she's all for it, particularly when she meets her new Master, Gabe Carpenter, who can turn her on with the flick of a button.

But how will Kat and Gabe feel when they find out they've been set up?

'How Sweet It Is' by Shermaine Williams

As a successful male escort, Ben's life is sweet. He goes to all the best places with a wide range of women who adore him.

Granted, not all of them would be his first choice and it's difficult to maintain a serious relationship when your job is to provide pleasure to other women, but that is a small price to pay. He has a lovely home, a wonderful lifestyle and wants for nothing.

Maybe it's not what his parents always dreamed of him doing, but he is a professional; that is until Natasha's arrival on the scene.

He fails to anticipate that she is capable of doing what no other woman can…putting his professionalism to the test.

'Crude Oil' by Desiree Holt

Dana Devlin was still recovering from a messy divorce following an even messier marriage. When her sister Jodi sent her to Enchantor Key for a weekend of relaxing and unwinding, the last thing she expected was a Meet Your Mate event. And the last person she expected to see what sexy hunk Max Hollister, a divorce attorney about whom she secretly fantasised.

Touch was enough to turn her on, but when he brought out his special oil, she was lost to an erotic adventure.

'Fantasies Unleashed' by Skylar Sinclair

Sexual fantasies are just that, fantasies, until they are played out in physically, graphic, erotic reality!

Ever fantasised about partaking in a night of uninhibited sex with a stranger? Letting him do things to your body that you have only dreamed of?

Bella Simmons is looking to fulfil the fantasy she has longed to explore, but up until now, has never dared. Bored with her life she decides enough is enough, and ventures out one night with the clear intent of finding a sexy stranger and having the wildest carnal night of her life.

'Tempting Tamera' by Brynn Paulin

Book one in the Circle of Three Series

A new job, a new home, a new lifestyle…

When teacher Tamera moved to Cranston to teach, she knew the lifestyle she'd encounter would take some getting used to. Though she was raised in an open-minded household she doesn't have experience with ménage relationships therefore her attraction to her fellow teachers, Kai and Brian, takes her by surprise.

When the trio is stranded together during a freak snowstorm, Tamera discovers her attraction isn't one sided. In fact, the men have been waiting for the opportunity to show her how perfect three can be.

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'Convincing Cate' by Jamie Hill

She was pretty enough to be a high-priced call girl, but he didn’t think she was. Vince Mason stood back and surreptitiously watched the woman seated at table twenty-nine in the restaurant where he waited tables. She was a beauty, with deep, chocolate-brown eyes and full, red lips. Stylish, short brown hair framed her face. He usually preferred longer hair on a woman, but in this case, the style suited her. There wasn’t one thing he’d change about this woman. Catherine Reynolds.

He knew her name because table twenty-nine was his table, and she entertained guests at the restaurant at least twice a week. That’s what she appeared to be doing, anyway. She was with different people every night. Usually men, occasionally women, but Miss Reynolds always paid the ticket with her credit card.

Vince called her Miss Reynolds out of respect, and hoped one day she’d say, ‘Call me Catherine’. She hadn’t yet, but he still hoped.

Another waiter brushed past him from the kitchen and mumbled, “Watch out, man!”

“Sorry.” Vince stepped out of the way, catching a glimpse of his reflection in the swinging metal door. Unkempt, curly brown hair was the first thing he spotted. Probably the first thing anyone spotted when they first saw him. He always thought the hair made him look about fifteen, and apparently others agreed. He was often asked to show identification when he bought beer or nudie magazines, even now at the age of twenty-three.

He’d tried a super-short razor haircut once, but friends agreed it wasn’t his best look. He was blessed, or cursed, with a head full of curls. Vince’s mother called him cute. He wasn’t sure about that, but he knew starting around his junior year in high school, and all through college, he’d had no trouble attracting girls. Now graduated, he worked at the restaurant full-time, while on the side, perfecting his true love, painting.

He had plenty of dates. Women seemed to love a starving artist and many offered to pose nude while he painted them. He hated to tell them still life wasn’t his thing. Vince greatly preferred landscapes, and his favourite subjects were beaches and lighthouses. But the ‘Thomas Kincaid’ route didn’t get him laid nearly as often as the willing, young models did, so he at least attempted still life on a regular basis.

Another glance at Catherine Reynolds had his cock tenting his khakis, and he tried to think about anything to make the bulge go away. His thoughts kept returning to her and he glanced over, noticing her proper business jacket and skirt.

In his fantasy, they were alone in the restaurant. They both knew what they wanted and weren’t going to be shy about getting it. She watched his face while peeling off her jacket, revealing a lacy chemise underneath. Vince eyed her hungrily. Dropping his gaze to her full breasts, he reached out and trailed a thumb over one nipple. It poked out seductively through the silken blouse. He imagined ripping the soft white fabric from her body and burying his face between those two luscious mounds of flesh. When he’d had his fill, nipping and sucking each nipple to firmness, he’d lower her skirt and the tiny thong underneath. She’d lie back on the table and squirm with pleasure as his mouth and tongue explored every inch of the soft flesh between her legs.


'Hit and Miss' by Lyn Cash and Alexis Fleming

“Okay, girlfriends, pull up your seats. It’s hunting time and I need a hefty injection of ego-boost. This place is a male Mecca, compliments of the yacht marina out there.”

Katherine Toomy—Kat to her friends—selected a table close to the railing that enclosed the outdoor dining area of the Seaview Café and took a deep, cleansing breath. She loved this place. Loved being able to look out over Darling Harbour at night. The city lights glinting on the inky water…the moored yachts in the harbour…the bustle of the tourists along the waterfront. It all combined to give the area an exciting ambience.

“Hey, this is great. I love eating alfresco.” Kat’s friend, Marly Devon, grabbed a chair and positioned herself so she could check out the water. “I can’t believe I’ve lived in Darling Harbour for two years and have never been to this place.”

Kat grinned at her flatmate, Julia. “Want to tell her why we really come down here?”

Julia chuckled. “Sit here long enough and you’ll get to check out all the yachties. Some of these guys are hawt.”

“Um, this isn’t where you met Jason, is it?”

Before Kat could respond to Marly’s question, an irate male voice interrupted the girls’ conversation. “Will you please step aside? You’re blocking my aim…er, view.”

Kat did a slow turn to find the owner of the voice. The guy at the small table next to them peered at her over the top of dark-rimmed glasses as if she’d committed some unpardonable sin. An open laptop and a digital camera sat in front of him, papers and folders littering the tabletop. He was obviously having a working dinner.

“Look, I’m sorry, I’ll—”

“Hurry up and sit down. I’m losing my subject.” He used the arms of the chair to raise himself half out of the seat and stare over her shoulder.

“Bite me,” she muttered. What a dipshit, and a rude one at that. Although, for a nerdy prick, he wasn’t too bad. From what she could see, he had the type of body that attracted her. Lean and hungry. And given the length of those long, jean-encased legs, he looked to be quite tall. Dark hair fell forward in a curl over his forehead. She stared past the glasses on the end of his nose to his eyes, the colour of a storm-tossed sea. Steel grey and glinting. Altogether, a nice package. It was a shame about the attitude.


'How Sweet It Is' by Shermaine Williams

As steam gradually filled the room, Ben stuck his hand under the stream of water to test the temperature before getting in.

“Ben, hurry up and get out of the bathroom.”

Even with the water running and the door closed, the voice of Andrew, his best friend and flatmate, easily carried to his ear. They had known each other for ten years, and Ben had gradually watched him become a metro sexual, spending an endless amount of time preening and posing. Of late, it had gotten worse.

“Piss off! I just got in here.”

It had started after Ben introduced him to his boss, so he knew he only had himself to blame. As a jobbing actor, Ben had been finding it hard to make ends meet until he began working as a male escort. Now he found it easy and no longer had to worry about money. Once he’d decided to do it, he’d also decided he wasn’t going to tell anyone except Andrew, whom he knew wouldn’t judge him.

His assumption had been correct and Andrew hadn’t judged him. However, he was incurably inquisitive and seemed unable to stop himself bombarding his friend with questions whenever he returned from a ‘date’. Finally unable to take any more, Ben invited him to meet Jacqueline, the owner of the escort agency he worked for and, before he knew it, Andrew had given up his job as a bank clerk in order to become an escort as well. It had only been four months, but he had been impossible ever since, spending a ridiculous amount of time and money on his appearance and generally being really annoying.

For his part, Ben had been working as an escort for ten months and loved it. As he thrust his head under the jet of water, he thought back over the many events he had attended, restaurants he’d eaten at, plays and operas he’d seen, all on the arm of a woman who was paying for the privilege of his company. Before he’d started, he’d assumed the only women who would want an escort would be lacking in the looks department, but he was pleasantly surprised. Not that all of the women were good looking, and some were a few years older than he would normally go for, but he didn’t let any of that faze him. He remained charming and attentive no matter the circumstances. Ever the professional. That was probably one of the reasons he was so popular.

After filling his hands with shower gel, he ran them over the other reason.

Lightly pulling his hard cock, he smiled to himself as he recalled his first meeting with Jacqueline when she—in all seriousness—told him that clients wouldn’t often want him for sex, but it was his choice whether or not to do so if the opportunity ever presented itself.


'Crude Oil' by Desiree Holt

Dana Devlin leaned back in her beach chair and resumed devising painful ways to kill her sister Jodi. Her excitement at the gift of a paid weekend at lush, exotic Enchantor Key had turned to shock when she’d arrived to find herself in the middle of a singles weekend. Signs everywhere read ‘Meet Your Mate’.

Yeah, right. She’d already met hers and one was enough, thank you very much.

And this place! She was shocked to realise what kind of resort it really was. At least for the weekend. At first she thought it was great how every guest had his or her own tiny bungalow away from the main building. But then she’d explored her “home for the weekend” and discovered it was stocked with all manner of sex toys, creams and fragrant oils. And God only knew what else. She’d stopped looking after finding the first stash.

Did Jodi really think this would be a good idea for her?

Not that Dana didn’t know what some of the stuff was. Or hadn’t used one or two to give herself the satisfaction Greg the Dipshit had never given her. But use them with someone else?

Jodi, Jodi, Jodi. Just how far did you think you could push me?

A splash of something wet on her thigh jerked her from her reverie and she got her second shock. Standing next to her, a tall, frosted drink in each hand, was her divorce attorney, Max Hollister. What in the hell was a stud like him doing at a weekend like this? And at a place like this?

A sudden image flashed through her mind of Max Hollister using some of the toys from her room on her and she felt a hot flush creep over her body.

Whoa, Dana. Rein it in.

She lifted her sunglasses and stared at him. “Max?”

He grinned, and laugh lines crinkled around his chiselled mouth and at the corners of his gorgeous sapphire blue eyes.

“None other.”

Dana couldn’t stop staring. His magnificent body was sun-bronzed and his thick, black hair tousled by the soft breeze from the Gulf. Strong legs extended from tiny plaid boxer-style swim trunks. Oh. My. God.

No, no, no. Dana closed her eyes. This wasn’t just some stud. This was Max, who’d held her hand all through her nasty divorce from the king of the assholes. He was her friend, her confidante. Besides, she’d sworn off men for the rest of her life. Greg had thoroughly inoculated her against the desire for sex ever again.


'Fantasies Unleashed' by Skylar Sinclair

Bella slid her jean-clad legs out of the taxi and stepped onto the curb, tucking her small purse under the crook of her arm. She stood only a few feet away from the door where she hoped her long-time fantasy would become reality tonight. Taking a deep breath, her unfettered nipples rubbed against the weave of her sweater making her ache in sexual arousal.

Behind her the taxi’s engine revved up and pulled away from the curb, leaving her washed in the lights that danced in an array of bright colours along the drab grey of the concrete walkway from the surrounding buildings. Her eyes lit on the kerbside and she gazed about. Motorcycles and trucks seemed to dominate the landscape of the streets around the bar. “Perfect,” Bella whispered and her lips lifted in a smile.

She’d overheard some of the women at work mention this newly opened bar repeatedly, gushing over the hunks they’d met. Bella remembered avidly listening, as her co-workers in low breathless voices, described their sexual encounters in explicit details. Nothing left out. No detail too personal to mention.

There was one woman’s encounter so scorching and sexually descriptive burned into Bella’s memory. She’d been eating lunch in the break-room at work, and as the women were gossiping at her table, the conversation turned to what everyone had done the night before. One woman, Shelly, a big voluptuous blonde, who always wore the most outrageously revealing clothes to work, lowed her husky voice and peered around before beginning her highly erotic and adventurous night.


'Tempting Tamera' by Brynn Paulin

“Annie, do I need to call your mom and dads?” Tamera Gentry asked the third grader standing on the other side of her desk. Three months ago, she’d never thought such a phrase would pass her lips. She’d barely imagined such a situation existed. That was until she’d come to Cranston to teach.

The little girl shook her head and Tam softened her gaze. “Then you need to stop talking in class and do your assignments. Understood? The other students can’t do their work if you’re distracting them and it’s affecting your work, too. Let’s try a little harder tomorrow, okay?”

“Yes, Ms. Gentry,” Annie muttered, shuffling her feet. “Sorry.”

“Okay. Now go on and catch the bus. I had Ms. Thompson make sure they wouldn’t leave without you.”

Tam leaned back and shook her head as her student scurried away. No doubt she’d be bursting with whispers again tomorrow. The adorable little angel was full of charm and the devil. Which of her fathers she’d gotten that from anyone knew.


Tam stared off into space. She didn’t particularly want kids—teaching made great birth control—but the thought of having four strong arms holding her made her stomach wobble in ways she’d never experienced before. What would it be like to belong to two men? She supposed she could ask. Cranston was a gated community built on lifestyle not wealth. This was no Stepford, but life here had an idyllic quality she’d never experienced elsewhere. That didn’t stop her from occasionally feeling like an outsider. She was a single woman in a group of triads.

You could have someone. You only have to say yes.

Not a prayer.

“Earth to Tam…”

Startled, she looked up to find her co-worker, Brian, standing in the doorway to her classroom. Okay, she wasn’t the only single in the community. There were several others and one was junior high writing teacher, Brian Goodson. She bit back a sigh worthy of his most besotted student and smiled. She could get lost in his blue eyes. They really shouldn’t let men who looked as hot as he did be in the classroom with teenage girls. Brian could be trusted completely, but Tam doubted any of his female students got a lot of work done in class.

Meet the Author

Jamie Hill writes contemporary erotic romance with happy endings. The genres vary from heterosexual to gay to lesbian- Jamie feels that love is love and hot sex is hot sex, no matter who's involved. She's written straight contemporary, paranormal with ghosts and shape shifters (cougars, bears and wolves), D/s, BDSM and horror. Visit her website to discover what other kooky things her imagination conjures up. For more information please visit her website.

I always wanted adventure and change in my life, and I certainly got it. I grew up in Maine, a beautiful place to live, then lived in the Midwest and Florida. Now I make my home in the Hill Country of Texas, truly God's chosen place on earth. My husband, David, is a sixth generation Texan, tracing his roots here back to the time when Texas was a Republic, so retiring here was a dream we finally fulfilled. I've had a lot of firsts in my life – first female sports report on The Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan; first woman to own a rock and roll agency in Detroit, the home of Motown; first woman president of the Pasco (Florida) Economic Development Council. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in English and History, and a minor in economics., and went on to have at least four careers. When my children were small, I satisfied my need for writing by working for weekly newspapers. I had a wild and wacky time managing rock and roll bands. I joined the insanity of retail with a string of shoe stores. I worked in fundraising, public affairs and community relations. But writing fiction was always my dream. I had a lot of stops and starts, but it wasn't until we retired that I could devote myself to it full time. My wonderful husband, David, encourages me and supports me in my dream. Our children are all grown and on their own, and are my biggest fans. When I'm not writing I'm an avid reader – anything and everything – and watching football, especially my beloved Michigan Wolverines. David and I golf and target shoot., and of course enjoy life in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country, where most of my stories are based. I am a member of Romance Writers of America, and San Antonio Romance Authors, Diamond State Romance Authors, and Passionate Ink chapter of RWA.

When it comes to books and movies, Brynn Paulin has one rule: there must be a happy ending. After that one requirement, anything else goes. And it just might in any of her books. Brynn lives in Michigan with her husband and two children, who love her despite her occasional threats to smite them. They humour her and let her think she's a goddess...as long as she provides homemade chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis. Brynn is president of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America and also hosts a weekly writing critique group. She’s conducted workshops at several writers’ conferences around the country as she enjoys mentoring and meeting new people. According to Brynn, her writing success can be attributed to 70's music, her local road construction crews, a trusty notebook, and of course, her husband (and willing research subject), AKA Mr. Inspiration.

A tomboy at heart, Skylar grew up riding and showing horses. Her love for horses and animals in general, are where her true passion in life lies. Creatures of all kinds bring joy and unfailing love to the lives of everyone they touch. It is that understanding and connection with animals that has inspired Skylar to create sizzling sexual encounters in Rearing Heat, Impassioned Sea, and Extraordinary Love. Skylar is best known for her ability to make non-human sexuality sexy. Skylar started spinning tales with carnal heat in her early forties. She believes everyone has a story to tell, whether it is written down, painted, carved or sculpted. Every person leaves behind a little of themselves when they create, whatever that may be. The most important people in Skylar's life are her parents. It is their unconditional love and encouragement from the very beginning that has made Skylar the woman she is today. Skylar loves to hear from her readers. You can contact her by clicking ont he email link below. Another passion of Skylar's is her graphic art. She is also an award-winning cover artist. To see her latest work click here.

In her early thirties and a born and bred Londoner, Shermaine Williams has loved reading since she was a child. She began writing relatively recently after becoming bored with the career that came after finishing university.She writes contemporary erotic romance, telling tales of characters that she hopes people can see themselves in. She gets inspiration from the most unassuming acts that people all around her don’t realise they are performing. Stories with a twist always get her attention.In addition to fiction, she also writes other pieces that are positively mundane by comparison.

Bobbie Cole is the multi-published author of over fifty short stories and confessions, a couple of non-fiction books, and over a dozen novellas and novels. Her mainstream fiction is written under Bobbie Cole, her erotic fiction under the pen names of Lyn Cash and Cash Cole.

Alexis Fleming is one of those strange people who live inside their mind. No, she doesn’t hear little voices... Well, she does, just not the type you're thinking of. Alexis’ world is peopled with interesting characters and exciting possibilities that come to life in each and every book she writes. Her first love has always been romance, whether on this world or the next. Hot, sizzling relationships with a dash of comedy and a few trials and tribulations thrown in to test her characters.When she’s not tied to her computer creating sizzling stories to tempt her readers, she helps run a busy motel set on the edge of a National Marine Park in Australia. What better place to get inspiration for the tales she turns out? A glorious sunset over the ocean, dolphins playing almost in her front yard, suntanned bodies lazing on the sand... How could she not get caught up in the eroticism of that?

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