Lusty Wives: Big Cock Erotica

Lusty Wives: Big Cock Erotica

by Carolina Allender

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Lusty Wives: Big Cock Erotica by Carolina Allender


"Well, just around midnight I was about to give up. I was walking back home, my heels clacking on the wet moonlit sidewalk, and... whamo! This guy's big long skinny arm reaches out and grabs me by the shoulder. Well, naturally, I started to scream, but he got his other hand into motion, on my mouth, and stopped me from yelling. I turned around, when he let me, and I saw he had a buccaneer's carnation in his lapel. God, I was scared. What if he raped me and broke my twat, I wondered. What if he was hot for an anal slide and he had chosen me to do it? I'd end up in the hospital. And what if he wanted me to suck him off? I'd have mushroom cock in my lungs if his joint was really that long, as long and as fat as Andrea and everyone else said.

"I tried to look cool and collected. He said he knew who I was, and he twirled his mustache. I told him I knew who he was and tried to run away. He grabbed me around the neck and pulled me back into the alley again. I told him that I was just doing a little interview and that I wanted to take his picture, that we needed to look up the photographer who was supposed to be with me, who should be along any moment now. It didn't wash.

"Carnation smiled and took me by the hand, as though we were young lovers. I had no choice but to follow him. Five minutes later I was alone with him in one of the nicest East Side apartments I've ever seen. Everything was white and plush and overstuffed, as soft and easy as pussy meat. I smiled and shared my impressions of his house with him. He smiled back and showed me his cock.

"Without exaggeration the thing was like an undersea appendage, the kind of muscle that rumors get made of, that maidens can get raped by from a distance of three feet. He kept it in a sling, of a sort, along side his body. I had to go down on it There was no way to avoid that. I sucked just the head, as much of it as I could fit in my face, and then I excused myself from his apartment He thought I was going to the John. But I was leaving. I had learned my big lesson for the day, I would never see Carnation again. He was a freak, a man with too big a cock muscle. He would be lonely, I knew, and I wrote him a letter recommending cosmetic surgery.

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Publication date: 07/25/2017
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Lusty Wives: Big Cock Erotica 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Glad it was a long story, tried of all these rip off shorts