Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease

by Mike Kasson


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Lyme disease is that unseen destroyer of lives. Each year tens of thousands are diagnosed with the disease-a number that represents one-tenth of those actually infected. It has been called "the great imitator" because the disease mimics nearly 350 other diseases. Unknown-or perhaps just ignored-are those whose lives are disrupted, devalued and left behind. This book is for them. This book is for all those who have questions regarding the effects of Lyme disease. It is for the families, the friends and the infected. This is the story of one man's ongoing struggle to overcome.

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ISBN-13: 9781606105160
Publisher: Publish America
Publication date: 08/25/2008
Pages: 74
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.18(d)

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Lyme Disease 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sick_of_Finette More than 1 year ago
Unlike the other reviewer (Anonymous - because Finette Russak doesn't like using her name when slandering people) I have actually read the book. It's the story of one man's struggle with Lyme disease (the title gave that much away) and the manner in which the disease has affected his life.

I found the book to be a rather revealing look inside the life of people suffering from the disease. Far too many of the common beliefs about the disease are faulty and this book helps dispel some of the rumors. It isn't written from a medical standpoint, nor does it offer medical advice. The author clearly states his intent to inform people about the effects of the disease and his story helps to give a clear understanding of what living with Lyme disease is like.

I'm confused as to why Finette chooses to spend her time harassing the author - her inept ramblings do little other than offer a convincing demonstration of her blatant desire to bring harm to the author. She's spent months stalking him, slandering him with each opportunity and doing her very best to belittle a book she obviously hasn't read. In fact she admitted that she hasn't read the book in one Lyme forum; that admission was immediately followed by her threat to institute a policy of authoring poor "reviews" wherever possible.

She has carried through with her threat: posting one deluded "review" after another.

Does she take some kind of sick pleasure in harming a sick man?


But she certainly hasn't read the book she pretends to "review" and that harms you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author had a previous review erroneously removed due to inappropriate language as Im sure he will try again with this one. Its a shame when the State officials and police enforcement units have to waste their time due to the fraudulent alleged impersonation by a lowlife, this author. The only "threat" was made by this person who laughingly refers to himself as an "author" and he has followed through by cyber-impersonating this leader in the Lyme community--the woman he insists on defaming publicly. The only "stalking" has been allegedly perpetrated by this author himself. Im guessing the reviewer who names this respected Lyme patient educator and advocate is in fact the author himself or a relative! any sales of this book will only support and encourage this author's alleged nefarious behavior which is why we ALL strongly suggest you scroll on past this to a better book about Lyme--any other book!!