by Shannon Mayer


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ISBN-13: 9781544033532
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2017
Pages: 226
Sales rank: 929,640
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Lynchpin (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues, Book 4) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
RebeccaFWTX More than 1 year ago
Oh man...I feel like a broken record but I am not lying when I say that I have yet to find an author that I love reading as much as Shannon Mayer. This end of series epilogue will not disappoint and sets us up perfectly for the final book in the Elemental series. I will miss these characters so much but happy to have been on their journey. ** I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review**
pdmcbride More than 1 year ago
I really LOVE all the previous Rylee books, including the majority of the epilogues. They were gripping and held my attention from start to finish. With Alex being one of my favorite characters from Rylee’s world, I was excited to read this book and to find out why Pam needed him back so badly in the real world. Unfortunately, it just did not hold my attention as Ms. Mayer’s previous books, and I found myself putting it down and picking it back up too many times. I also feel that it took way to long from Alex to move through all the levels of the Veil. While I understand the trials and tribulations Alex was facing, was to prepare him for his next adventure with Pam. I am very hopeful that book will snap me out of my reading blahs!
Aterry416 More than 1 year ago
I feel like it goes without saying that Shannon Mayer has done it again...showing its possible to dig deep and find out who you really are without relying on your entourage. ALEX IS BAAAAAACK and better than ever, still the amazing good hearted sweet wolf we've all grown to know and love but more developed and ready again to take on the world or die trying. Such an in depth look at his journey through the 7 layers of the veil and what kind of inner strength and courage it takes to get through each one. Can't say enough good things about this book, it's like coming home again after being away for so long♡
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was not very long but it still a good read.
VixPoll More than 1 year ago
I was unsure on where Alex's story would take us. The idea of him returning to action with his family delighted me in a way nothing else had, having loved his character in the Rylee series. As Alex fights his way through the different levels of the veil, facing his own inner demons and those that oppose him, you realise this is not going to be difficult; it's going to be almost impossible. Still, I was rooting for him to succeed. Was rooting for him to find a way back to those he was separated from. The backstory for Alex, is both exciting and insightful, and as always, beautifully crafted! Cannot wait for the next instalment.
antnvik More than 1 year ago
Lynchpin. Wow. I am not even sure where to begin with this review. Let's start with this...Lynchpin is book 4 of the Rylee Adamson epilogues. While you could read this book as a stand alone, I believe you'll appreciate it so much more if you begin with the first of the Rylee Series. In Lynchpin, you get a good inside look at Alex, the submissive wolf. Only, what you see is not what I expected. I have loved Alex as a sidekick, a silly, goofy half man/half wolf. But I never really gave him a lot of depth, and never really looked at what was going on inside his head until this book. And I am surprised. As Alex makes it through the 7 layers of the Veil, thanks to the work of the witch Pamela, you learn more about Alex - his past, his family, his feelings. I completely enjoyed this book, and really wanted more when I hit the last page. So, if you are looking for a good epic adventure to sink your teeth into, this book is for you!
LatishaBramlett More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review. Alex!!!! I love Alex. Although it is a little weird to see him so normal. We get to know a little more about Alex and his backstory. Poor thing. This book is the ending to one series and the beginning to another. I cannot wait to see where the story goes.
BeckyBC More than 1 year ago
Tracker Finale “World, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” A truer quote could not best describe this last epilogue. In each epilogue, we saw how Rylee's family adjusted and became more self aware. This last story truly wraps up the Tracker tale and Mayer sets us up to find what is beyond the Veil. Sad for the end but content in the characters' path and excited for the future.
Erin Coolbaugh More than 1 year ago
I have to admit Lynchpin is not what I expected. Trust me that's not a bad thing. I thought Alex was going to make a trip through all the levels of the Veil with a few hiccups and then his journey with Pamela would start. Silly me! Lynchpin is Alex's journey through the 7 levels of the Veil and the subsequent tear his departure makes. Each level has a different obstacle for Alex to face. This is really the first time Alex faces challenges on his own. Before he always had Rylee by his side. Our little Alex really comes into his own and shatters his submissive character as he advances through the levels of the Veil. Alex has been my favorite character since Priceless. I bawled through Blood of the Lost, especially when his departing words were Alex loves Rylee. I'm so happy he's back and proud of how much he's grown and still kept that loving, happy-go-lucky nature that made all of us fall in love with Alex. If you haven't figured it out yet, I love this book. You're going to love it too. I am so excited to see the start of Pamela's and Alex's story. Can't wait for the new series to begin.
Denisemouse More than 1 year ago
Shannon does it again.. In Lynchpin it is the epilogue Story about our favorite: Alex... it full of Adventure, Excitement, Love and Tears... as at the end of Pamela's story Pamela has opened the veil and has called Alex out... Alex is everyone's favorite sidekick that Rylee had... he had a Love for all of his family and a special tender spot for the young little Witch Pamela... of who we also find out that Raven is Pamela's father... Wow was that a shocker... I f you have read any of the Rylee Adamson book series and the first 3 Rylee Adamson Epilogues (Rylee, Liam, and Pamela) and loved them you will be sure to love reading book #4 Lynchpin.. it will keep you captivated to the end... be warned.. when you are done you will want more.. it's a given... This series is like that and pulls you into the book.. along with the Elemental series... Thank you Shannon for your Awesomeness..
Masbjs More than 1 year ago
Yuppy Doody! Alex is back! Alex is by far one of my favourite characters in the Rylee/Lark universe. I thought this book would be focussed on what happened after Alex breached the Veil but was pleasantly surprised that it was more about his journey through it. Alex needs to prove, to himself and others, that he is strong enough for the battle that is about to happen. I can't wait to see it all unfold! Well done Shannon Mayer! I have purchased my copy on Amazon AU.
YoungHeart More than 1 year ago
I thought it'd be different, but it was another amazing book nonetheless. This is the story of Alex as the Lynchpin he needed to be to keep the Demons inside the 7th layer of the veil. But Pamela needs him back on topside to help save the world. In other words, he needs to break through each veil layer to answer a call that he cannot deny. In breaking through each layer of the veil, there's the danger of the Demons escaping. In each and every layer, the scenery is different and more difficult than the last. Danger lurks around every corner and if he succumbs to the danger, he won't just die, because he's already dead, he'll cease to ever exist, his very spirit will be consumed and he will be forgotten. Can Alex get through this labyrinth they call the veil?? What oppositions will he face?? Who will he meet on the way?? What will happen if he succeeds?? You can find out, but not through me. I'm mean that way. LOLI thought it'd be different, but it was another amazing book nonetheless. This is the story of Alex as the Lynchpin he needed to be to keep the Demons inside the 7th layer of the veil. But Pamela needs him back on topside to help save the world. In other words, he needs to break through each veil layer to answer a call that he cannot deny. In breaking through each layer of the veil, there's the danger of the Demons escaping. In each and every layer, the scenery is different and more difficult than the last. Danger lurks around every corner and if he succumbs to the danger, he won't just die, because he's already dead, he'll cease to ever exist, his very spirit will be consumed and he will be forgotten. Can Alex get through this labyrinth they call the veil?? What oppositions will he face?? Who will he meet on the way?? What will happen if he succeeds?? You can find out, but not through me. I'm mean that way. LOL
MEXICANCUTIE More than 1 year ago
Oh how I love Alex! I am so happy to have him back in my world. I have known all along how special he is but in Lynchpin Alex doesn't just shine, he is blazing! This incredible and fiercely loyal character has channeled all that is good in himself and has become a powerhouse of his own. He has done so with immense courage and faith in those he loves and without compromising his beliefs. This book had moments that had me crying and cursing and cheering. I have so many questions and so much hope for his future, I am also terrified at what it may bring. I never expected his return but Shannon brought him back in a way that was true to his character and after all his is a world of magic and paranormal so thankfully anything is possible. Quoting Giselle "I doubt the journey is going to be one of butterflies and sweet tea" but for now Lynchpin has totally made up for all previous heartbreak I have endured due to Shannon's imagination and spellbinding storytelling. I can’t recommend this series enough. It deserves so much more than 5 stars. Thank you Shannon for this wonderful unexpected gift of words from Alex. Thank you for letting him continue his journey. Your writing is totally worth the loss of sleep.
L_McBride More than 1 year ago
Lynchpin is the fourth and final book in the Rylee Adamson Epilogues, in this last book we see the return of one amazing character. Shannon Mayer sure did make some wishes come true with Alex's return, but what fun would it be to just give him back without also bringing about big things in the process?!?!?! As we see Alex coming forward from his place as the lynchpin we see his love not just for his family but specifically for Pamela who called him forth to help her in a step that is both devastating and necessary for the whole of the supernatural and human worlds. As he takes his journey back to the land of the living to be by Pamela's side and help her in her journey we see glimpses of what may happen and the consequences of this choice. We see again how in this family trust and love are always at the center and no matter what may come they always have each other's backs. I can't imagine this tale ending in a better way!
serendipity5 More than 1 year ago
For all those that loved Alex and felt very aggrieved at his sacrifice at the end of the Rylee Adamson series then this one is especially for you, but I cannot stress how much you must have read all of those and the epilogues in order to understand what is going on here. It would also help to have read the Lark books as well. Alex has to work really hard for his journey through the veils and a lot of questions get answered, for both characters and how this fantastic and intriguing world works. I thought I would struggle with the transition of Alex's personality and body but I didn't and his point of view worked really well for me. I'm very curious to see how the world has now changed and some of the view levels were fascinating, I definitely wouldn't mind being caught in the library! The only slight problem with this book for me was that it felt very much like a transition plot, which is exactly what it is I suppose, as the characters are being lined up for a new series with a different cast and setting, which meant for me that the ending came off as a little low key. However this was an adventure penned by the wonderful Shannon Mayer and as always her stories, the wonderful characters and the non stop action capture you and transport you to a place in a far off fantastical world, one that has gone through a massive transformation. From all the hints that have been dropped for the new series I am incredibly excited, and can't wait to see where this goes. As always whatever Shannon Mayer writes, I love to read.
MJLuckett More than 1 year ago
This is book 4 of the Rylee Adamson Epilogue books.... Also the final epilogue book... I have so enjoyed revisiting Rylee and her 'clan' - Alex has always been one of my favorites..... Bringing him back for this final chapter was pure genius!!!! The steps he had to take to get back, the trials he had to complete, the people he lost all to get back to where he belongs.... and we were lucky enough to go on this adventure with him. I sincerely hope Ms. Mayer will continue to write books with the characters from this series.... but if she doesn't at least we have some closure for most of the characters, well friends, she has introduced us to. Bravo... Great series, Great Book!!!
kat_3245 More than 1 year ago
OMG....Alex has returned....I couldn't wait for this book. It was everything I had hoped it would be and then more. Shannon knows how to keep you on your toes thats foe sure. Alex has to fight his way out of the veil at every level of it. He died saving the world, then Pamela called him back to save the world a second time. I cried when he died the first time, cause who doesn't love Alex, he is awesome. I love this book but at the same time I hate it cause it's the last book of the Rylee series. But man what a way to end it. You did good Shannon. Two thumbs up..... I very, very highly recommend this book after you have read the other Rylee series cause you don't want to read the spoilers first.....
Boundlessbookreviews More than 1 year ago
I loved Alex throughout the Rylee books and his sacrifice during the battle with Orion was heartbreaking. However, through the entire Rylee Adamson series, he was Rylee’s sidekick, her comic relief, her faithful and lovable companion. He was also that character who you couldn’t help but love but he always felt like a secondary character to me never a main character. I am obviously wrong on that, but it’s how I feel. Much like R2D2, Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without him. Would I want to watch an entire movie about him, not so much. Alex getting his own book, not just a novella, left me a bit disappointed. I wanted the kickass chicks, Liam, something. Don’t get me wrong the story was loaded with action like all of Shannon’s stories. It just didn’t have a character who I was expecting. Or maybe in my mind I already mourned Alex and it is hard for me to wrap it around the “new” Alex. IDK. I felt the desperation to get home and the struggle Alex was going through with questioning if he was doing the right thing. Lynchpin is the perfect tie-in to the final Elemental book Destroyer and explains a lot of what is going on, or at least I think it does. Once again these two series are so closely tied you almost have to read them together. I would love Shannon to come out with a timeline of the two series reading order. Overall Lynchpin is getting Three Boundless Stars, it was fast paced action packed read that leaves things open for future stories that I can’t wait to read.
brandyis More than 1 year ago
I think I say this with each installment of the epilogues, this was my favorite so far. I loved the whole construct and the way that everything ties together. Alex is on his way out of the veil and he has to make it through each layer to get back home and to his loved ones. I like that he encounters supporters and opponents on the way--not everything is black and white and neither are the parties involved. We also get some answers--albeit icky ones--about Alex's past. He even gets some resolutions. Alex remains, arguably, the most dynamic character of the series. He begins as a failed human and werewolf only to end up as one of the most important and strongest characters in two series. My only complaint, is I did find myself wanting more. Alex and Pamela's story still seems unfinished.
Bossert More than 1 year ago
All you need to know is this book is about -ALEX! That one word should have you 1 clicking immediately!This book is packed with non stop action! I was afraid to blink, I didn't want to miss anything! Besides Rylee ,Alex has always been my favorite character! I LOVED this book! I highly suggest picking up anything Shannon writes! YuppyDoody Alex is Back!!
madurden More than 1 year ago
Alex was one of my favorite characters out of this whole book series. It was so heartbreaking to lose him! but now..OMG Shannon, you brought him back!! To see him fight to come back as he did and discover who he is, it really was a great Book!BUt you have to read the other books in this series to appreciate this one!
Graphicschyk More than 1 year ago
Don't read this book......until you've read the entire Riley Adamson series. Otherwise you'll have the mother of all spoilers. :-D Everyone's favorite Lynchpin is making his was back to the world from his place within the Veil. This story is not an end, it's a new beginning, and I for one can't wait to see where it goes. I know we're going to see Alex again, and I can't wait. Yuppy Doody indeed!
CyrMath5 More than 1 year ago
***This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*** I can honestly say I absolutely loved it!!! Anyone that has been following this story will be thrilled that Alex is back. I thought he was lost to us forever but Pamela made it possible by calling him back. He has a struggle to get where they need him to be but the story along the way was absolutely amazing!! I missed this character so much and was so happy to be reading about him again. I won't spoil anything by telling too much of the story but I have to say it's a must read!! I would give more stars if we could. Read this book and you won't be able to stop reading any of Shannon's books.
norabell64 More than 1 year ago
Shannon how could you?! Shannon Why did you?! OMG ALEX! Shannon Mayer did it again! I love the Rylee, Pamela, Alex stories. But I cried and cried when Alex left to save the world. Now you bring him back! Now you have him save the world again! What about Pamela and all she is going through! Shannon how could you, but I am so happy you did. If you have read any of Shannon Mayer’s books you need to read this one. If you haven’t read any of Shannon Mayer books now is the time to buy them all and start at the beginning! You will not put them down until the very end.
SSMPM29 More than 1 year ago
I have really enjoyed reading the other books in the Rylee Adamson Epilogues, but LYNCHPIN just didn't fully do it for me. Don't get me wrong I REALLY love Alex and I was REALLY sad when he died, but I have a HUGE issue with people coming back from the dead. Especially when that person died in such a way that Alex did, saving the world and all. The only thing that made Alex coming back from the dead a little easier to stomach was that Alex had to work really hard to get out of veil. He had a lot of obstacles that he had to overcome and a lot of levels to fight through. Having said that, there were still a lot of issues for me. The dialogue and situations in LYNCHPIN felt artificial and too easy which made it really hard for me to connect with the story. One of the great things about LYNCHPIN is that we get a lot of answers to some questions we have had since close to the beginning the storyline in the Rylee series. LYNCHPIN also sets up some things for the showdown that happens in the 7th installment of the Elemental series, DESTROYER. * This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.