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The Lyons' Den

The Lyons' Den

by Kyle Michael Sullivan
The Lyons' Den

The Lyons' Den

by Kyle Michael Sullivan



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A writer's madness made hysterically real... or was it?
Daniel Bettancourt knew exactly how to get Tad back - agree to rework eight horribly awful scripts in time for the man to pitch them to his backers as a new series for cable. If it worked, Daniel got a week in Bermuda with Tad. If it didn't, he'd lose Tad forever.
Tad wanted Daniel to use his family's isolated cabin in upstate New York to work, hoping to keep the rewrite hush-hush. Reluctantly, Daniel agreed to be driven up there, but en route, a massive snowstorm blew in ... and that was just the beginning of the trouble.
You see, everybody thought Tad's cabin was abandoned, so on that very night it was being used for a political payoff. And suddenly Daniel was...
1 guy with
2 boys and
3 really mean dudes as
4 people saw that he was
5 minutes in the nude and
6 guns had too much fun in chasing after number 1 since
7 keys're all it takes to get you past the Lyons' gates 'cause
8 hundred-thousand is the money that's the mayor's biz, but
9 won't be comin' 'round unless the sheriff comes to town!
And that's just between ten and eleven on a Friday night - which is plenty of time for mystery, suspense, sex, betrayal, revenge, murder, fist-fights, shredded clothes, predatory females, a hot shower with people who don't exist, romance with the proper stranger and more than just a hint of paranoid-schizophrenia.
But what else could you expect from a mystery writer?
The Lyons' Den - a writer's madness made hysterically real.
Or was it?

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ISBN-13: 9781613030493
Publisher: STARbooks Press
Publication date: 04/20/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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