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M-Brane SF #13: February 2010

M-Brane SF #13: February 2010

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by Christopher Fletcher
Incredible tales of science fiction by the brilliant new writers of the new decade.


Incredible tales of science fiction by the brilliant new writers of the new decade.

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M-Brane SF #13: February 2010 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous 13 days ago
{Again, apologies for updating after such a long time... also, I am trying to- or at least, going to try to- bring in the others and their dynamics... &star &starf }<p>~-~<p>Back in the old day camp area, I watch Caleb as he slowly angles his hands under his body in order to prop himself up. He was going to stand...<p>Not even ten months old yet, and Caleb was standing.<p>Or, rather, attempting to stand up.<p>He propped himself up and started his ascent...<p>And he faceplants.<p>Almost immediately, Vinnie and Sunil start freaking out. We're the only ones in the room, and they have no clue whatsoever about how to handle a young boy who faceplanted and is now screaming his head off.<p>"Hey, hey, Caleb," I whisper, reaching down to take him, "hey, Caleb, it's gonna be okay, buddy... it's gonna be okay..."<p>"Okay, Wussell..."<p>He has since learned more words, too, mostly our names. Of course, not properly, but still.<p>"Let's try again, okay, Caleb?"<p>"Where Peppa?"<p>I smile to myself, knowing full well where Pepper was.<p>"Pepper's hanging out with Zoe, Minka, and Penny," I reply, "but, come on, Caleb, let's try standing again."<p>He nods, satisfied, and lets me place him on the ground again. He reaches down to prop himself up again, looking at me as he ascends yet again.<p>He smiles and laughs as he finally makes it to the top.<p>Caleb Sharpe has done it.<p>He is standing.<p>~-~<p>Pepper slips into bed next to me late that night, right when I am about to drift to sleep.<p>I smile, wrapping my arms around her after she gets settled in.<p>"How was your day, Pepper?" I ask her quietly.<p>"Good... we were able to find a ton of fun outfits for ourselves, as well as some cute ones for Caleb... I was so tempted to buy some more clothes, but I decided against it until we know... but how was your day, Russell?"<p>"Good. We just sat around, hanging out with Caleb for a while..."<p>I can tell she's smiling wistfully... she wishes she were there, hanging out with Caleb. I don't tell her that he stood up on his own for the first time today.<p>"So...?"<p>"So what?" Pepper responds.<p>"Did you find out?"<p>"I... I couldn't bring myself to look until it was just you and I..." she whispers, pulling out a small envelope, "but let's find out."<p>She hands me the envelope, which I delicately open before pulling out a picture.<p>I sit there next to Pepper as we stare, trying to make something, ANYTHING out.<p>"There!" she says, pointing.<p>At that exact moment, though, I had said and done the same things- except I had pointed at another part of the picture.<p>She was pointing at two little body forms. I was pointing at a third.<p>"Oh... my... gosh," I whisper, "no way, Jose..."<p>Triplets.