Mac OS X Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide

Mac OS X Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide

by Maria Langer

Paperback(New Edition)

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Mac OS X Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide by Maria Langer

Designed for more experienced users who know the basics of file management and working with the Macintosh desktop, Mac OS X Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide provides more advanced information in an accessible format. Veteran Macintosh columnist and author Maria Langer shows readers the basics of OS X, including networking and telecommunications, security, fine-tuning functionality, customizing Mac OS X, working with OS X server, and more. The Visual QuickPro Guide format offers an easy, visual approach to teaching Mac OS X, using plenty of pictures and concise, straightforward commentary.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780201745771
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 12/13/2001
Series: Visual QuickPro Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 7.02(w) x 8.96(h) x 0.73(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to Mac OS Xxi
New Features in Mac OS Xxii
New Features in Mac OS X 10.1xvi
Chapter 1Moving Up to Mac OS X1
Moving Up to Mac OS X1
Mac OS X Components2
Other Mac OS X Terms4
Installing Mac OS X7
Other Differences14
Doing It in Mac OS X16
Chapter 2The Classic Environment19
The Classic Environment19
Installing Mac OS 9.x20
Configuring Mac OS 9.x23
Using the Classic Preferences Pane24
Running Classic Applications29
Starting Your Computer with Mac OS 9.x31
Chapter 3Unix Basics for Mac OS X33
Unix & Mac OS X33
Unix Directories & Files34
Terminal, the Shell, & Console35
Unix Command Basics37
Listing Directory Contents with the Is Command38
Viewing man pages39
Moving Around with the cd Command41
Getting the Directory Location with the pwd Command43
Wildcards in File Names & Directories44
Copying & Moving Files46
Making Symbolic Links with In48
Removing Files & Directories with rm & rmdir49
Creating a New Directory with mkdir51
Viewing File Contents52
Creating & Editing Files with pico56
The cut Command60
Sorting Lines with sort61
Output Redirection62
Using Pipes64
Chapter 4Unix Security & Utilities65
Unix Security65
Passwords & Security66
File & Directory Permissions & Ownership69
More about File & Directory Ownership71
Changing Permissions for a File or Directory72
Learning What's Happening on Your System74
Archive & Compression Utilities78
Chapter 5Networking81
Apple Talk & Ethernet82
Sharing Files & Applications83
Users, Groups, & Privileges90
Advanced Network Administration Tools99
Chapter 6Multiple Users & Security103
Multiple Users & Security103
Configuring Mac OS X for Multiple Users104
Setting Login Options107
Logging In & Out110
The Home Folder112
Sharing Files with Other Users113
Keychain Access115
Chapter 7AppleScript & Mac OS X 10.1123
AppleScript & Mac OS X123
An AppleScript Primer124
How to Use This Chapter128
What Is the Same About AppleScript in Mac OS X129
What Is Different About AppleScript in Mac OS X131
Detecting the Current Versions of AppleScript & Mac OS136
Scripting Additions in Mac OS X138
Life with File Suffixes & Path Delimiters142
Scripting Addition Global Context Supported in Mac OS X 10.1144
Using Script Runner & ScriptMenu145
Using a Scripting Addition or Terminal to Access Unix Commands146
Scheduling Scripts with cron and osascript148
Adding Scripts to the Finder's Toolbar150
Setting the Default Printer with Print Center153
Accessing the World with Internet Services155
Connecting with Internet Connect160
Scripting TextEdit for Fun161
Full-Power Development with AppleScript Studio162
Chapter 8System Preferences163
System Preferences163
Screen Saver175
Universal Access177
Energy Saver181
Date & Time197
Software Update201
Startup Disk203
Chapter 9Fonts205
Fonts & Font Formats205
Installing Fonts206
Key Caps208
The Font Panel209
Chapter 10Mac OS Utilities215
Mac OS Utilities215
Apple System Profiler217
Applet Launcher221
ColorSync Preferences & the ColorSync Utility222
CPU Monitor228
Digital Color Meter230
Disk Copy231
Disk Utility236
Display Calibrator241
Java Web Start247
Print Center249
Process Viewer252
Stufflt Expander253
Chapter 11Speech Features257
Speech Features257
Speech Recognition258
Chapter 12iDisk265
Setting Up an iTools Account266
Using Your iDisk Storage Space269
Appendix AMenus & Keyboard Equivalents275
Menus & Keyboard Equivalents275

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