Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
LaurenT More than 1 year ago
Wether you are a novice to Mac and its operating systems or a seasoned veteran, then Snow Leopard - Digital Classroom is the perfect resource book to keep close at hand. With well written and easy to follow chapters, multitudes of illustrated reference points, and an added bonus of an informative training DVD, for us visual learners, this is an exceptional guide for learning OS X Snow Leopard and its applications. I highly recommend this manual to anyone looking to further their knowledge of Mac OS X or to those who have jumped ship and given themselves to the "Mac Side". Thanks AGI Training Team for another essential guide from the Digital Classroom.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is an A+ book in my view. I've had Mac computers for 10 years. I thought I new just about everything in the Mac computing world. And I do know just a tiny bit about everything. I'm really not an instructions type person. I prefer to dive in and figure it out on my own. That is how I've operated for the last eight years with Apple as well. Then I bought Apple 1 to 1 plan and found out just how much I didn't know, just how much more this computer would do. Then I bought the new 27 inch quad core iMac and with that kind of power at my finger tips, I wanted to know everything. I saw the Snow Leopard For Dummies book, it was about 3 inches thick. I don't have the time to put in something like that. But right near it was Digital Classroom, it looked interesting, so I purchased it and found the book to be awesome. The book is 350+- pages total. But it is organized by subject and or application, a general outline for each chapter, ending with a self-study and a review. So, if you want to study a specific aspect of your Mac computer, look at the contents outline, find it and study it. But there's more... it comes with a companion DVD that goes exactly along with the textbook. So if you're studying chapter 4, insert the DVD into your computer and pull chapter 4 over to your computer and study chapter 4. It starts from the beginning of the application or said task that you would like to know all about and shows you exactly how to do it, side by side with the textbook, that's it. When you're done, delete the section from your hard drive, if you don't want it, i've kept all of mine, you have just learned a new application, skill, shortcut or how to, about your computer. I thought I knew just about everything I NEEDED to know about my iMac computer, to get done what I needed to have done, until I got this book. Now, if there's something I don't know, understand or something that I'm rusty on, it is in this book. Digital Classroom has opened up new features, benefits, and eases my task load immensely on all my Mac computers. I wish I had found a book like this when I got my first Mac 10 years ago. But better late than never. Dr. Duff
aGuthrie More than 1 year ago
I am a seasoned OSX user and have been working on Macs for years. The content in this book has been enlightening and is on-the-money for any level of user. Whether your just making the switch to Macintosh or a veteran, this book is filled with detailed information. Every thing from navigating the finder to setting up your own home network, Chad has covered it all. This book is a must have, ready to grab at any moment of trouble for me. I even figured out how to get that old printer to work with Snow Leopard with the CUPS information in this book. The instructional DVD that is included has all the files needed for the step-by-step tutorials in the book as well as the bonus video training too. I have already recommend this book to friends that have not had a lot of experience with Mac OSX till now and they love it. Thank you to the author for all the hard work! No detail has been left out.
mysticfalls More than 1 year ago
I have to say I enjoyed this book, I'm not one for reading or if I read have it keep my attention, but this book was well written and contained great detail to the questions I had about this operating system, not to mention in a language we can all understand. I tagged several important pages throughout the book, pages I will reference daily in my job and in keeping educated. If your looking for a book that answers to all your questions about Snow leopard, this one is it. My hats off to the writer/writers of this book... KEEP THEM COMING!