by Thammy Evans, Rudolf Abraham

Paperback(5th Edition)

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·Catch a rare sighting of the Balkan lynx in Mavrovo National Park
·Explore Kokino’s megalithic observatory
·Ride the cable-car up Skopje’s Vodno Mountain
·Celebrate Kavadarci’s Grape Harvest Festival
·Cave, climb and kayak – indulge your inner adventurer
·All the best accommodation options, from mountain huts to boutique hotels

A once-fractured country, as its complex history proves too well, Macedonia now offers a rich mixture of sightseeing options. Nature lovers and history buffs will be delighted by pristine landscapes and an impressive archaeological heritage. Visit the crumbling Treskavec Monastery, bathe in the hot springs at Katlanovska Banja and wander through the backstreets of Kratovo, a village set entirely within an ancient volcanic crater.
The most comprehensive guidebook to Macedonia is now in its fifth edition. Written by Thammy Evans, a political analyst who lived in Macedonia for five years, Bradt’s Macedonia makes the ideal travelling companion, whether you’re trekking through pristine Pelister National Park, viewing stunning mosques and monasteries or just relaxing with a cocktail on the shores of Lake Ohrid.

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ISBN-13: 9781841628585
Publisher: Bradt Publications UK
Publication date: 06/07/2015
Series: Bradt Travel Guide Series
Edition description: 5th Edition
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Thammy Evans lived and worked in Macedonia for five years as a political advisor to NATO HQ in Skopje. Now splitting her time between Croatia and the UK, she has continued to give independent advice and analysis on Macedonia to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence.

Rudolf Abraham, updater of this edition, is an award-winning writer and photographer whose work and love of travel have taken him from the Balkans to eastern Turkey, Central Asia and Patagonia

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The French rightly call a ‘mixed salad’ une salade macedoine. In fact anything mixed up is macedoine. A quick look at Macedonia’s history will show you why (if you got this far without reading the first chapter then just take a look at the chronology on page 3 for a gallop through Macedonian history). Macedonia has been anything but a homogenous nation. Aside from various settlers in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages, Macedonia has been invaded, starting with the Romans, by over a dozen tribes, races and empires. And those are the ones that didn’t stay. Then there are those who made a home in Macedonia and added spice to the salad.


The remote Monastery of Treskavec is 8km outside Prilep under the summit of the impressive Zlatovrv. It is a magnificent old complex of significant historical and cultural value that is in urgent need of renovation. The site is of such worth that it is even on the World Monument Fund’s 2006 top 100 most endangered sites. In addition to the value of the site itself, its remote setting is beautiful and earned itself a central role in the internationally acclaimed Macedonian film Before the Rain, directed by Milco Mancevski… Despite its former glory in the early Ottoman period, only one monk currently runs the monastery. Father Kališt, who speaks very good English after spending some time in Norwich, England, welcomes visitors to the monastery and especially to the Sunday service held at 11.00… Like all modern monks these days, Father Kališt has internet access at the monastery, email:; and excellent mobile phone coverage.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix
Chapter1 Background Information 3
Geography 3, Ancient roads in Macedonia 5, Climate 7,
Flora and fauna 7, Environmental efforts 12, History 14,
Government and politics 37, Economy 39, People 40,
Language 50, Religion 51, Education 55, Culture 56
Chapter 2 Practical Information 63
When to visit 63, Highlights 63, Suggested itineraries 65,
Tour operators 66, Red tape 69, Embassies 70, Getting there and away 72, Maps and tourist information 78,
Health 79, Security and safety 88, Women travellers 90,
Gay travellers 91, Travellers with disabilities 91, Travelling with children 91, What to take 92, Money 94, Budgeting
94, Getting around 95, Accommodation 98, Eating and drinking 101, Public holidays and festivals 104, Shopping
106, Arts and entertainment 106, Outdoor pursuits 107,
Photography 111, Media and communications 112,
Business 115, Buying property 116, Cultural etiquette 117,
Interacting with local people 117, Travelling positively 119
Chapter 3 Skopje 123
History 123, Getting there and away 130, Getting around
130, Tourist information 134, Where to stay 134, Where to eat and drink 137, Entertainment and nightlife 140,
Shopping 143, Other practicalities 144, What to see 144,
Activities 152
Chapter 4 Outside Skopje 155
Where to eat and drink 155, Horseriding 158, Mount
Vodno 158, Lake Matka and caves 159, Katlanovska Banja
163, The old stone aqueduct 165, Pantelejmon Monastery
166, Šuto Orizari Roma settlement and market 166,
Archaeological sites around Skopje 169
Chapter 5 Lake Ohrid and Galičica National Park 173
Ohrid 173, Outside Ohrid 192, Struga 194, Galičica
National Park 198, Day trips in the area 199
Chapter 6 Pelagonia, Prespa and Pelister 207
History of the region 207, Bitola 211, Pelister National
Park and ecotourism 220, Lake Prespa 225, Prilep 228,
Outside Prilep 233, Kruševo 236, Demir Hisar 239
Chapter 7 Polog and Mavrovo 241
Tetovo 241, Popova Šapka ski resort and mountain range
251, Gostivar 253, Mavrovo National Park 256, Debar 258,
Outside Debar 263, Kičevo 266
Chapter 8 The Northeast and Middle Vardar 269
Veles 269, Štip 275, Kočani 279, Delčevo 281, Berovo 282,
Kumanovo 283, Outside Kumanovo 286, Kriva Palanka
288, Kratovo 291, Outside Kratovo 294, Sveti Nikole 296
Chapter 9 The Southern Wine Region 297
Strumica 297, Outside Strumica 307, Valandovo 312,
Wines from the Tikveš plains 312, Kavadarci 313,
Negotino 314, Stobi 314, Demir Kapija – the Iron Gate
316, Gevgelija 317, Kožuf ski resort and mountain range
319, Lake Dojran 320
Chapter 10 A Dozen Hikes 325
Hiking clubs 326, Mountain hut system 326, 1 Vodno
Cross to Matka Dam 328, 2 Marko’s Tower to Treskavec
Monastery 330, 3 Demir Kapija to Iberlija and Korešnica
332, 4 Oktisi to Vajtos and Vevčani 334, 5 Two Lakes view
336, 6 Rostuše and Duf Waterfall 338, 7 Janče to Galičnik
(Wedding Festival) 338, 8 Biljana Waterfalls and Dolna
Alilica Cave 340, 9 Titov Vrv 342, 10 Kriva Šija Waterfall
342, 11 Mount Kitka 344, 12 Brajčino to Pelister Lakes and Nižepole 345
Appendix 1 Language 347
Appendix 2 Glossary of Terms and Names 361
Appendix 3 Guide to Wines of Macedonia 363
Appendix 4 Further Information 365
Index 375

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