Machine of God (A Steampunk Fantasy Novel)

Machine of God (A Steampunk Fantasy Novel)

by D. A. Metrov

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Machine of God (A Steampunk Fantasy Novel) by D. A. Metrov

Author's Preface

In 2011, in the Swiss Alpine village of Appenzell, a local banker, Messr. Didier Allenbach, inherited the meager estate of his uncle, Peter Gunld Gensler. The “estate” consisted of little more than a moldering trunk full of antique books which had been found in the old man’s attic. Among these works was a small antique diary belonging to a distant relative by the name of Lukas Fluck. Apparently Messr. Gensler had never bothered to read the diary as it was scripted in a long forgotten, Italian provincial dialect. Didier Allenbach, however (working on a hunch), took the diary to a linguistic specialist who proceeded to translate one of the most astounding tales in history. Essentially, the story was a firsthand account by first mate Lukas Fluck that may be summarized as follows:

In 1478 King Louis XI of France commissioned 26 year old Leonardo da Vinci to build a trade vehicle capable of traveling the quickest and most direct route from Naples to Paris—a machine not only capable of traversing land, sea, and air, but also able to withstand assault from marauding armies, pernicious sorcerers, and nature’s fury. In light of existing technology, it was an impossible task. Leonardo however—desperate to establish his fame and fortune—accepted the challenge with youthful vigor. He not only built the craft, but set out to prove its merit by commanding its crew the entire length of the designated route. The whole affair ended in utter disaster.

Still, the trade vehicle Leonardo invented was arguably his most brilliant creation. It was described in minute detail in one of his acclaimed notebooks. Unfortunately, this notebook is one of the many which failed to survive the ravages of time. Nonetheless, historians now agree, had this invention not been completely destroyed, it would have propelled the 15th Century directly into the 20th. Lukas Fluck wrote that those involved in Leonardo’s mind-staggering journey dubbed his vessel “The Machine of God.”

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Fluck tells us Leonardo partook in several such enterprises during his lifetime. Historians, to date, know little of any of them. It is this author’s stated mission to unearth and publish said tales beginning with this, Book One, which has been composed from Fluck’s diary and known historical data.

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Publication date: 03/15/2013
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About the Author

LIGHTMASTERS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS THE YA STEAMPUNK-FANTASY WURKS OF D. A. METROV I attended UCLA film school, then moved to New York City where I worked for ten years as a designer and fine arts painter. During this time, I spent a year painting in Rome, Italy. Inspired by the early works of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, I wrote a 32 page treatment with drawings for my motion picture, SOLARBABIES. The treatment evolved into a 12-minute, computerized slide presentation. With the help of Mark Johnson [RAIN MAN], we sold the project to Mel Brooks [THE PRODUCERS]. The movie is still in distribution by MGM. Some of my writing mentors have been Menno Meyjes [THE COLOR PURPLE], Walon Green [THE WILD BUNCH], Bruce Joel Rubin [GHOST], and Bruce McAllister [DREAM BABY]. My first agent was Jack Rapke, Head of the Motion Picture Department of CAA, now producer for Robert Zemeckis [FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY]. I'm now represented by Caren Bohrman of the Caren Bohrman Agency. I've written, produced, and directed two, small feature films, DARK SPIRAL and LITTLE EDEN, as well as several short films. I have multiple novel, graphic novel, and motion picture projects in development--most currently, the FALCON LORD series, THE TERRIBLE QUEST OF THADDEUS PENNYBROOK'S KNEE-HIGH STEAMBOTS, and MACHINE OF GOD. I currently live in Santa Barbara, California with my wife Maureen. Maureen has a real job. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, she saves lives daily. Together, she and I care for a wild and terrible black cat. Though the creature resides in a permanent state of sleep, it somehow manages to keep the household free of dangerous lizards and thieving field mice. To learn more, please visit:

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Machine of God 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Leonardo da Vinci is a world-renowned artist, inventor and scientist.  Here we find the somewhat “crazy” (genius-crazy) living in a dirty room full of books, sketches, animals in cages and pinned on boards after death, and journals.  He has no money and now is in trouble with the police because he’s the first to discover one of his great friends dead, murdered in Leonardo’s small, very messy apartment.  At first he is blamed for the murder and is actually arrested but is soon saved from a very harsh punishment by the also famous Lord Medici.  He also discovers that the journal of all his ideas and sketches regarding art and science has been stolen.  Is it the infamous Savanarola who constantly seems to be watching the artist to see if he sins?  For while Savanarola is not yet in his Inquisition role, he’s an ascetic, narrow-minded man who sees sin everywhere – and what Leonardo does with his life seems to the sniffing priest to be the epitome of sin – in which Leonardo delights! But no, we can’t tell the whole tale – no spoilers here – of this genius man who is about to embark on the commission of a lifetime – to create a combination boat, carriage, and plane that will enable the French King Louis XI in 1538 to carry gold across countries in one trip without unloading and reloading as was the norm for trade commerce in that era.  Leonardo and his best friend, the monk Lucas Fluck, as well as a staff sent by the King himself, set off to invent and test this innovative idea for quick, easier travel.   But no one can predict how difficult the creation is and whether it will do all it should when the time comes to show it to King Louis XI.  What follows is marvelous adventure, audacious and practical creation, and testing by those who have been sent from the Pope and the Medici family to destroy Leonardo’s work and to humble him in the post-destruction aftermath.  Fire, almost drowning, pirate attack, political scheming, and the haunting presence of his girlfriend, as well as many other thrills, compel the reader to flip those pages and allow the wings of brilliance to fly overhead in praise of Leonardo’s creation.  But that’s about to change as well! There’s something for everyone in these pages – spirituality, religion, metaphysics, science, magic or mystery, and more! The one thing writers tell each other is that they strongly support each other and vow to stay confined and not yield any further to mercenary temptations in food, drink and song.  Machine of God…is a rocking, rollicking, read with unique twists and turns that keep the mystery intensifying, the temptations and trials flowing, and the zaniness hopping page after page after page.  Fine, far-out spunkmaster fiction!!!  It’s not so far from fiction when we look around us today after reading this novel tale!