Machines of the Little People

Machines of the Little People

by Tegon Maus

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Ben Harris’s sister died of cervical cancer more than three years ago… his best friend and her husband, Roger Keswick, disappeared the day before the funeral. For the next six months everyone from the local police to the Department of Defense searched for him but to no avail… it was as if he had simply fallen off the face of the planet only to reappear at work as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Then by the purest of coincidences Ben finds himself pulled back into Roger’s life only to discover he has remarried… to Jessica… a woman the looks, sounds and acts just like his dead sister. To complicate things Roger is insistent his home, his car, his life is infested with tiny elf like creatures he calls the Katoy. He claims they run massive machines under his house and watch his every move… every move that is until Jessica is found bludgeoned to death in his living room and Roger is nowhere to found . . . again.

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BN ID: 2940045846738
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication date: 04/21/2014
Series: Eve Project , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Dearheart, my wife of forty five years and I live in Cherry Valley, a little town of 8,200 in Southern California. In that time, I've built a successful remodeling /contracting business. But that's just my day job... everyone that writes, everyone who tells you how to write, all say the same thing... Write about what you know and what I know is me. Well, at least the me I see when I write... a protagonist frequently wedged between a rock and a hard place but manages to work things out at the last minute after all. Like most of us when pushed into a corner it only brings out the best in us and we become the unstoppable force of a reluctant hero. If I have a signature style for creating a character then this is it. I have a Action / Adventure novel called "The Chronicles of Tucker Littlefield," published by Netherworld Books and a Paranormal Fiction story called My Grandfather’s Pants as well as Sci-Fi novel called "Machines of the Little People carried by Tirgearr Publiashing and a number of short stories published by The Short Humor Site.

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Machines of the Little People (The Eve Project, book 1) 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Charles Remington for Readers' Favorite Ben Harris is a local handyman based in Southern California. He leads a quiet life tackling general repairs and maintenance, accompanied by his dog, Tilley. He is slowly coming to terms with his sister’s death and the subsequent disappearance of her husband, Ben’s close personal friend, Roger Keswick, just before her funeral. The Eve Project: Machines of the Little People by Tegon Maus tells how Ben’s life is suddenly thrown into chaos when, driving past what was his sister’s house, he finds Roger back in residence with a new wife. Roger is different, however. Always a little odd, a veritable genius with his mind skirting the very edge of sanity, he is now obsessed with invisible folk he calls the Katoy. He claims they are spying on him and he can hear their machines under his house. So begins a chaotic adventure with events quickly taking a sinister turn when Roger’s new wife is found murdered, and when Ben starts to question his own sanity as small people operating a large machine materialise through the walls of his house. Roger disappears once more and, as a result, becomes the prime suspect for his wife’s murder. Ben, however, cannot believe that his friend is capable of such an act. Teaming up with Roger’s sister, Audry, he sets out to find his eccentric friend and discover the truth. But there are other interests at play, among them government agencies for whom Roger had been working. Who are the Katoy? Why is the government involved? Where is Roger and are he and Audry really related? As Ben sinks ever deeper into a maelstrom of intrigue and obfuscation, can a simple handyman get to the bottom of what is proving to be a very deep can of worms? The Eve Project: Machines of the Little People is the first book in a new series by Tegon Maus. It is not the sort of sci-fi story which takes place in a faraway galaxy - rather, it is played out in a Californian domestic setting, the sort of setting one would often come across in programmes like The Twilight Zone. Ben and his dog, Tilley, are charming characters and the distracted, barely coherent Roger is a passable, if borderline genius. In the main, the characters are the sort of folk one might meet every day, recognisable and well-drawn. The plot, if sometimes a little obscure, moves at a brisk pace to a satisfactory conclusion. It will be interesting to see how this series progresses and what Mr Maus makes of the Katoy.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
I’ve read other books by Tegon Maus so I knew one thing for sure, you never know what you’re going to get with his stories. So the story goes…Ben’s sister died of cancer and her husband, Roger, Ben’s best friend, up and vanishes, not even attending his own wife’s funeral. Needless to say, that puts a strain on their friendship. Even more so when Roger reappears with a new wife, a carbon copy of his old one, and he’s acting all wiggy. Claims there are little people, calls them Katoy, living under his house, running strange machines. Things go further south when Roger’s new wife is found murdered and he has vanished again. So many characters in this story, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’d go with Ben. He has this thing called B.C.E.D., or Bio-Chemical Electrical Discharge. He makes electronics go haywire. He has his car, Margaret, specially shielded, but still has problems with her. There’s some fun scenes because of his condition. People even close their doors when he approaches, not wanting their equipment to short out or burn up. This is where some of the authors trademark humor appears. There’s a couple of old ladies that had me in stitches. One’s a psychic, and copious drinking is needed for her to use her ability. Nothing like some old birdies deep in their cups. LOL As I’m huge on character driven stories, Tegon never fails to give me plenty to keep me entertained. Where he came up with the Katoy is a mystery in itself. Perhaps he sat down with those little old ladies. I’d tag this a science fiction mystery with heavy doses of humor. Seeing this is a series, I wanted to ease your anxiety. The author wraps up the mystery. There’s no cliff hanger. But there’s still plenty to be carried on in the next book. Looking forward to it.
ksprings More than 1 year ago
This review was originally published by Kurt's Frontier on Invincible Love of Reading. Synopsis:  Ben Harris feels like a lost soul. He can’t be around electronics without shorting them. His sister Kate died of cancer more than three years ago. Roger, his best friend and Kate’s widower, disappeared before the funeral, and for six months seemed to have dropped off the planet. Ben suddenly finds himself pulled back into Roger’s life. Roger has remarried to a woman named Jessica who looks, sounds, and acts like Kate. Roger, who was always a bit eccentric, seems to have a few more screws loose when he claims that tiny, elf-like creatures have infested his home, care, and life. Roger’s sister, Audrey, a long time crush of Ben’s, is also drawn into Roger’s life. While renewing their acquaintance, Jessica is found murdered and Roger is no where to be found. Henry is drawn into intrigue as national security types descend on him, wanting to know where Roger is. He finds himself in a situation where no one is what they seem. Review: Tegon Maus has put together a technological thriller that is quite engaging once one gets into it. The beginning is a little confusing. Maus takes up the story three years into Henry picking up the pieces of his life. While not key to the story, the opening chapters can leave the reader feeling unsettled. Once things pick up, it is hard to put the book down. The book is written in the first person, and the author makes good use of it. There are some adult situations so it would be good for mid-teens and up.
TegonMaus More than 1 year ago
This is a fun, quirky story with lots of twist and turns.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Ben Harris, a handyman, has Bio-Chemical Electrical Discharge (BECD) that causes electrical equipment, if not protected to be destroyed if he gets too near. Ben has a truck named Margaret and a furry canine companion named Tilley. He is in his mid-fifties and living a modest life when an estranged brother-in-law appears and then his world is turned upside down. He becomes entangled in a secret government project, his brother-in-law’s second wife is murdered, Ben falls in love, elderly women fortune tellers are called in for assistance, and he is nearly killed. Throughout the drama of the unfolding story phenomenal scientific happenings occur with new inventions produced that have the potential for good or evil and both good and evil persons vying to gain control of them. This science fiction story is filled with quite a few twists and turns. It kept me guessing throughout and left me wanting to know what would happen next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago