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MacMillan Health Encyclopedia

MacMillan Health Encyclopedia

by Vec, Visual Education Corporation, Macmillan Publishing Company (Other)

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Following, and expanding upon, the subjects covered in school health curricula, this factual, nonjudgmental reference for adolescents explains how the body works; describes the causes and treatment of hundreds of diseases and disorders; provides information on diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle; discusses key issues in emotional, mental, and sexual health; covers problems relating to the use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs; outlines first-aid procedures; and provides up-to-date information on current health issues. An extensive array of colorful photographs, drawings, charts, and maps supplement the text. Entries are arranged alphabetically within volumes devoted to specific health subjects; each volume includes its own glossary, and a listing of suggested reading material as well as organizations from which additional information can be obtained. Very nicely done--without condescension. The price is $335 until 10-03-93.. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
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Written specifically for adolescents, this nine-volume health encyclopedia is an interdisciplinary, curriculum-related source. It supports and supplements course work in health, science, biology, psychology, home economics, and physical education. The preface states that it "explains how the body works, describes the causes and treatments of hundreds of diseases and disorders, provides information on diet and exercise for a healthy life-style, covers problems relating to the use and abuse of legal and illegal drugs, outlines first-aid procedures, provides up-to-date information on current health issues, and discusses key issues in emotional, mental, and sexual health. "Macmillan Health Encyclopedia" ("MHE") was written with the advice of a distinguished panel of U.S. editorial advisers. It is not in one A-Z alphabet but is organized topically--"Body Systems: Anatomy and Physiology"; "Communicable Diseases"; "Noncommunicable Diseases and Disorders"; "Nutrition and Fitness"; "Emotional and Mental Health"; "Sexuality and Reproduction"; "Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco"; "Safety and Environmental Health"; and "Health-Care Systems/Cumulative Index". There is an extensive index in each volume, as well as the cumulative index in volume 9. Thorough cross-referencing is provided; boldface numbers refer to articles in other volumes. Entries are arranged alphabetically within each volume Ease in understanding is key to this set. Crisp color and black-and-white photographs and clear charts and diagrams highlight the well-written text. Each volume provides a glossary of technical terms specific to that topic. Marginal notations dispersed throughout each volume indicate such directives or concerns as "CONSULT A PHYSICIAN--A nosebleed following a heavy blow . . . requires immediate medical attention"; "HEALTHY CHOICES--Emphysema is a preventable disease if smoking is avoided"; "RISK FACTORS--The human body, especially when wet, is a good conductor of electricity." A "Supplementary Sources" section in each volume lists suggested reading material, with titles through 1993. It also provides the names of organizations from which additional information can be obtained, with addresses and telephone numbers "MHE" takes an objective and sensitive approach to such subjects as "Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)". The entry "Genital Warts" is presented on a full page with up-to-date information on "Symptoms," "Diagnosis," "Cause," "Treatment," "Prevention," and "Risk Factors." Explicit instructions are given on the use of condoms and other forms of birth control. The volumes "Emotional and Mental Health", "Safety and Environmental Health", and "Health-Care Systems" must be especially noted. Each addresses issues of paramount importance to students and adults alike that typically are not represented in a health encyclopedia. Whether the issue is psychological well-being, information on health-care services, or specialists and their functions, the reader will find a thought-provoking body of knowledge not usually so readily accessible Other health encyclopedias for youth reviewed by the Board have been created in Great Britain and contain some material that is not appropriate for an American audience. "Macmillan Health Encyclopedia", an excellent reference work created for American students, satisfies the need for health information that is reliable, accurate, and clear. It is also suitable for adults.

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Macmillan Publishing Company, Incorporated
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Edition description:
9 Vol. Set
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9.46(w) x 11.86(h) x 7.06(d)
Age Range:
12 - 16 Years

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