Macmillan's Shorter Latin Course

Macmillan's Shorter Latin Course

by A. M. Cook

Paperback(Large Print)

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Macmillan's Shorter Latin Course - By A. M. Cook - 1892 - PREFACE - IT has been shown by experience that elementary Latin books, to accoinplish their purpose, must present the fundamental principles of the language and its system of inflections in the simplest and clearest form. They must also provide abundant means for the application of these principles and for practice in the use of inflected fonns. With these characteristics there must be combined a natural and attractive development, so that difficulties Inay be readily overcome by reason of the very inethod in which they are approached. It is believed that the present work in its revised and enlarged form possesses these qualifications in an musually large degree. The design has been to give only essential grammatical information, with the largest opportunity for practice. Attention is called to the selections for translation, inserted even in the early pages of the work. These narratives arouse the interest of the pupil, and neutralize whatever is detrimental in the fragmentary presentation of the language in the short sentences. V The American editor is responsible for the follow- ing The Introduction the additional pages upon the Subjunctive Mood the revision of paradigms in the main portion of the book and the paradigms of the verbs in the supplement the indications of long vowels a few changes in orthography, such as trunsilio for transsilio, conicio for conjicio, quotiens for quoties. Few students when entering college are found to possess the ability to pronounce and read Latin with correctness or fluency. The suggestion is therefore made and emphasized that at the vely beginning the pupil be required to read the Latin before any trans- lation is given, and that reviews be conducted entirely in Latin. The great object to be aimed at is that the pupil should think in the Latin, The full pronunciation of the Roman method, with careful observance of quantity, will be found to be a most valuable addition to elementary work. NEW YORK, 1892. CONTENTS. Introduction - Pronunciation Quantity and Accent . IECT. 1. First Declexlsion Singular . 2. The Accusative Case . 3. First Declension Singular continued . 4. First Declension Plural , 5. Second Declension houns in -us - . 6. Second Declension Neuter Nouns . 7. Second Declension Adjectives in -us-a -unI Singular 8. Second Declension Adjectives in -14s -a -urn Plural 9. Second Declension Nouns in -er . 10. Est -Sunt . . TRAXSLATIOX I. A Letter of a Father to his Boy at School . TRANSLATION 11. Romulus and Remus . TRANSLATION 111. The Black Slave . 11. Third Declension Case-Endings . 12. The Gender shown by Meaing . TRAXSLATIOX IV. A Fable . 13. The Stem . 14. Genitive Plural . 15. Genitive Plural continued . TXANSLATIO V. Coriolanus . 16. Endings of Neuter Nouns . 17. Endings of Xeuter Nouns coztinusd . TRAKSLATION VI. Theseus and Ariadne . 18. Gender of Nouns by Termination The Masculine Rule TRARSLATTON VII. A Surprise , vii viii 4 Contewts, SECT. PAGE 10. The Feminine Rule . . 38 TEAKSLATIOK VIXI. The IIoman Army fights a Serpent 40 20. The Xeuter IEule . . 41 21. The heuter Rule continued . . 42 THAXSLATIOI IX. A Battle , . 44 22. Exceptions to these Gender Rules . . 44 23. Adjectives of the Third Ileclension . . 40 24. Adjectives of the Third Declension continued . 48 26. Adjectives of the Third Declension cottinued . 60 TRAELATION X. A lioman Account of Britain . 68 Recapitulatory Exercises - A-I1 . 63 26. Fourth Declension . . 55 27. Fourth Declension Neuter Nouns . . 66 28. Fourth Declension Domzls . . 57 29. Fifth Declension . . 59 TRAKSLATION XL. A Ghost. ...

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