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Research & Education Association
Macroeconomics Super Review

Macroeconomics Super Review

by The Editors of REA, M. Fogiel
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ISBN-13: 9780878911899
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 06/07/2000
Series: Super Reviews Study Guides Series
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,330,887
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.54(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

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What This Book Will Do For You...

REA's SUPER REVIEWS provides all you need to know to excel in class and succeed on midterms, finals, and even pop quizzes.

Think of this book as giving you access to your own private tutor. Here, right at your fingertips, is a brisk review to help you not only understand your textbook but also pick up where even some of the best lectures leave off.

Outstanding features include...
- Comprehensive yet concise coverage
- Targeted preparation for subject tests
- Easy-to-follow & format that helps you master the subject matter
- End-of-chapter quizzes that provide pretest tune-up

We think you'll agree that, whether you're prepping for your next test or want to be a stronger contributor in class, REA's truly provides all you need to know!

Larry B. Kling
Super Review Program Director

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Introduction to Economics
1.1What is Economics?1
1.2Economic Analysis2
1.3The Economic Way of Thinking4
1.4Other Important Economic Concepts and Terms5
Chapter 2The Economic Problem
2.1University of the Problem of Scarcity7
2.2Universal Problems Caused by Scarcity8
2.3Universal Economic Goals9
2.4Production Possibilities Curve11
Chapter 3Demand and Supply
3.3Market Equilibrium20
3.4Shifts in Demand21
3.5Shifts in Supply24
3.6Price Controls27
Quiz: Introduction to Economics--Demand and Supply30
Chapter 4Economic Systems
4.1Types of Systems34
4.2Circular Flow36
4.3How a Market Economy Works37
4.4Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations42
4.5Conditions That Must Be Met for a Market Economy to Achieve Allocative and Technical Efficiency43
4.6Aptness of the Market Economy Model45
Chapter 5The Private Sector of the American Economy
5.1Private Sector47
5.3Types of Business Organization47
5.4Distribution of Income and Wealth50
Chapter 6The Public Sector of the American Economy
6.1Public Sector57
6.2Government Spending57
6.4Characteristics of a Good Tax61
6.5Principles of Taxation63
6.6Deficits, Surpluses, and the Public Debt65
6.7Role of Government65
Quiz: Economic Systems--The Public Sector of the American Economy68
Chapter 7Gross National Product
7.1Measuring GNP72
7.2Nominal versus Real Values75
7.3Problems with Measuring GNP78
7.4Components of GNP and GNI79
7.5Other Measures of Income82
Chapter 8Macroeconomic Problems of the American Economy
8.1The Business Cycle84
Quiz: Gross National Product--Macroeconomic Problems of the American Economy97
Chapter 9Macroeconomic Models
9.1What a Good Macroeconomic Model Should Be Able to Do101
9.2The Classical Model101
9.3The Keynesian Model (Income-Expenditure Model)104
Quiz: Macroeconomic Models107
Chapter 10The Income-Expenditure Model
10.1Consumption Spending110
10.3Government Spending118
10.4Net Exports118
10.5Equilibrium in a Closed Private Economy119
10.6The Multiplier122
10.7Macroeconomic Problems126
10.8Fiscal Policy128
Quiz: The Income-Expenditure Model133
Chapter 11Fiscal Policy Issues
11.1Stabilization Policy137
11.2Deficits and the Public Debt138
Chapter 12Money and Banking
12.1What Money Is and Does145
12.2The United States' Money Supply148
12.3The Financial System151
12.4The Money Creation Process154
Quiz: Fiscal Policy Issues--Money and Banking160
Chapter 13Monetary Policy
13.1The Federal Reserve System164
13.2The Demand for Money171
13.3Transmission Mechanism for Monetary Policy172
Chapter 14Inflation
14.1Theory of Inflation178
14.2Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Model186
14.3Anti-Inflation Policy191
Chapter 15Economic Growth
15.1Fundamentals of Economic Growth196
15.2Supply-Side Economics198
Quiz: Monetary Policy--Economic Growth200
Chapter 16International Economics
16.1Income-Expenditure Model with Foreign Sector204
16.2International Trade205
16.3International Finance214
Quiz: International Economics225

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