Macromedia Coldfusion MX: Development with Dreamweaver MX (Visual Quickpro Guide)

Macromedia Coldfusion MX: Development with Dreamweaver MX (Visual Quickpro Guide)


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ISBN-13: 9780321158024
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 01/01/2003
Series: Visual QuickPro Series
Pages: 327
Product dimensions: 7.03(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Sue Hove is Macromedia's Director of Instructor Readiness. At Macromedia, she supports and certifies the 800+ instructors worldwide. Neil Robertson Clark is part of Team Macromedia. He has been developing with ColdFusion since 1997 and is also a heavy-duty Macromedia beta tester of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, ColdFusion Server/Studio, and Sitespring.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Getting Started1
Launching Dreamweaver2
Changing the Workspace4
Creating a Site in Dreamweaver5
Creating Your First Page9
Setting Document Preferences11
Testing Your Page12
Chapter 2Data Sources15
Understanding ColdFusion Data Sources16
Understanding Relational Databases18
Looking at SQL21
Choosing a Database22
Chapter 3Connecting to a Database25
Connecting ColdFusion MX to Databases26
Creating a Data Source28
Viewing Data Sources in Dreamweaver MX29
Browsing Databases with Dreamweaver MX32
Creating a Data Source34
Chapter 4Retrieving Database Data37
Creating a Simple Query38
Updating a Simple Query42
Copying a Recordset43
Filtering Data in a Simple Query44
Sorting Data in a Simple Query46
Building an Advanced Recordset47
Sorting on Multiple Columns49
Joining Tables in Recordsets50
Chapter 5Displaying Database Data53
Using Data Binding54
Using Live Data View57
Displaying Multiple Rows59
Formatting Output in Tables62
Navigating Through Recordsets64
Creating a Recordset Navigation Bar66
Using the Server Debug View70
Chapter 6Customizing Data Display73
Formatting Date and Time Data74
Formatting Numeric Data76
Formatting Currency Data78
Formatting String Data81
Creating a Master/Detail Interface83
Chapter 7Inserting Data89
Using the Record Insertion Application Object90
Using Dynamic Form Objects93
Setting Up Form Input Validation95
Creating a Form98
Creating Form Objects100
Inserting Database Records106
Chapter 8Updating Data109
Creating a List Page110
The Record Update Form Application Object113
Manually Creating an Update Form116
Using the Update Record Server Behavior120
Chapter 9Building a Simple Search Interface121
Creating a Search Form122
Creating a Results Page123
Handling Empty Results Pages126
Chapter 10Password Protection and Security129
Creating a User Session130
Enabling Session Management132
Creating a Login Procedure134
Logging Out Users140
Restricting Access to Pages141
Using User Groups and Roles142
Routing the User After Login146
Restricting Access to Pages Based on Levels147
Chapter 11Introducing Hand Coding CFML151
Working with CFML152
Working with Variables156
Understanding Conditional Processing164
Chapter 12Extending Dreamweaver MX177
Working with Third Party Extensions178
Working with Dates in ColdFusion MX184
Writing Your Own Server Behaviors190
Chapter 13Graphing Your Data with CFCHART205
Building Basic Charts206
Dressing Up Your Charts212
Building Dynamic Charts with CFQUERY218
Building Dynamic Applications227
Chapter 14Applications and Session Management235
Initializing ColdFusion Applications236
Including Pages with [left angle bracket]cfinclude[right angle bracket]237
Working with Structures239
Working with Sessions242
Chapter 15Customizing Master/Detail Interfaces251
Creating the Master Page252
Creating the Detail Link255
Creating Dynamic Image Tags256
Creating the Detail Page259
Chapter 16Building an Advanced Search Interface263
Searching Text264
Searching with More than One Parameter267
Chapter 17Building and Using Components283
Working with an Existing ColdFusion Component284
Creating ColdFusion Components288
Consuming Components295
Appendix AInstallation and Configuration301
Installing Dreamweaver MX302
Installing ColdFusion MX Application Server305
Configuring ColdFusion Administrator308

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Macromedia Coldfusion MX: Development with Dreamweaver MX (Visual Quickpro Guide) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read other books written by Ben Forta and too many steps are missing in his books! I am on Chapter 8 of this book. So far there are not many missed steps, but in Chapter 8 you will find yourself lost. I will be looking for books of this kind that does not have Ben Forta's name on it!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The authors, Marc and Sue, have taken their time and obviously performed their research on their target market as well. I can say that because this has to be the best beginner book for making ColdFusion MX web sites with Dreamweaver MX that I have read to date. I found the book to be very well organized, easy to read, thorough in it's discussion and the included exercises of the task at hand. Not only do they cover the basics in the first segment of the book, but they get into hand coding and advanced features of ColdFusion MX in the second section of the book. For a little book (312 pages), it certainly is packed with punch! If you want to get started making ColdFusion MX Web sites with Dreamweaver MX, then I highly recommend this as your first educational resource for the project you have been craving to make.