Macromedia Contribute for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

Macromedia Contribute for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

by Tony Negrino


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Macromedia Contribute for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide by Tony Negrino

Once in a blue moon a product comes along that completely changes the way we do business. Macromedia Contribute promises to do just that by making Web content creation and management accessible to the nontechnicalmasses. With Contribute on your machine and Macromedia Contribute Visual QuickStart Guide at your side, even the most nontechnologically-savvy among you will be building and editing Web pages in no time—without fear of compromising site integrity or messing up programmer-perfected code. Through straightforward language, task-based instruction, and an easy visual style that perfectly complements the product itself, veteran author Tom Negrino covers everything from making a site connection to working with images and links, using Dreamweaver templates, importing Microsoft Office documents, administering Contribute sites, customizing Contribute, and more. Your Web team will rejoice because they no longer have to waste time fixing typos, and you can rest easy knowing that content control is back where it belongs. Macromedia Contribute plus this Visual QuickStart guide equal success—no experience required!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780321167811
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 01/01/2003
Series: Visual QuickStart Guide Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 7.04(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.47(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Getting Started1
Installing and Running Contribute3
Exploring the Contribute Work Space4
Getting Onscreen Help9
Understanding Contribute's Workflow10
Chapter 2Making a Site Connection15
Preparing to Connect16
Using the Connection Wizard17
Sharing Site Connections20
Importing Site Connection Keys23
Editing Site Connections24
Working Offline25
Chapter 3Building Web Pages27
Browsing Sites28
Creating New Pages32
Building New Pages from Sample Pages36
Building New Pages from Dreamweaver Templates38
Copying Existing Pages40
Editing Existing Pages41
Setting Page Properties42
Setting Page Keywords and Descriptions45
Editing Framed Pages46
Saving Page Drafts48
Letting Coworkers Review Your Pages49
Publishing Your Pages51
Rolling Back to Previous Page Versions53
Printing Pages54
Previewing Pages in External Browsers55
Exporting HTML Pages56
Chapter 4Editing Page Content57
Basic Text Editing58
Using HTML Styles60
Using CSS Styles69
Working with Lists72
Inserting Dates75
Adding Horizontal Rules76
Inserting Special Characters77
Finding and Replacing Text78
Checking Spelling80
Chapter 5Working with Images81
Adding Images to Your Pages82
Adjusting Image Properties86
Editing Images89
Adding Flash Content94
Chapter 6Working with Links95
About Linking96
Linking to Draft Pages97
Creating New Pages from Links100
Linking to Web Addresses102
Creating Email Links104
Linking to Local Files105
Adding and Editing Anchors107
Editing and Removing Links110
Chapter 7Creating Tables111
Creating a New Table112
Inserting Rows and Columns119
Deleting Table Elements121
Formatting Tables122
Setting Table Properties125
Merging and Splitting Cells127
Setting Cell Properties128
Sorting Table Contents130
Chapter 8Using Dreamweaver Templates133
Creating New Pages from Dreamweaver Templates134
Dreamweaver Template Details136
Working with Editable Areas139
Setting Template Properties141
Chapter 9Working with External Documents143
Using External Documents144
Importing Word or Excel Documents146
Editing Imported Documents150
Editing Other Document Types151
Chapter 10Site Administration155
Becoming an Administrator156
Assigning Sitewide Settings159
Assigning Permissions165
Creating Permission Groups174
Modifying Permission Groups175
Chapter 11Managing Sites with Dreamweaver177
Updating Dreamweaver for Contribute178
Building Sites for Contribute180
Enabling Dreamweaver Settings for Contribute183
Sharing Connection Keys185
Using Contribute Rollback in Dreamweaver187
Chapter 12Customizing Contribute189
Understanding Contribute Extensibility190
Creating Sample Pages Templates193
Customizing the Welcome Screen195
Customizing Menus197
Changing Keyboard Shortcuts199

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