Macromedia Director 5 for Dummies

Macromedia Director 5 for Dummies

by Lauren Steinhauer


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Macromedia Director 5 for Dummies by Lauren Steinhauer

If becoming a Macromedia Director whiz is you sweetest dream, but figuring out how to use it is your worst nightmare, then Macromedia« Director« 5 For Dummies«, 2nd Edition, has your name written all over it! This friendly, easy-to-use reference gives you the jump start you need when working with multimedia and publishing on the web.

Inside, find helpful advice on how to:

  • Get the information you need on Director's essential commands and features, including Shockwave, your key to working with multimedia on the Web without programming
  • Reference crucial information without taking intimidating detours into complex technical issues
  • Successfully build cross-platform movies for the MacOS and Microsoft Windows
  • Delve confidently into the World Wide Web with Lingo, Director's easy-to-understand scripting language
  • Add high-powered multimedia to your Web site and all your business communications
  • Create push-button animated bullet charts that zoom and slide with Animation Wizard
  • Plus Lauren's Top Ten Lists:
    • Ten important questions and answers about Macromedia Director
    • Ten ways to add animation to your movies
    • Ten important Lingo commands to discover

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764500244
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/20/1996
Series: For Dummies Series
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 7.34(w) x 9.13(h) x 0.93(d)

Table of Contents

What This Book Offers Mac or PC Users Like You
Who You Are
Icons Used in This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
Does This Book Cover Everything?
How This Book Is Organized
Part I: The Big Picture
Part II: Director's Windows of Opportunity
Part III: Manipulating Director with More Windows
Part IV: More Interaction, Please!
Part V: The Part of Tens
What's Next?
Part I: The Big Picture

Chapter 1: Stars of Director: Graphics, Sound, Movement, and Your CPU
What Do You Use Director For?
Following in Walt's mouseprints
Just a Lincoln off the old log
By the Way, What the Heck Is Multimedia?
Multimedia is image
Multimedia is sound
Multimedia is movement
Multimedia is your computer
Interactive multimedia

Chapter 2: Launching Director: An Application by Any Other Name . . .
Reviewing the GUI, Director's Executive Producer
Starting your computer
Your pal, the mouse
Adjusting mouse tracking
Opening Macromedia Director
Stepping Up to the Bar (Graph)
Purging Director's memory
For Mac users only: changing Director's application partition
Calling S.O.S. with D.O.L.H. (Director's Online Help)
Director's context-sensitive help
The Help menu
The Toolbar
Director's File Menu
Touring Director's Other Menus

Chapter 3: Lights, Camera, Action!
All the World's a Stage: Director's Opening Window
Wait a Minute! The Darn Stage Is Blank as a Polar Bear in a Snowstorm!
Stage window forever
The incredible, invisible menu bar
Hyperactive windows
Sizing up the Stage
Checks and balances
Modifying the Stage
Location, location, location
Pop-up palette
Channel Surfing with the Control Panel
These Buttons Aren't on My Remote Control!
Part II: Director's Windows of Opportunity

Chapter 4: Casting Coach or Couch? The Cast Window
Calling All Cast Members
Defining the Cast
Adding Cast Members to the Cast window
Internal and external Cast windows
Internal casts
External casts
Linking your imported file
Moving Cast Members around in the Cast window
Editing Cast Members 101
Bitmaps only need apply
External Launcher stuff
Exploring the Cast Windows
Custom features
Cast Member Properties button
Director's hard cell

Chapter 5: As Time Goes By: Opening Director's Score Window
The Score Window: And You Thought NeuroLinguistics 101 Was Complicated
That's MISTER cell to you, Bud
Icon thingies
Hidden, top-secret channels
Transitions, transitions! (To the tune from Fiddler on the Roof)
Adding a Cast Member to the Score
All This Ink and Not a Drop on Me - Oops
Getting Up Close and Personal with the Score
Window Preferences Dialog Box
As time goes by: using Space to Time
What to do between takes? In-Between Special, of course

Chapter 6: Too Graphic for You? Director's Paint Window
Oh, No! Thousands of Icon Thingies!
Paint window's top row of icons
Paint toolbar
Director's Paint Tools
Lasso tool
Selection Rectangle tool
Registration tool
Eraser tool
Hand tool
Zoom tool
Eyedropper tool
Paint Bucket tool
Text tool
Pencil tool
Air Brush tool
Paintbrush tool
Arc tool
Line tool
Filled Rectangle, Ellipse, and Polygon tools
Rectangle, Ellipse, and Polygon tools
Additional Paint window areas

Chapter 7: Drawing, er, Painting on Director's Paint Window
No, You're Not Limited Just to Black and White
How Do I Change the Size of My Lines?
When a Graphic's Too Big for Its Own Good
Using scroll bars
Using the Hand tool
Wow! More Special Effects
Special commands in the View menu
Onion Skin
Special commands in the Xtras menu
Installing Xtras
Using Filter Bitmap
Using Auto Filter
Using Auto Distort
Exploring more Xtras
SuperTechniRamaVision: All about System and Custom Palettes
Using the System palette
Facing problems with the System palette
Living with 16 million headaches
Living with compromise
Compromising, and then compromising again
Checking out those other built-in palettes
Who Was That Masked Man? And How Do You Make a Mask, Man?
Creating a mask
Applying Mask ink to a sprite

Chapter 8: And Now for Something Completely Different: Text and Field Windows
Bitmapped Text, One Step Away from Pod People
Rich Text, Come to Papa
Text in a Field
The Text Window
Setting tabs
Setting indents
The Text Cast Member Properties Dialog Box
The Text Cast Member Name box
The Framing pop-up menu
Anti-alias radio/option buttons
The Unload pop-up menu
Miscellaneous stuff
Searching for text
The Field Window
Part III: Manipulating Director with More Windows

Chapter 9: Yet Another Set of Tools: The Tool Palette
A Brief Explanation of Tool Palette Tools
Painting in Director
Drawing in Director
Watch My Lips: T-h-e-s-e A-r-e D-r-a-w-i-n-g T-o-o-l-s
Drawing on the Stage
Modifying a Shape Cast Member
The Shape Cast Member Properties dialog box
The Shape pop-up menu
Shape resizing handles
Checking out the Tool palette tools
Misfit tools
Shape tools
Button-making tools
More Tool palette stuff
The Meaning of Life
Why You Should Care about This Palette

Chapter 10: Getting to Those Scrumptious Palettes: The Color Palettes Window
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
The Palette pop-up menu
Director's built-in palettes
Custom palettes
Color Palettes window tools
Color and index numbers
Custom palettes
Hot flashes
Switching palettes in your movie
Achieving that classic look
Babbling on about DeBabelizer
The Old H-S-B Thing Again
Hue, saturation, and brightness
Additive and subtractive primary colors
That mysterious 65535
Complementary colors

Chapter 11: Your Very Own Digital Video Window
Could You Review That Digital Video Thing Again?
Introduction of digital video
Demands of digital video
Digital Video to the Rescue
QuickTime Codecs
Video for Windows Codecs
Preparing QuickTime for Export
Tempo Settings versus Real Time
What color is your pop-up rainbow, er, menu?
Scale options
Sound decisions
Setting up for Real Time digital video
What Good Is an Empty Digital Video Window?
Touring the Video window
Setting up your digital video
Playing Digital Video Lite
Setting up your window
Preparing the Score
Adding a little Lingo
Testing it out
Using Director as a Digital Video Editor
Start from scratch
Prebuilt digital video
A digital video edit
Setting up
Importing the digital movies

Chapter 12: And the Winner of Script of the Year: The Script Window
Where Good Scripts Go
Script Properties
Script Types
Scripts: The Secret Sauce of Interactive Multimedia
Gu, ghaa, du, uh, ormpf
If you think Lingo's hard, try English
No, Mother, I want to do it myself
Ready-made scripts
Simple scripts
User groups
Come On, Try One On for Size
Adding a script to a movie
Testing your scripts

Chapter 13: Messages from Beyond: The Message and Debugger Windows
The Message Window
Playing with Lingo commands in the Message Window
Tracing the Action from the Message Window
The Debugger Window

Chapter 14: Twick or Tweak: The Tweak Palette
When Mousing Around Just Isn't Enough
Okay, Now Review That X-Y Coordinate Thing

Chapter 15: Your Pals, the Markers Window and the New Window Command
So What Are Markers Anyway?
A Word about the New Window Command
Part IV: More Interaction, Please!

Chapter 16: Hey, Kids! Be an Animation Wizard
Discovering Animation Wizard
Setting Up for Animation Wizard
Previewing Animation Wizard Effects
Creating Zooming Text with Animation Wizard
A closer look at Animation Wizard
Animation Wizard's basic scenario

Chapter 17: A Closer Look at Lingo
Okay, Take a Deep Breath - Lingo's Not That Hard
Touring Basic Lingo Concepts
Message window
Local variables
Global variables
Movie scripts
Primary event handlers
Frame scripts
Sprite scripts
Why You Want to Write Lingo Scripts but Don't Know It

Chapter 18: Showing Off Your 15 Minutes of Fame on Video
What You Really Need to Know about Video
Broadcast quality
Multimedia: kiosks, presentations, and CDs
When something's moving, it's hard to see
AV Macs and video boards
Video production
Taping your movies
Making a Projector (and Why You'd Want to)

Chapter 19: You Talkin' to Me? Adding Sound to Your Movie
Where Do I Get All This Stuff, Anyhow?
Sampling your own audio
Ready, Set, HeadStart
Sampling sound with an AV Mac
Freeware and shareware
Commercial floppy and CD-ROM collections
Where Sounds Go in Director
Great Mac Sound for the Price of Good
Sync about It
Playing a sound through
Syncing sound to your movie

Chapter 20: Cross-Platform Stuff No One Should Need to Know
Cross-Platform Which Way?
Now wait, I know I've heard of a cross-platform pack
But I've heard you can use Mac Director movies in a Windows projector
Prepping Your Director Movies
Following the rules is cool
Stick with the System - Win palette
Fonts R Us
Prep your digital videos
Managing Your Files
The project folder
The stub projector

Chapter 21: Shockwave to the Web Wescue
Why a Web?
Why all the fuss?
Much, much slower than a speeding bullet
So How Do I Get Started on the Web?
What Hast Thou, Shockwave?
Shockwave plug-in
Okay, So How Do I Use Shockwave?
Prepping your Director movie
Compressing your movie
Making the AfterBurner file

Chapter 22: Ready to Wear All Those Hats?
Multimedia in Real Life
Some of the Roles You Play
Creative director
Art director
Project manager
GUI designer
Lingo programmer
Instructional designer
Program tester
Ever Notice All Those Credits at the End of a Movie?
Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 23: Ten Common Director Questions and Answers
How Can I Cut Down the Size of My Movie?
What Can I Do to Make Movies Play Faster?
What's the Best Way to Speed Up Digital Video in Director?
Why Do I Keep Losing Part of My Screen When I Tape My Movies?
How Can I Tape Director Movies to My VCR?
Simple, cheap, but not terribly impressive
AV Macs
Video boards
Why Am I Getting Weird Colors When I Tape My Director Movies?
How Can I Improve the Color of My Movies on Tape?
NTSC palette
A better way to be NTSC safe
Can I Set Up My Movie to Play Right on Any Computer?
I've Never Done Programming Before. How Do I Know My Lingo Scripts Are Okay?
Can I Play My Director Movies on a Macintosh and a PC?

Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Add Animation to Your Movies
Use Animation Wizard's Built-In Special Effects
Remember the In-Between Commands
Using In-Between
Using In-Between Special
Try Color Cycling
Creating a custom palette
Painting color-cycling artwork
Painting support graphics
Setting up for color cycling
Adding a line of Lingo
Buy Good Clip Animation
Turn Cast Members into Moveable Sprites
Import Digital Videos
Import Bitmaps or PICS Files
Record Real-Time Animations
Use Film Loops
Switch Color Palettes

Chapter 25: The Ten Most Important Lingo Words
Go Command
Play Command
Pause Command
Continue Command
Set Command
UpdateStage Command
DirectToStage Property
& and && Concatenation Operators
Repeat While and Repeat With Control Structures
If-Then Control Structures
Appendix A: I'm Ready for My Close-up, Mr. DeMille: Director 5's System Requirements
Appendix B: The Mother of All Resource Lists
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