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MacroMedia Dreamweaver 4: Creating Web Pages

MacroMedia Dreamweaver 4: Creating Web Pages

by ATC Against The Clock, Prentice Hall (Manufactured by), The Clock Against

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Prentice Hall
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The Against The Clock series has been developed specifically for those involved in the field of computer arts and now — animation, video and multimedia production. Many of our readers are already involved in the industry in advertising and printing, television production, multimedia and in the world of Web design. Others are just now preparing for a career within these professions.

This series will provide you with the necessary skills to work in these fast-paced, exciting and rapidly expanding fields. While many people feel that they can simply purchase a computer and the appropriate software and begin designing and producing high-quality presentations, the real world of high-quality printed and Web communications requires a far more serious commitment.

The Series

The applications presented in the Against The Clock series stand out as the programs of choice in professional computer arts environments.

We've used a modular design for the Against The Clock series, allowing you to mix and match the drawing, imaging and page-layout applications that exactly suit your specific needs.

Titles available in the Against The Clock series include:

Macintosh: Basic Operations
Windows: Basic Operations
Adobe Illustrator: Introduction and Advanced Digital Illustration
Macromedia FreeHand: Digital Illustration
Adobe InDesign: Introduction and Advanced Electronic Mechanicals
Adobe PageMaker: Introduction and Advanced Electronic Mechanicals
QuarkXPress: Introduction and Advanced ElectronicMechanicals
Microsoft Publisher: Creating Electronic Mechanicals
Microsoft PowerPoint: Presentation Graphics with Impact
Microsoft FrontPage: Designing for the Web
MetaCreations Painter: A Digital Approach to Natural Art Media
Adobe Photoshop: Introduction and Advanced Digital Images
Adobe Premiere: Digital Video Editing
Macromedia Director: Creating Powerful Multimedia
Macromedia Flash: Animating for the Web
Macromedia Dreamweaver: Creating Web Pages
File Preparation: The Responsible Electronic Page
Preflight: An Introduction to File Analysis and Repair
TrapWise and PressWise: Digital Trapping and Imposition

Support Materials: For the Reader

On the CD-ROM, you will find a complete set of Against The Clock (ATC) fonts, as well as a collection of data files used to construct the various exercises and projects.

The ATC fonts are solely for use while you are working with the Against The Clock materials. These fonts will be used throughout both the exercises and projects, and are provided in both Macintosh and Windows formats.

A variety of resource files have been included. These files, necessary to complete both the exercises and projects, are also provided in Macintosh and Windows formats. These files may be found on the CD-ROM within the RF-Dreamweaver folder.

Support Materials: For the Instructor

The Instructor's CD-ROM includes various testing and presentation materials in addition to the files that are supplied with this book.

  • Overhead Presentation Materials are provided and follow along with the book. These presentations are prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint and are provided in both native PowerPoint format as well as Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • Extra Projects are provided along with the data files required for completion. These projects may be used to extend the training session, or they may be used to test the reader's progress.
  • Test Questions and Answers are included on the Instructor's CD-ROM. These questions may be modified and/or reorganized.
  • Finished Artwork for all projects is supplied on the CD-ROM.

Book Walk-Through

  • Chapter openers, provide the reader with specific objectives.
  • Free-Form projects allow you to use your imagination and your new skills to satisfy a client's needs.
  • Sidebars and hands-on activities supplement concepts presented in the material.
  • Step-by-step projects result in finished artwork — with an emphasis on proper file-construction methods.

The Projects You Will Create

In addition to explanatory text and illustrations, Against The Clock books have been constructed with two primary building blocks: exercises and projects. Projects always result in a finished piece of work — digital imagery built from the ground up, utilizing images, vector artwork and type elements from the library supplied on your CD-ROM.

This book, Macromedia Dreamweaver: Creating Web Pages, uses step-by-step projects on which you will work during your learning sessions. There are also free-form projects immediately preceding the two reviews. You will find images of the step-by-step projects you will complete displayed on the inside front and back covers of the book. Here's a brief overview of each:

Project A: Cosmic Pets
The Cosmic Pets project is a small but compelling commercial site. A real-world job, the site was designed to be a cost-effective and simple way for a pet adoption service to communicate with their supporters and their pets' potential parents. The site requires the use of a placed logo, and uses tables to facilitate a strong sense of coordination and design. Rollover images are used throughout the site, and provide a touch of humor to this effective Internet presence.

Project B: Tropiflora Order Form
This is another project based on an actual client requirement. Tropiflora is a world leader in the cultivation and sales of tropical plants. This project is based on a re-design of their customer order form. Using text fields, radio buttons, jump menus, pop-up lists and proven design techniques, the order form you'll create is very structured, graphically pleasing and easy for the user to fill out. You'll use forms, objects, layers, tables and a range of Dreamweaver's powerful tools to complete the assignment.

Project C: Diehard Digital
The home page of contributing author Dwayne Ferguson, this project is a perfect example of an entry point into a site-designer's portfolio. Using a variety of advanced features, the project relies on a powerful combination of dark grays and blacks, and provides an example of how controlling the background color of a site — combined with objects of a similar tonal range — can create a sense of mood. You'll use sliced images positioned in a layered document to build the page, and use animated layers to provide a changing tag line that provides some insight and humor into the designer's profile.

Project D: Mr. B1ockHead's Challenge
Going where no Web page authoring tool has ever gone before, Dreamweaver provides a set of behaviors and JavaScript tools that are showcased in this fun and free game. Using layers, behaviors, animation, stacking order and a variety of other methods, you'll build a functional puzzle game that includes sounds, interactivity and even a trashcan to dispose of the extra pieces. As is the case in all the projects, you're provided with all the objects you'll need to complete this game.


I would like to give special thanks to the writers, illustrators, editors and others who have worked long and hard to complete the Against The Clock series.

Thanks to the dedicated teaching professionals whose comments and expertise contributed to the success of these products, including Michelle Ratliff and Jamey Weare of Santa Fe Community College, David McGill of Azusa Pacific University and Janet O'Neal of Sussex County Community College.

Thanks to Dean Bagley and Michael Barnett for their technical, editorial and production expertise.

A big thanks to Judy Casino, developmental editor, and Denise Brown, production editor, for their guidance, patience and attention to detail.

Ellenn Behoriam, April 2001

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