The Madam of Maple Court

The Madam of Maple Court

by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd


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ISBN-13: 9780758223722
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 05/01/2008
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.62(w) x 10.88(h) x 0.80(d)

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Copyright © 2008
Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2372-2

Chapter One Thirty-four year old Pam DePalma strode through the ground floor of her beautifully decorated, almost palatial home on Maple Court and smiled. Good. The cleaning crew had been through and everything looked perfect. The silver gleamed, oak and cherrywood had been polished to a high shine, windows sparkled, carpets were free of any trace of tread marks, and furniture pillows had been plumped to the correct softness. Wonderful.

The following morning the caterers would arrive and take over, prepare the hors d'oeuvres she'd selected, then carefully arrange them on silver and crystal trays and plates. She'd listened to the reports on the radio and knew that the mid-July weather would cooperate, as it always did for Chase's parties. She wondered whether it would dare do otherwise, although, as always, she had a huge tent on standby just in case.

At three that Saturday afternoon the uniformed staff would begin to circulate as she greeted guests and made sure everyone had been introduced to everyone else. She'd done this dozens, maybe hundreds of times before and was sure everything would progress like clockwork, with none of the guests aware of the amount of planning it took to bring off a party for a hundred people and make it look effortless. And as always, Linc would arrive early and tend bar in case of any trouble.

She heard a car pull to a stop at the top of the long driveway and walked toward the front door. As she opened it, a strong masculine hand was reaching for the doorbell. Chase Hobart jumped slightly, then a wide grin spread over his strong features. "Pam. You always know everything, don't you." He hugged her and bussed her lightly on the forehead. "How are all the arrangements going?"

"Come on in and have a look around. Everything's great, and you'll particularly love what I've done in the back. I took your suggestion and had the garden service put several more large potted ferns and jungly flowering plants around the spa. It really does give a lot more privacy and makes it look like some secluded forest glade."

"I thought it might," he said. Chase exuded power and wealth. He was not very tall, with very short, prematurely gray hair, neatly trimmed chestnut brown beard and mustache, and surprisingly blue eyes. He was the major stockholder in the Wall Street firm started by his father and already thriving when he had taken over about ten years before. Now it was almost legend in the business, as was he, and he encouraged that image with wealthy and lavish entertaining.

Together Pam and Chase walked through the house and out the sliding glass door, onto the large flagstone patio, and into the early evening. Since it was midsummer the sun was lowering toward the horizon, slowly painting the sky in ribbons of gold and pink. Pam smiled with pride. The backyard was as well manicured as the inside of her home. The grass was freshly cut with the light smell of clippings still filling the air. Summer flowers bloomed everywhere, her rose garden was in full bloom, and large oak and maple trees provided areas of deep shade that felt private. Tables had already been set up, some in bright sun, others in the semidarkness of fully shaded areas.

Her gaze took in the entire lawn and pool area, then they strolled around as Chase, the perfectionist, carefully examined everything. Pam smiled to herself. He trusted her skills but never left anything to chance. "It looks fabulous," he said finally, as she'd known he would. This was the third party she'd thrown for him and his various business associates, in addition to the occasional private entertaining she did for him. "Everyone should be tremendously impressed. I assume you have arranged for a few extra 'ladies'?" Although he didn't wink, there was mutual understanding in his voice. The "of the evening" following the word "ladies" was understood.

"Marcy and I have five women selected and I know you'll approve. Actually, two of them have been at your parties in the past," she said.

"I always admire your taste, love."

"Thank you, kind sir," she said, inclining her head. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing great, especially now that I'm here. I need some of your tender loving care."

"You know that love has nothing to do with what we do." She had known from the start that Chase was that consummate lady's man who made every woman he met, no matter how casually, feel like his one and only.

"Just a turn of phrase, darling. You know I love my wife. You're just a sex object."

"And I don't object," she said, repeating a teasing phrase they used often. She was, in fact, with him for no reason other than sex and friendship and she liked it that way. Her life was complicated enough without another entanglement. Of course there was money involved, too. "Have you talked to your wife about your sex life?" she asked.

"Stop hounding me, Pam," he snapped. "Anna has nothing to do with this. She likes her upmarket life with sex only every now and then. She's even suggested we redo her dressing room so we'd have separate bedrooms. She's content with the way things are, and so am I."

"You keep telling me she's content, but content isn't happy. And from what you've told me, I'm not so sure she's even content." She thought back on her years with Vin. She had been just like Anna, content but never happy. At least Anna had her children.

"She loves my money, and the kids, and that's that. She doesn't really care what I do as long as the bank account is sufficient for her and the children. Butt out!"

"I'm sorry, Chase," she said, lowering her voice. "It's just that I care about you and I don't-"

"I said butt out." His voice had an angry ring to it. "When I need a marriage counselor I'll hire one. For now, you're hired for other things."

Phew. She'd obviously hit a nerve, as she had a few times before when she'd brought up the same subject. She was indeed hired for other things, so why was she beating her head against a wall? It just made her head hurt and made Chase angry. After all, she wasn't in this to be a marriage counselor. If he was convinced that his wife didn't care about their life, so be it. "I'm sorry, Chase. I'll back off," Pam said, taking Chase's arm and pressing it against the side of her unfettered breast. She wore a flowing deep purple and gold caftan, with nothing beneath. At just five feet tall, Pam's lush body fit snugly against Chase's side. "Do you have to run off or can you spend a few minutes in the hot tub?"

"Mmm," Chase purred. "I thought you'd never ask."

"I don't have to do the asking, you know. I'm always available."

"I know, love, for a fee."

"A woman's got to make a living," she said with an upward quirk of the corners of her mouth.

"I totally understand." They walked to the spa and stepped into what appeared to be a rain forest glade. "This came out exactly as I thought it would. I'm glad my suggestions worked out."

The glade had been his suggestion, and a few clever additions by her landscaper highlighted the effect. Right here, thirty miles north of New York City, stood this little slice of heaven. She flipped a switch and hidden lights came on, barely noticeable now in the late-afternoon sun, but very effective if people stayed late the following day and wanted to soak after dark. Hidden devices would also fill the area with almost odorless insect repellant spray. Everything had been considered. "I think it's gorgeous," Pam said softly. "Shall we try it?"

She stood on tiptoe and kissed him lightly on the lips. It took only a moment for him to bend over, slide his arms around her, and deepen the kiss. Since he was only five seven, she knew her diminutive size made him feel tall and physically powerful. Making a man feel like more than he really was made her size a great asset to her profession.

He'd left his suit jacket in his car, so she unfastened his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and pulled it from his shoulders. She placed it on one of the wooden benches around the large tub, then deliberately removed both his cell phones from their belt clips. She raised a quizzical eyebrow, and after a few moments' hesitation he nodded, and she turned them both off. "Much better," she said, her voice low and throaty. She backed away from him and sensuously unzipped the caftan and let it fall to the paving stones until she stood before him, gloriously naked.

"God, you always overwhelm me," he said, unbuckling his belt.

She pushed his hands away. "Let me do all the work. I'm sure you've had a long day, but remember our rules. No climax until I allow it." She could tell he was aroused by the obvious bulge in the front of his slacks. She loved knowing she could get this reaction from a man.

He let out a long sigh. "Yes, ma'am." He rolled his shoulders and Pam walked around behind him.

She pushed him down onto a bench and began to dig her thumbs into his deltoids, deeply massaging his shoulder muscles. As she felt him relax and his muscles ease she expanded her stroking and rubbing to his upper arms, then down his back. He had wonderfully soft skin. She bent over, her breasts pressing against his neck, and reached down to slowly caress his lightly furred chest. "Feel better?"

"Mmm," he purred. "You always know just what I need."

"I certainly do." After several minutes of stroking, she finally said, "Stand up."

Obligingly he stood and she quickly removed his tasseled Gucci loafers, slacks, shorts, and socks. He needed little urging to climb into the steaming water. "God," he said, letting out a long groan as he settled onto a submerged bench, up to his shoulders in heated water, "that's just marvelous."

Pam turned the controls until the spa was bubbling and churning, then climbed in and sat across from him. "Okay, tell me about your day."

He looked startled, then his face settled into a wide smile. "You do know what I need." She understood all his needs. Some of her male friends wanted someone to talk to almost as much as they wanted sex, and Chase and his wife didn't seem to share anything anymore.

She spent the next several minutes listening, asking the occasional pertinent question and letting him unburden himself of the problems of his always-hectic week. Pam knew how few people he had with whom he could be honest, knowing nothing he said would go any farther. What he needed as much as her body was a place and a person all his own, where he could unwind before going home to a house filled with the hollow noise of three school-aged children and a distant, uncaring wife. She also knew that despite the fact that it was Friday evening, his briefcase would be filled with work and he'd be up most of the night, on the phone to the Far East, Russia, and eventually much of Europe. Weekends were merely additional workdays for men in his position.

Finally he wound down and rested his head on the rim of the tub. She slid beside him, then kissed him lightly on the shoulder, letting him set the pace. He raised his head and smiled at her, tangling his fingers in her short, deep brown curls and massaging her scalp. "You're so right for me. How about let's run away together or get married when I get my divorce?"

She laughed, as she had the other dozen times he'd made the same offer. She realized that she didn't know whether he was actually getting a divorce, although he always talked as if he were considering it. No matter. "I like it just the way it is, darling. Marriage would spoil everything and you won't ever really get a divorce. You love your children and I often suspect you also love your wife."

"Let's not talk about my kids or Anna. Come here." He pulled her so she straddled his lap and they kissed for a long while. His hands wandered over her back, then to her breasts. She loved the way her breasts felt in the spa, buoyant in the bubbling water, her flesh alive as his hands artfully caressed and teased her.

He lifted one breast out of the bubbles and licked water off the turgid tip. She felt her nipples harden as the combination of his nibbles and the cooler air tightened them and her vaginal tissues swelled. She moved so his cock rubbed her through her carefully trimmed pubic hair. They played like that, stroking, caressing, biting and teasing, for several minutes until the timer shut the spa motor off and the jets and bubbles ceased. She stood and took his hand. "Out here," she said.

She flipped another switch and streams of heated air warmed the area at one end of the tub. She laid him on his back on one of the benches and found a condom in one of the several caches she had everywhere around the house in case she needed one.

As she leaned over him she allowed her nipples to rub over his chest, then moved away as he reached for her. Finally he growled and she remained still so he could cup one breast in each hand, kneading her heated flesh. She kissed his neck, then nibbled her way lower until she nipped at his flat nipples. Many men didn't have sensitive nipples, but she had discovered early on that Chase's were as responsive as hers, and she felt them become erect beneath her lips.

She straddled the bench and moved inexorably down his body, licking his belly and playing with his navel. By the time her mouth reached his groin, his cock was hard and throbbing. "Want me?" she said.

"Stop being demanding and suck me," he said.

She shook her head slightly and smiled indulgently. "For right now you're the boss." She took his erect penis into her mouth, pulling and licking until he was jerking and needy. "You always taste so wonderful," she said, his juices blending with the slight chlorine taste of the spa water. With a long sigh he gave himself up to the pleasure that her mouth gave him as she used her teeth to scratch along his shaft. Her fingers found his sac and squeezed lightly, then her fingernail scraped the tender area between his anus and the base of his sac. As she grasped his erection she heard his breathing quicken and she felt him tighten his muscles, trying to control his need.

When he grabbed for her hips, she said, "Remember the rules? You might be the boss the rest of the time, but when I have your cock in my hand you do it my way. You don't come until I say so."

"Of course," he said, gritting his teeth against his urgency. Finally she unrolled the condom over his rock-hard cock and again straddled the bench. She wrapped her hand around him, found her opening with the tip of his penis, and slowly lowered herself onto him until he was just an inch inside. How many times had a man entered her like this? She couldn't count, but it never failed to excite her.

When she grinned and held her body still above him, his hands grasped her hips and tried to pull her down. "Not yet," she said. She lowered herself, allowing him to slowly fill her, then, when he was totally encased within her, she squeezed her vaginal muscles and felt him jerk. She knew exactly how he liked it, so she slid her hand beneath her, found his anal opening, and rubbed her finger around the rim for a moment. Eventually she couldn't keep her body still enough to stay in contact with his ass, but she knew he was now beyond caring. And, of course, he also knew that she would not allow him to come until she had.

He growled low in his throat as he drove himself deeper into her over and over. She found his rhythm and rode him until she felt her climax deep inside her. She reached for it, found it deep in her womb, and let it overtake her, her vaginal muscles clenching and relaxing around the hard cock lodged in her.

"Now, Chase, now!" she yelled and, with a loud roar, he came, then collapsed back onto the bench. She lay atop him, their breathing rapid, their bodies wet with sweat and slightly salty water. Slowly she rose, climbed from him, and disposed of the condom. She scooped up several handfuls of hot spa water and sluiced them over his calming body, then took a towel from the heated closet beside the rock wall and slowly dried him, then herself.

As she slipped her caftan back on she asked, "Can I make you a quick bite to eat?" Last time they'd been together they'd shared a sandwich before he left.

He was almost completely dressed by then and slipped his feet back into his loafers. "Thanks, Pam, but I think I'll just do a drive-through. I've got a case full of work and there will be faxes waiting at home."


Excerpted from The MADAM of MAPLE COURT by JOAN ELIZABETH LLOYD Copyright © 2008 by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd. Excerpted by permission.
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When Dom DePalma suddenly dies he leaves his twenty something widow Pam with an exorbitant mortgage on their exclusive Maple Court mansion and other bills. Pam knows that if she is to continue to live her lavish lifestyle she enjoyed with her spouse, she needs to find a way to bring in money.--------------- Chase Hobart, a married associate of Dom, suggests to Pam that she is a sex object he desires though he loves his wife Anna. He implies she should host special parties for visiting business moguls in which beautiful women offer distinctive services for a fee so that Club Fantasy allows her to continue to belong to the country club. In other words she would be madam to high price call girls catering to the rich and richer. Things work extraordinarily well for Pam, who is booked solid and her sex life is better than ever however, she soon realizes someone is not euphoric by her cottage industry and she fears may make trouble for her.---------------- This engaging lighthearted frolic is an enjoyable read as Pam turns her posh mansion Maple Court into a high class brothel so that ironically she can pay her mortgage on her home. Pam keeps the story together as the only fully developed character readers will understand her motives as her hedonism is a refreshing change from the usual adjusting to a less income lifestyle. With the Governor Spitzer and Senator Vitters scenarios, Pam¿s saga is relevant however, the story line loses an opportunity to look deeply at what drives a person to prostitution to maintain their current social position. Instead the tale never takes itself seriously yet fans will enjoy Pam¿s escapades as the Maple Court madam to the wealthy.-------------------- Harriet Klausner